Seat Upgrade On Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines Seat Upgrade

Have a luxurious flying experience with the Alaska Airlines seat upgrade. Treat yourself to an amazing journey and ensure a relaxing and enjoyable flight. Indulge in premium amenities like plush leather seats, personalized service, and delicious gourmet meals. This feature of Alaska Airlines will truly exceed your expectations.

Overview of Seat Upgrade on Alaska Airlines

Below is the guide for seat upgrades:

Seat Upgrade Options On Alaska

This Airline offers seat upgrades to Premium as well as Business class on its aircraft. Premium class upgrades are available from any time during booking through online check-in. And the Business class upgrades may be available within 24 hours of flight departure. 

The paid seat upgrades are subject to availability, do not include stopovers, and exclude industry discounts. 

The Alaska Airlines fees for seat upgrades to First Class start from $23. And if you wish to upgrade to the Premium class of this carrier then, you can buy it for as little as $5. 

You can also make a seat upgrade on the calendar day of departure at a kiosk, airport ticket counter, or at the boarding gate. But, it is only possible if there are remaining unselected seats on the aircraft.

Seat Upgrade Through Website

If you wish to upgrade your seat with this Airline once you are done with your flight booking, follow the below steps:

  • Go to the official website of Alaska Airlines 
  • On the homepage, you will see a tab of “Manage”. Click on it.
  • Enter your last name and confirmation code in the given spaces.
  • Your flight information will be retrieved and you can click on the “edit details” option. 
  • Select the seat from the available ones and pay the difference. 

Note: You can also contact Alaska Airlines at +1 (800) 252-7522 to upgrade your seat for the flight. 

Complimentary Upgrades

One popular perk of Mileage Plan elite status is being upgraded to a better seat. This program offers unlimited complimentary upgrades. You can avail of three types of seat upgrades. Below are the details of these types.

Guest Upgrades

These are electronic upgrade codes given to MVP Gold members for their own use for an immediate upgrade when not purchasing a qualifying fare. Or they can use them to upgrade family or friends who are not traveling with them. 

Once you have qualified for MVP Gold status, your guest upgrade codes will be deposited into your Account profile. 

Applying Guest Upgrades To A Reservation

If you have already purchased your ticket, then you just need to follow a few simple steps.

  • Select the link next to your confirmation code mentioned as “MVP gold guest upgrade.”
  • The air carrier will check your flight’s eligibility. 
  • Then, you will be able to enter a guest upgrade code. 

Premium Class Upgrades

The seats in Premium Class of Alaska Airlines feature 4 inches of extra legroom. You can benefit yourself from early boarding, complimentary cocktails, etc.

Certain fares are eligible for an immediate upgrade to Premium Class, provided space is available. Select your tier level under the “Upgrade fare type” filter when you are purchasing a fare to ensure its eligibility. 

First Class Upgrades

As a benefit of elite status, you can get a free upgrade to First class. To be eligible for this upgrade, your qualifying Mileage Plan number must be in the reservation. And flight miles must be credited to the plan.

A dark blue box with a white “F” indicates that an immediate upgrade is available for your flight. 

If you have purchased the qualifying fare for your Elite level and upgrade space is available. Then, you will be upgraded instantly. And in case there are no seats, you will be placed on the upgrade waitlist. 

Waitlist Working Process

Once you are on the waitlist for upgradation, they will be processed in the following order:

  • Elite Status level
  • Fare class
  • Million Miler milestone
  • Time of booking

This Airline continues to look for upgrades and process them until approximately 1 hour before the departure. 

After check-in begins, you can view the waitlist via the mobile app, the gate information display, or under flight status on the website. If you are flying on a Saver fare, you will not be added to the waitlist until within 2 hours prior to the departure.


Will I be upgraded to Premium Class if I’m sitting in an exit row on Alaska Airlines?

If you have a seat in the exit row when your upgrade window arrives. You will not be automatically moved to the Premium class even if there is an available seat. However, within your upgrade window, you can choose to move to this class if a seat is available.

Can I still upgrade to First if I opt out of the Premium class on Alaska Airlines?

This Airlines will skip your name in case you opt out of either the First or upgrade to Premium class. Because this air carrier processes the upgrades for the upgrade type you declined.

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