How To Select An ITA Airways Seat?

ITA Airways seat selection

Fly the way you want with ITA Airways seat selection. This air carrier offers a spectrum of seating options to cater to your preferences. Your journey is more than just a destination; it is an opportunity to relax, work, or enjoy the view. So, elevate your travel experience, make each flight uniquely yours, and embark on a journey where comfort meets choice. Pick your spot and soar extraordinarily with this airline. 

Types Of Seats To Select On ITA Airways

You can select a seat from a variety of options in the Economy Class of the carrier. For your benefit, we have given a brief description of the different types of seats. 

Comfort Economy Seat: These seats are available to select on the Airbus A350 of the carrier. Apart from the spacious seats, you can also take advantage of priority boarding and disembarking from the plane. They also have reserved overhead lockers for your carry-on bags. 

Top Seat: The seats come with more leg space as they are located in the emergency exit rows of the aircraft. There is a lot of gap in the front so you can enjoy a relaxing flight. 

Front Seat: As the name suggests, these seats are in the front portion of the cabin. You can select seats on ITA Airways from this category and benefit from leaving the aircraft more quickly upon landing. 

Lateral Seat: These have double seat configurations on Airbus A330-900 and A330-200. So, you get to choose from either an aisle or window seat. It is also a great option to select if you are traveling with a companion. 

Standard Seat: These are the general seats that you can select beforehand by paying a small fee and flying comfortably to your destination. 

Back Seat: You can also select a seat at the rear of the cabin from window, aisle, or middle options. They are available at a great price and give you the freedom of choice. 

Seat Selection Process With ITA Airways

The seat selection process can be completed via several methods. Have a look at the different procedures that you can follow to select a seat for your upcoming flight. 

At The Time Of Booking

You are permitted to select a seat when you are booking your flight ticket. Follow the prompts given below in this procedure. 

  • To land on the official website of the carrier, type on your search engine. 
  • You will see a box on the right-hand side of the homepage on your screen. 
  • Under the “Book” tab, enter all the necessary information required for your journey.
  • After adding this info, click on the “Search” button to proceed further. 
  • Your screen will open a new page with the list of available flights on your travel dates. 
  • Select the flight that suits you the best and next, add your personal details in the given fields. 
  • Then, from the ITA Airways seat map, choose the seat that you love the most. 
  • In the next step, you need to enter your payment details carefully. 
  • The entire amount you have to pay will be shown at the bottom of the page.
  • Select the “Confirm Booking” tab and you are good to go.
  • Shortly after the completion of this process, the carrier will send you an email including your e-ticket and seat selection details. 

After The Reservation

The seat selection procedure can also be done once your flight ticket has been purchased. You can follow the steps given below to select your seat at a later stage. 

  • On the official website of the carrier, select the “My Flights” tab from the home screen.
  • Enter your reservation code along with your last name and click on the “Search” button. 
  • Your flight information will be retrieved and you can select your seat from the map. 
  • Your seat will be confirmed once you pay the charges required for selection. 
  • You will soon receive the updated seat information in the form of an email from the carrier. 

Seat Selection Through the Customer Center

You can select your seat by connecting with the agent of the carrier at the customer center if you don’t prefer the online method. The number with which you can reach out is 877-793-1717. Dial it on your smartphone and listen to the IVR prompts attentively. 

When your call is answered, you can either ask the agent to book your flight as well as make a seat selection or select a seat on your existing reservation. 

They will provide you with the available seating options and you can confirm one by paying the charges for it. Soon you will receive an email confirmation from the carrier regarding your selected seat. 

Price For Selecting A Seat On ITA Airways

The ITA Airways seat selection fee totally depends on the fare that you bought. We have given the details about charges for seat selection applied on different fares with this carrier in the table below.  

Seat TypesLight FareClassic FareClassic Plus/Flex Fare
ECONOMY COMFORT Intercontinental$155$135$100
TOP Domestic$26$20$18
TOP International$32$26$19
TOP Intercontinental$120$100$75
FRONT Domestic$22$18$15
FRONT International$27$21$17
FRONT Intercontinental$90$60$43
STANDARDInternational$20 $17Free
LATERALIntercontinental$55$44 $33
BACK Intercontinental$37$31$25 (Plus)Free (Flex)

Conditions Of Seat Selection On ITA Airways

Some terms and conditions you should keep in mind while selecting your seat on the aircraft of this carrier are given below. 

  • Do not fret if you don’t want to make a seat selection as the carrier will assign you one automatically for free. 
  • You have to pay the fee for seat selection when you are going through the process, otherwise, it will be canceled. 
  • Once you have completed the payment of the selected seat, it becomes non-refundable and non-transferable. 
  • You are permitted to change your seats without paying any extra charges as long as it is in the same or lower category. 

Emergency Exit Seat Conditions

The carrier does not permit you to select a seat in the exit rows of the airplane if:

  • You have reduced mobility or visual/hearing impairments. 
  • You are pregnant or traveling with a pet in the cabin. 
  • You have your cabin luggage placed on a seat. 
  • You need a belt extension in order to fly because of more weight. 

In case, you wish to be seated in one of these rows, then, there are some requirements that you should meet. 

  • Your age should be no less than 18 years old. 
  • You must be well-versed in English or Italian to understand the instructions and operate the exit door. 
  • You should be physically well, have full mobility, and be able to provide assistance in case of emergency evacuation. 
  • You should not be under the influence of any drugs that may hinder the process.


How can I select my seat if I am traveling with a child on ITA Airways?

You will be allocated seats free of cost by the airline itself for you and the child. You are also allowed to select specific seats for greater comfort during the journey by the seat selection feature. This can be done on the website as well as through the customer service of the carrier.

Is it possible to select free seats on ITA Airways in case of a disability?

Yes, the carrier lets you select a seat without paying any charges if you have physical, cognitive, and sensory disabilities. You can complete this process by calling the number 800 936090 or by arriving a bit early at the airport. You should reach out to the airline well in advance so that they can arrange assistance and fulfill your specific needs while flying.

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