How To Select My Edelweiss Air Seat?

Edelweiss Air Seat Selection

Nothing is more important than a comfortable and peaceful journey, especially if you are on a long flight journey. During this time, a desired cozy and spacious seat will definitely increase the scope of the in-flight comfort level. 

So without any second thought, you must explore the Edelweiss Air seat selection facility to choose the seat that you want.  

What is the Seat Selection Policy of Edelweiss Air?

Edelweiss Air seat selection policy is to make your journey smooth and happy. If you are flying with this airline then you must take a look at its seat selection policy written below. Doing so will help you to know whether you are eligible for the seat-choosing facility or not. Apart from that you will also get to know some conditions as well. 

  • If you have an economy class seat then you will be able to select a seat up to 2 to 3 days prior to the flight departure date.  
  • Edelweiss allows you to choose an Economy Max seat a few minutes before the flight departure at the airport check-in desk. Not just that, but you can select a preferred seat even on board your flight. However, this facility solely depends on the availability of seats. 
  • You can select and book the seat next to you to get more space during the flight journey. Throughout the journey, the seat will be free. No passengers will be allotted. For this, you can call the airline and ask for assistance. 
  • You cannot change your selected economy seat. Even if you do, then you will not be able to claim any sort of refund from the airline. You can only cancel it and seek further guidance from the airline. 
  • In case, the airline changes your reserved seat, then they will provide you with the equivalent seat. If they fail to do so, then you may claim a refund for your reserved seat. 

Various Seat Types of Edelweiss Air

If you are traveling with this airline for the first time then you might get confused to select the seating class. But no worries. Take a look at the below-given points and get a gist of the seating class offered by Edelweiss. 

  • Business Class Seat: The business class seat on Edelweiss is a lie-flat seat that offers a lot of comfort and privacy. The seat also reclines to a fully flat position, which is great for sleeping on long flights.
  • Economy Max Seat: Economy Max is a type of seat offered by Edelweiss that provides more legroom and recline than standard economy seats. This offers so many more amenities than other seats. These seats are located in the front of the economy cabin.
  • Standard Seat: The standard seats are the most affordable seats of Edelweiss Air. These seats are 31-inch pitch seats with a width of 17 inches. It comes with a few amenities, including a pillow, blanket, and in-flight entertainment system.
  • Emergency Exit Seat: These seats are located near the exits of the aircraft. They offer more legroom than standard seats, but there are some restrictions on who can sit in them. Passengers who are under 16 years of age, physically challenged, traveling with pets, infants, or pregnant are not allowed to take the emergency exit seat. 

Steps to Select Edelweiss Seats

The airline allows you plenty of time to select a seat that you want with some charges. Let’s take a look at the context written below, to check out the steps. 

During the Flight Booking

If you want plenty of available seat options then you must select your seat during the time you are proceeding to book your flight reservation. To do so, you will get 2 ways. 


Follow the steps for an effortless procedure; 

  • Open your web browser and go to the official Edelweiss Air website.
  • Enter your departure city, destination, travel dates, and the number of passengers. Click on the “Search flights” or “Find flights” button to proceed.
  • The website will display a list of available flights for your chosen route and dates. Select the flight that suits your schedule and preferences.
  • After choosing your flight, you will be directed to a seat selection page. You may have the option to select a seat during this step. Seat selection may be available for both economy and business class passengers, depending on the fare type you have chosen.
  • Check out the Edelweiss Air seat map, and select the seat that fits to your needs. 
  • After choosing your seat, proceed to the payment and booking confirmation page. Here, you’ll need to provide your personal information, contact details, and payment details to complete the booking.
Calling the Airline Agent 

Call the agent of Edelweiss Air. Then provide the customer service representative with your booking reference number or your flight details. Request to reserve a seat for yourself and/or your travel companions. After that, the customer service representative will ask you about your seat preferences. Tell them the seat you want. Once you have chosen your seats, the representative will ask you to pay for the booking, and seat (depending on your fare type). After making the payment, the representative will confirm your selection and provide you with a confirmation number along with booking details.

After a Few Days of Flight Booking

If you want to select your preferred seat after a few days of booking, then online mode would be the best option. The steps you need to follow are; 

  • Open the official website of the airline.
  • Then, go to the manage my booking option.
  • Enter your flight confirmation number and other details. 
  • Go to the select seats on Edelweiss Air option. 
  • Choose the seat you like. 
  • Make payment for your seat. 
  • And save the changes. 

At the Airport Check-in Counter 

To select a seat during airport check-in, read the steps and follow them carefully to save your precious time and energy; 

  • Arrival at the airport: Make sure to arrive at the airport with ample time before your flight departs. The recommended check-in time for international flights is usually 3 hours before departure.
  • Locate the Edelweiss counter: Look for the Edelweiss counter in the check-in area of the airport. There should be clear signage to guide you.
  • Present your documents: Approach the Edelweiss counter and present your travel documents, such as your passport and flight reservation.
  • Inform the agent about seat preference: Let the check-in agent know your seat preference. You can also specify if you want to sit together with a travel companion.
  • Check seat availability: The agent will check the available seats on the flight and try to accommodate your preference.
  • Seat selection: If your preferred seat is available, the agent will assign it to you and provide you with your boarding pass. If your preferred seat is not available, the agent will try to find the best alternative based on your preferences.
  • Paying for seat selection (if applicable): The airline may charge you some fee for selecting a seat of your preference. So, to complete the procedure you will have to make the payment, after that, you will be given your boarding pass and selected seat details. 

Edelweiss Seat Selection Prices

In the below-written context, you will find all the details about Edelweiss Air seat selection fee structures per leg. 

Business Class Seat

You can select a seat free of cost if you have bought a business class. 

Standard Seat 

To select a standard seat during or after booking, you will have to pay:

  • Flights from Europe, North Africa, and Jordan: $15.99 
  • Intercontinental Flights: $34.27

Emergency Exit Seat 

If you want to sit next to the emergency exit, then you will have to pay the below-given charges; 

  • Flights from Europe, North Africa, and Jordan: $15.99 
  • Intercontinental Flights: $62.83

Economy Max Seat 

The charges for this seat vary depending on the flights you are taking off. Some of the destinations and the charges are mentioned in the table below; 

Flights to/fromCharges per route
Bogota, Calgary, Cancun, Cartagena, Colombo, Denver, Las Vegas, Liberia (Guanacaste), Orlando, Rio de Janeiro, San Jose, Tampa Bay, and Vancouver$170.19
Havana, Montego Bay (Jamaica), Phuket, Puerto Plata, and Punta Cana$204.45
Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Kilimanjaro, Mahe (Seychelles), Maldives, Mauritius, Muscat, and Zanzibar,  $227.30

Note: The mentioned charges are subject to vary. It is advisable to check out the official website before proceeding further. 


How many days before can I reserve my Edelweiss Air economy max seat?

Economy max seats are premium seats. The airline allows you to select your max seat up to 4 days before the flight departure day but for that, you will need to have a valid economy ticket. To reserve your seat, visit

Is it possible to reserve seats for all passengers in one booking on Edelweiss Air?

It is possible to reserve seats for specific passengers or for every person listed on a single booking. Each passenger has the option to select their own seat category. However, you might not be able to get adjacent seats without a reservation.

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