How To Select A Kuwait Airways Seat?

Kuwait Airways seat selection

Unlock your journey with Kuwait Airways, where every seat tells a story. Are you the one searching for the perfect perch to begin your adventure? If yes, then you have the ideal air partner. Kuwait Airways seat selection process is there to assist you in finding your perfect spot. Will you choose a window seat for breathtaking landscapes or an aisle seat for easy access? The airline leaves the decision to you. Your journey starts with a seat, reserve yours now and let the skies inspire.

Guidelines for Kuwait Airways Seat Selection 

This is an optional service designed to provide customers with the choice of more comfortable economy-class seats near the plane’s front. Non-chargeable seats will still be accessible in the standard zone and can be assigned to passengers at no extra cost. Various pricing will be offered, particularly for passengers who favour Window or Aisle seating.

Here are certain rules and regulations that passengers must look at before they opt to select seats on Kuwait Airways.

  1. Economy Class Chargeable Seats can be reserved up to 6 hours before departure through various Kuwait Airways sales channels: Online, Mobile App, Web Check-In, Kuwait Airways Office, or Call Center (171).
  2. These chargeable seats are exclusive to Economy Class travel.
  3. The chargeable seats are charged per passenger and flight segment within the booking.
  4. Only the flights operated by Kuwait Airways are eligible for chargeable seats.
  5. The airline even permits the OASIS redemption tickets to use chargeable seats.
  6. Transfer of chargeable seats to other passengers is not permitted by the airline.
  7. Chargeable seats can only be assigned after checking the availability of seats. These chargeable seats are subject to availability.
  8. Seats with a baby bassinet facility are chargeable; however, they’re only available for bookings that include an infant.

Steps to Select a Seat on a Kuwait Flight 

From the initial time of booking up to 6 hours before the departure, passenger can select their choice of seat with the airline. The seat Selection process can be done using various user-friendly channels developed by the airline.

Seat Selection at the time of booking

  1. Start by making a reservation with the airline.
  2. Provide all the details necessary for booking airfare with the airline.
  3. As soon you are done filling in the details, you can select a seat with the airline.
  4. Search for the option of “Select Seat” on the website.
  5. Select your preferred seat, make the payment, and the airline will share the itinerary on your registered contact details. 

Seat Selection after the booking 

  1. In case you have already completed booking a seat with the airline still, you can manage to select a seat.
  2. Open the official website of the airline at 
  3. On the homepage of the airline, an option labelled “Modify or Upgrade” appears.
  4. Click on the option.
  5. Start by filling in the required details to retrieve your bookings made with the airline.
  6. Select the flight you want to select a seat on.
  7. Select the preferred seat and make the payment to complete the seat selection process. 
  8. After the successful payment for the seat selection, the airline will reserve the seat and share the itinerary with you.

Seat Selection through the mobile app

  1. You can select a seat at the time of web check-in as well. Opt to complete the web check-in process through the mobile app of the airline.
  2. Start by logging in to your account or by retrieving the booking with the reference number and the last name of the passenger.
  3. When you retrieve your booking, you can see the option to “Modify or Upgrade” your bookings. 
  4. Look out for the option of seat selection to choose your preferred seat.
  5. Once done with the selection, check for the applicable charges, make the payment, and you are all done.

Seat Selection via Phone Call 

  1. Seat selection with the airline can be done by getting in touch with the customer care executive.
  2. To connect with the agent, passengers can call on +965 24345555 ext 171 (for international calls) 171 (Only for local calls).
  3. Ask the agent to provide information regarding the Kuwait Airways seat map to have a clear image of the seats available.
  4. Choose the seat you prefer to travel on.
  5. Enquire about the charges, and make the payment to confirm your seat selection.

Economy Class Exit Row Seats

  • Certain passengers are restricted from sitting in exit row seats, including children, infants, individuals needing medical assistance or wheelchairs, unaccompanied minors, expectant mothers, and elderly passengers.
  • The airline can use its judgement to allow or disallow passengers for these specific seats during airport check-in.
  • The airline’s safety policy guides this decision to deny an exit seat. Adding to it, any fees paid will not be refunded.

Charges to Select a Seat 

  • Kuwait Airways seat selection fee is applicable to select seats in Economy Class.
  • The fee amount varies based on route, fare type, and booking time.
  • Generally, the fee falls between $25 to $50 per seat.

Exemptions from Economy Class Seat Selection

Here are the exemptions from chargeable seat fees 

  • Seats in the standard chargeable zone are free if you’re within 24 hours of departure.
  • OASIS Gold members and their travel companions don’t have to pay for these seats.
  • OASIS Silver members and their companions don’t have to pay, but only for standard chargeable zone seats.
  • If you need a stretcher or oxygen, you don’t need to pay either.


What happens if I don’t select a seat with Kuwait Airlines?

If the passenger doesn’t select a seat, then the airline will automatically assign a seat as per availability. 

When can’t I select a seat for my flight with Kuwait Airlines?

If the seat selection deadline has passed, you won’t be able to choose a seat, especially if your flight is within 48 hours. 

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