How To Select An Air Transat Seat?

Air Transat Seat Selection

Enjoy every moment on board with Air Transat seat selection. Choose this air carrier for a personalized journey that exceeds your expectations. Embark on an unforgettable adventure in style and luxury. Make each moment on the aircraft of Air Transat a cherished memory. 

Air Transat Seat Selection Guide

Below is all guide for seat selection for Air Transat:

Seat Selection Types On Air Transat

Enjoy your flight to the fullest by selecting your seat in advance with Air Transat. The seat types available on this air carrier are:

Economy Class:

In this class of Air Transat, there are four categories for which you can select seats on Air Transat. 

Standard Seats: This is the most basic fare available on Air Transat. The seats are plush and made of 100% natural leather. 

Two-by-Two Seats: Get a little extra privacy and select these seats if you are traveling in pairs. Individual touch screens are equipped on every seat for your entertainment. 

Front Cabin Seats: These seats offer quicker meal service and earlier deplaning. You can also experience a reduced engine nose with this seat selection. 

Extra Legroom Seats: You get more legroom as compared to the standard seats. Take advantage of USB ports to charge your electronic devices. 

Club Class Seats

The facilities and seats in this class are quite upgraded. Some of its features are gourmet meals, wider seats with 6-wa headrests and footrests, priority airport services, amenity kits, etc. Two pieces of checked luggage and one carry-on bag are free in this class. 

The Procedure of Seat Selection 

You are permitted to select your seat at the time of initial booking, after the booking, and also during online check-in. seat selection is also available via offline mode.

Online Seat Selection

The steps mentioned below should be followed to select your seats online.

  • Click on the “Manage My Booking” option and you will be directed to a new page.
  • There, select the “seat selection” tab and enter your travel details. It includes your first and last name, confirmation number, and departure date. 
  • Once you click on Continue, your flight booking will appear on the screen. 
  • Now, choose the Air Transat seat map and select your seat from the vacant options.
  • Save the added information and pay for any applicable charges. You will soon receive an email with your confirmed seat selection. 

Offline Seat Selection

Connect with an official of Air Transat and select your seats without any hassle. The number of Air Transat customer service is (877) 872-6728. Contact it and follow the IVR instructions. Choose your seat from the options provided by the representative. Your seat selection will be completed once you pay the required amount (if any).

Seat Selection Policy Of Air Transat

You must know about the Seat Selection Policy Of Air Transat in order to avoid any unforeseen circumstances while flying. 

  • You can select your seat up to 24 hours before the flight departure on Air Transat. 
  • You are not eligible to select the emergency exit or front-row seats if you have any medical or physical issues.
  • You must claim your selected seat at least 75 minutes prior to the departure. Otherwise, it may be reassigned without the possibility of a refund. 
  • Your selected seat will be allotted upon the payment of Air Transat seat selection. 
  • No refund will be provided if you cancel your seat selection prior to travel.
  • In the event of an aircraft substitution, Air Transat will assign you an equivalent seat. 

Charges For Seat Selection

Seat selection fee is only applicable for Economy Class fare types. Seat selection is included in the Club Class fares. 

Look at the table below for prices of different Economy Class fares.  

Eco FaresStandard SeatsTwo-by-Two SeatsFront Cabin SeatsExtra Legroom Seats
Eco Budget$27$45$45$67
Eco StandardFree$45$45$67

Note: If you have booked a vacation package that includes flight + hotel. Then, refer to the Eco Budget rates to select seats on Air Transat.


How does the Air Transat seat assignment work?

If you have not selected a seat in advance, a random seat will be assigned to you as per the Air Transat seat assignment policy. A seat selection already made will provide you with the same seat. But, make sure to claim the seat option before your flight’s departure.

Can I request a specific type of seat like a window or aisle on Air Transat?

You can surely select a seat that suits you best. Air Transat gives you the option of choosing an aisle or window seat according to your preferences. The availability of these seats may vary based on the aircraft and the seat map of your particular flight. So, select your seat as early as possible.

What is the rule for infant or child seat selection?

There is only one simple rule for infant or child seat selection – mention your child in the same booking. Adjacent seats will be assigned for free to children aged between 2 and 13 years inclusively. Seats will be grouped together and assigned by the system 14 days before the departure.

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