How To Select An Aeromexico Seat?

Aeromexico Seat Selection 

Don’t miss out on the exclusive feature of Aeromexico seat selection. Take control of your flying trip by choosing the perfect seat that caters to your needs and preferences. Delve into some amazing in-flight services of Aeromexico while sitting in your favorite spot throughout the flight. 

Aeromexico Seat Selection Strategy

Below is the guide for seat selection for Aeromexico: 

Ways To Select Seats On Aeromexico

This Airlines allows you to select your preferred seat via several methods. The most convenient way to make a seat selection is while you are purchasing your flight ticket. The other ways are:

During web check-in: You can choose your seat up to 48 hours before the departure with web check-in. Open the website of this air carrier on your browser and proceed with the process. 

App Aeromexico: Make your seat selection from your mobile phone and save time at the airport by installing the application of Aeromexico.

Over the Phone: Call Aeromexicos’ call center at +1 (800) 237-6639. One of the agents will assist you in the process of seat selection for your flight.

At the Airport: The airport personnel of Aeromexico are on hand to guide you with any seat selection requests you may have after arriving at the airport. 

Seat Choices With Aeromexico

You can select seats on Aeromexico from its three categories. The seat types and some of their benefits are:

AM Plus

Enjoy the time-saving perks in this seat choice like priority check-in, boarding, and baggage handling. Recline and legroom may differ on every aircraft with Aeromexico AM Plus seats.

Preferred Seats

These seats are located near the front of the Main Cabin, behind the AM Plus rows. You get the advantage of extra legroom and deplaning faster when you choose this seat. Select early and choose your favorite window or aisle seat.

Class Premier

These are the First Class seats of Aeromexico. In-seat power, a personal on-demand entertainment system, and fully reclining flatbed seats make for the most comfortable ride. 

Seat Selection Charges

The Aeromexico seat selection fee varies on the fare type and route basis. As it has different fare options to choose from, your seat selection can be free of cost or chargeable. 

There are Basic, Classic, AM Plus, Premier, Premier Light, and Premier One fare options. 

The fare you purchase will determine the cost of your selected seat. And it is also subject to availability. So, choose wisely and well in advance.

Conditions Regarding Seat Selection

This Airline has a few terms and conditions under seat selection on the aircraft. Have a look at them before making your seat selection.

  • Seat selection on a ticket bought via a third party has to be done by contacting the agent.
  • The airline will assign you a random seat on the plane if you do not select a seat beforehand in the given time period.
  • Seat selection is included in the Business class. You also get many other complimentary services in this class. 

Preferred Seats Terms And Conditions

Preferred seats are available on flights to the USA and Asia. The charges apply per customer and flight segment. 

This Airline reserves the right to assign or reassign a seat in this zone at any time. This is valid for operational or security reasons even after boarding. 

You are permitted to request a refund if you paid for a preferred seat and are asked to move to a non-preferred seat. Refunds do not apply if you are given a similar or better seat. 

In case there are no free seats available on the Aeromexico seat map. Then, charges continue to apply for preferred seats even if these are assigned at the airport. 


How can I pay for my Aeromexico seat selection?

If you need to make a purchase of seat selection with Aeromexico, you can do this via different payment options. Aeromexico accepts credit and debit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Amex), PayPal, Uplift, UATP, etc.

Can I select my seat on Aeromexico after the booking?

Yes, you definitely can make a seat selection even if you are done with your flight booking. Visit the website of Aeromexico and go to the “My Trips” section. By adding your reservation code or ticket number along with your last name, you can choose your favorite seat. And can also make any changes to your flight itinerary.

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