How To Select A United Airlines Seat?

United Airlines Seat Selection

Experience flying made it simple and enjoyable with the United Airlines seat selection process. This intuitive feature allows you to browse, compare, and pick the ideal seat that suits your preferences. From window seats for dreamers to aisle access for explorers, there is a spot for every traveler. 

Seating Choices On United Airlines

This air carrier has a number of seat options from which you can select to travel to your destination. Check them out and get a brief idea. 

Basic Economy: It is the most affordable and restricted class on board the carrier. The seats are located in the middle or at the back of the aircraft. If you purchase this ticket, you will be assigned a seat randomly before boarding. But there might be slight chances to purchase a seat in advance while you are booking your flight. 

Economy Plus: These are the seats that have a bit more legroom as compared to Basic Economy seats. And they are placed at the front of the cabin. You are allowed to select your preferred seat in advance for free but only once. 

United Premium Plus: Every seat in this class is equipped with a USB and power outlet. You will be seated closer to the front of the aircraft and can enjoy complimentary meals and beverages. 

United First and United Business: Buying flight tickets in these classes gives you Premier Access benefits. And of course, you can select seats on United Airlines for free. It also includes two checked bags and priority baggage handling. 

United Polaris: This cabin is available only on a few long-haul international flights. The seats are designed to help you in getting amazing sleep on board. You will get a free seat selection, a set of pajamas, and sleep-themed amenities. 

Procedure Of Selecting Seats On United Airlines

There are various ways to make a seat selection for your flight journey. The airline allows you to choose your seat while booking, after the reservation as well as during check-in. You can make the selection at its official website, United app, or through your travel agent. 

At The Time Of Reservation

To select your seats while booking your flight, download the mobile application or visit the official website at first. Then, follow the steps given below. 

  • Choose the type of your trip and select your origin and destination airport. 
  • Pick out your traveling dates along with the number of people traveling. 
  • The airline also gives the option to choose the cabin in which you want to fly. Select it and then hit on the “Find Flights” button. 
  • You will be directed to a new page where a list of available flights will be shown. 
  • Click on the flights that match the best with your preferences. 
  • Add your personal information like name, contact number, email address, mode of payment, etc. to proceed further. 
  • Select your seat from the available options on the United Airlines seat map. 
  • Pay the charges for your flight ticket and for the selected seat (if any).
  • Once you are done with the payment, the system will process your booking.
  • Soon, you will get a confirmation message on your email or phone number including the ticket and seat details from the air carrier. 

After The Booking

Here is the order you can follow if you wish to make a seat selection after booking your flight. 

  • Go to the “My Trips” section on the website or the United app. 
  • Enter your confirmation number along with your last name and click on the “Search” tab. 
  • Your flight information will appear on the screen with a seat chart.
  • Choose the seat that is available for selection and pay the price if asked. 
  • Your selected seat will be confirmed by the carrier and you will receive an email or message shortly. 

Note: If you are not able to select your seats, it may be because the seat assignment is not available. You can check the seat availability as your departure date nears or select a seat during the check-in of your flight. 


What is United Airlines preferred seating?

The preferred seating is an add-on option in the regular Economy class which you can purchase at the time of booking. The seats are located in the rows behind the Economy Plus cabin. You can check out the website of United to get more information on this feature.

Can I select an exit row seat on United Airlines?

If you wish to sit on an exit-row seat, you have to meet a few requirements of the carrier. For example, your age should be 15 years or more, you should be willing to help you in the evacuation process, etc. The airline will first determine if you are eligible to sit on these seats or not. And for this reason, it is possible that you can select these seats only at the time of check-in. However, if these seats are in the Economy Plus cabin, then you might be able to buy them in advance.

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