How To Select A Swiss Airlines Seat?

Swiss Airlines Seat Selection

Add some peace of mind to your flight by proceeding with the Swiss Airlines seat selection process. As a premier airline renowned for its exceptional service and top-notch amenities, this airline takes pride in offering its passengers a memorable journey. Swiss offers various seating assignments, and in this article, we will delve into the delightful seat selection experience, designed to cater to every passenger’s preferences and needs.

What is the Swiss Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

It is important to know about the Swiss seat selection policy, to avoid any unwanted situation during the procedure. 

  • If you are a Miles & More Top Tier Customer, you can reserve a preferred seat for free on Swiss operated flights until just before departure (tariff Economy Light for a fee).
  • You can also select your seat for free if you are flying with a child under the age of two.
  • If you do not reserve a seat, the airline will assign you one at check-in. However, the choice of seats may be limited.
  • If you fail to pay for the seat selection charges, then the airline may cancel your seat and will assign you the available seat before you board the flight. 
  • A “privacy seat” can be purchased by one person per flight segment.

Tips and Points to Remember

Keep the below-given points in mind during selecting the seats; 

  • Book early: The earlier you book, the more likely you are to get your preferred seat.
  • Consider your needs: If you need extra legroom, you should select a seat in the front of the cabin or in an emergency exit row.
  • Travel with a companion: If you are traveling with a companion, you can request to sit together.
  • Be flexible: If you are not too particular about your seat, you may be able to get a free upgrade at check-in.

Types of Swiss Seats

Swiss has various seats for its passengers. According to the prices, every seat offers something different. You can take a look at the below-mentioned pointers to know the details; 

  • Standard Seat: The standard seats are located in the main cabin of the aircraft.
  • Preferred Seat: Preferred seats are located in the first few rows of the economy cabin, just behind business class. These seats offer a slightly larger seat pitch and width than standard economy seats. You can reserve the seat up to 48 hours before departure.
  • Extra legroom Seat: Extra legroom seats are located in the Bulkhead rows of economy class. If you like to be in a more spaced seat then these seats can be the best choice for you. 
  • Business Seat: The business seats can get converted into a roomy 2-metre flat bed. This facility can be activated by switching the button near the seat. Not just that, but you will also get to experience the integrated massage function.
  • Privacy Seat: A Privacy Seat is a single seat in Business Class that offers more privacy and space than other Business Class seats. Privacy seats are located in the front of the Business Class cabin. 
  • First Seat: First Class seats are located in the front of the aircraft, in a separate cabin. These seats offer the highest level of comfort and service on Swiss Airlines. They have a fully flat bed and a personal minibar. You can reserve the seat up to 355 days before departure.

Choose Your Swiss Seat

You can choose a seat as per your preference during your flight booking and after your flight booking. Detailed steps to proceed are given below; 

During Booking 

There are three ways to select a Swiss seat during booking:

1. On the SWISS Website:

  • Go to the SWISS website and enter your booking details.
  • Click on the “Seat Selection” tab.
  • Then you will see the Swiss Airlines seat map.
  • Select the seat you want.
  • Click on the “Continue” button.
  • Make the payment.
  • And you are done.

2. Through the SWISS App:

  • Download the SWISS app on your mobile device.
  • Open the app and sign in to your account.
  • Click on the “Bookings” tab.
  • Select your booking and click on the “Seat Selection” button.
  • Choose the seat you prefer.
  • Then submit the details. 
  • Pay for the booking and seat (if applicable). 

3. Via Calling the Airline Representative

  • Open the website and select the reservation number according to your region. 
  • Call the Swiss agent.
  • Complete your booking process. 
  • Ask the agent to tell you the available seat options. 
  • Tell them your preference. 
  • Select the seat. 
  • Confirm the details. 
  • Make the payment for the booking. 

After Booking

Check out and follow the below-given pointers, so that you can select seats on Swiss Airlines effortlessly even after Swiss flight booking; 

  • Go to the official website of Swiss at
  • Then go to the homepage and search for “Manage Booking”.
  • After that, you will need to log in to your SWISS account using your email and password. If you don’t have an account, you can often retrieve your booking by entering your booking reference/PNR (Passenger Name Record) and the last name of the primary traveler.
  • Once you are logged in or have entered your booking details, you should see your flight reservation details.
  • Look for an option or tab that allows you to choose your seat. The interface may vary, but it should be evident as it is a standard feature on most airline websites. Click on the seat selection option.
  • Look for the seat map displaying the available seats on your flight. Seats with different colors may indicate their availability or pricing. Select the seat you prefer by clicking on it.
  • After selecting your seat, the website may ask you to confirm your choice. Review your selection and click on “Confirm” or “Save” to finalize your seat assignment.

Swiss Airlines Seat Selection Fee

Check out the Swiss seat selection fees for different seating classes given below; 

Standard Seat- Economy

  • Swiss European flights: The seat selection fee for this flight is $18.34 per leg. 
  • Swiss intercontinental flights: For intercontinental flight seats you will have to pay $22.92 per person.

Standard Seat- Swiss Premium Economy

  • Swiss intercontinental flights: Pay $44.70 per head to reserve a seat as per your preference. 

Preferred Zone- Swiss Economy 

  • Swiss European and intercontinental flights: To get a seat that suits your needs, you will have to pay $26.37 per leg. 

Extra Legroom Seats

  • Swiss European flights: To get extra comfort, pay $34.38 per passenger. 
  • Swiss intercontinental flights: You will have to pay $59.60 per passenger. 

Privacy Seat

  • Swiss intercontinental flights: You can purchase this seat at $136.40 per leg. 

Swiss First Seat to/from Tel Aviv and Cairo

  • SWISS flights to/from TLV and CAI: These seats are the most expensive seats of Swiss Airlines. You will have to pay around $342.70 per head. 

Note: All the above-mentioned prices are the minimum prices and can exceed depending on the length of the leg and flight duration.


Are my Swiss seat choices guaranteed?

Yes, in most cases, during your flight boarding, you will receive the seat you chose. But there are chances the airline might change your seat reservation due to some operational reasons. But no worries. The airline will likely reserve you a seat that you selected in advance.

Can I transfer my advance-booked seat to someone else?

No, you cannot transfer your seat to anyone. No matter what seat you have chosen, the airline will not allow you to transfer your seat. If you need it urgently and do not have any other option then you can contact the airlines and seek further guidance.

Does the Swiss allow seat change and will I have to pay again?

Yes, Swiss allows you to change your seat depending on the seat availability. In case, you change your seat from a higher category to a lower category then your remaining difference will not be refunded. And in case you want to go from lower to higher category then you will have to pay the difference.

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