Buy Spirit Airlines Group Tickets

Spirit Airlines Group Tickets

Traveling with a number of people has been made easy with Spirit Airlines group booking. The group travel program of Spirit Airlines offers assured prices for all customers. If you are a group of 10 or more people, you can take advantage of this group travel on the same itinerary. Spirit Airlines provide some of the best amenities on its exclusive flights. 

Spirit Airlines Group Booking

Below are the all details:

Benefits Of Spirit Airlines Group Travel

However, a group trip is not inclusive of discounts on Spirit Airlines. But, this airline has many perks while traveling with a group. 

  • A dedicated group travel specialist will assist with your concerns or questions related to the travel.
  • All the members of your group can travel ticketless. Just the Spirit Airlines group booking confirmation number is enough for journeying.
  • You can make name changes without paying any fee up to 30 before your group’s departure.
  • Confirm seats on Spirit Airlines for 10 or more people without full payment in case traveling after 60 days.

Utilize Spirit Airlines Group Travel Program

You can visit the group travel page on the official website of Spirit Airlines i.e. There, you have to fill out a group travel form in order to make a booking for your group. Your request for group travel quotes will then be accepted. Some further points you should keep in mind are:

  • Spirit Airlines does not provide fare quotes for group travel over the phone.
  • You should request group travel quotes only if you are booking tickets for a group of 10 or more.
  • Within 3 business days, Spirit Airlines will send you a quote with specific information about your group travel. 
  • Spirit Airlines group rates quoted are valid for 24 hours only. So, use them with efficiency and book your groups’ travel accordingly. Otherwise, you can see an increase in prices. 
  • In case you have already booked your group and have any questions. Then, you can connect with a representative of this air carrier at the number listed in your contract.
  • Make sure to have your contract number or confirmation code ready while calling Spirit Airlines. It can help the official to assist you better with your group travel needs. 

Note: You can also get any extra details about your booking on Spirit Airlines group travel phone number (855) 728-3555. 

Conditions For Spirit Airlines Group Booking

Here are some important points you should be aware of while booking your group with Spirit Airlines.

  • Spirit Airlines does not allow you to cancel a single ticket in its group travel program.
  • You have to pay your group’s fare with only a single method of payment. Spirit Airlines accepts checks and all major credit cards.
  • If you are traveling within 60 days, you need to pay the full amount at the time of group booking. You also have to give the final name list of your group members along with the payment. 
  • A booking fee of $5 per person is charged to confirm your Spirit Airlines group reservation. Remember, this fee is non-refundable.
  • In case you request a name change within or less than 30 days before the departure. Then, you need to pay an extra $50 per name change. 
  • A group trip that is scheduled to depart outside of 60 days, requires you to deposit $40 per person within 7 days of initial booking. These charges also cannot be refunded. 

Group Travel Booking Cancellation

For traveling with a group on Spirit Airlines, provide the name list of people who are actually going to travel with you. Because after doing the final payment and giving the list of names, it can be a task to modify your booking.

No doubt, you can make slight changes to your Spirit Airlines group booking for a small fee. But if any of your group members want to cancel his/her reservation. Then, you might need to cancel the booking of your whole group. 

However, Spirit Airlines does not refund the actual amount. Yet, you can get future travel credits. You must book your future flight with Spirit Airlines before these credits expire. Only the issued guest can use future travel vouchers as they are non-transferable. 


Is there a specific age requirement for Spirit Airlines group booking?

Spirit Airlines does not have any specific or minimum age requirement for group travel. But, all the minors in your group must comply with applicable laws and regulations. For more assistance, it is always better to contact the customer service department of Spirit Airlines while booking your group.

Can I book Spirit Airlines group travel for international flights?

Yes, you can definitely book group travel for flying internationally with Spirit Airlines. Just, make sure to review any specific entry requirements of the destination country. You should also check any travel restrictions for the same.

Does Spirit Airlines provide group travel insurance?

You can purchase travel insurance for your group on Spirit Airlines with its insurance partner “Travel Guard.” It is available at You can also call Travel Guard at (866) 877-3191.

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