How To Select A KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Seat?

KLM seat selection

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines invites you to elevate your journey with an intuitive seat selection service. Your flying experience is personalised. Seamlessly choose your ideal seat — a window for scenic vistas, an aisle for easy mobility, or a snug spot in the middle. The easy-to-use platform and diverse seat options empower you to curate a flight that fits you perfectly. At KLM, the airline is dedicated to making every flight exceptional. Embrace the 

luxury of choice and ensure your seat is not just a place but an experience. Your voyage, preference, and KLM adventure begin with the KLM seat selection process.

An Overview of the KLM Seat Selection Process 

Below is a brief overview of the airline’s seat selection process through which you can get an idea of the available seats on the aircraft.

  • KLM offers two types of seats: regular seats and extra comfortable seats.
  • Extra comfortable seats include Economy Comfort seats, seats with extra legroom, seats in a row of 2, and front section seats.
  • Seat selection fees vary based on seat type and travel route.
  • Regular seats can be selected for free at check-in.
  • Extra comfortable seats require a fee, payable online or at the airport during seat selection.
  • All passengers have the option to select a seat.
  • Flying Blue Elite members and SkyMiles Elite members enjoy special privileges.
  • They can reserve specific extra comfortable and regular seats for free or at a discounted rate.
  • The airline reserves the right to assign or reassign seats for operational, safety, or security reasons, even after boarding.
  • The ground staff and the operating crew make the final decision on the day of the flight. 

Steps to Select a Seat with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

The airline allows passengers to select a seat at the time of booking or even after the booking. This totally depends on the passenger’s choice when he wants to select for their journey. Below are the steps to selecting a seat on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Seat Selection at the time of booking 

  1. Visit the airline’s official website or use their mobile app.
  2. Input your travel information and choose your desired flights.
  3. Review the available seats on the selection page and pick your preferred seat.
  4. Pay for any seat selection fees that may apply.
  5. Finalise your booking and receive your itinerary.

Seat Selection after booking 

  1. Visit the KLM website and navigate the “Manage My Booking” section.
  2. Input your booking reference and last name to access your booking details.
  3. Select the “Select Your Seat” option.
  4. Explore the KLM seat map, showcasing available seats.
  5. Choose your preferred seat by clicking on it.
  6. Review your selection and proceed to confirm your choice.

Seats in Economy Class

  1. Standard Economy Class seats: These seats are situated in the main Economy Class section and offer a seat pitch of 78 cm and a seat width of 44 cm. Amenities include a personal entertainment system, a reclining backrest, and a functional tray table.
  2. Economy Comfort seats: Positioned at the front of the Economy Class area, these seats provide increased legroom and reclining options compared to the standard Economy Class seats. They boast a seat pitch of 89 cm and a seat width of 44 cm. Additional perks of Economy Comfort seats encompass priority boarding, access to a dedicated check-in area, and a complimentary beverage upon boarding.
  3. Extra Legroom seats: Opt for seats near emergency exits, boasting 15 cm extra legroom and ergonomic design with a standard 9 cm recline. Be prepared to assist cabin crew during emergencies, following instructions in Dutch or English ensuring safety compliance.
  4. Front Standard Seat: Choose a front standard seat just behind the Economy Comfort zone for a quick exit. You can get out of the plane early and enjoy 79 cm legroom, a 12.5 cm recline, and a 9-11 inch personal entertainment system, all in an ergonomically designed space. Perfect for those in a rush to their destination.
  5. Seat in row 2: The airline offers back-row seating in pairs for enhanced privacy and comfort in intercontinental flights. Each seat provides standard legroom, recline, and a 9-11 inch personal entertainment system. The ergonomic design ensures a pleasant journey for you and your companion.

Seats in Premium Economy Class

In the premium Economy Class, the airline offers premium comfort class seats:

Premium Comfort Class Seats 

  • Select seats on KLM in a tranquil cabin with 21 to 28 seats, completely segregated from Economy and Business Class.
  • Increased legroom by up to 17 cm compared to a regular Economy Class seat.
  • Recline capability of up to 20 cm for added comfort during the journey.
  • Ample space between armrests, measuring between 48 to 50 cm.
  • Flexibility with movable leg- and footrest for personalised comfort.
  • Access to in-seat power for charging devices during the flight.
  • Enjoy a personal entertainment system featuring a 13-inch screen for entertainment throughout the journey.

Seats in Business Class 

In Business Class, passengers can expect privacy, comfort, and a window or aisle seat choice. Explore the airline seating options and select the one that suits your preferences.

Flying within Europe

You can avail of the below-mentioned features in the flight flying within Europe

  • Up to 7.5 cm more legroom than a standard Economy Class seat
  • Standard recline of 12.5 cm
  • Always a window or aisle seat
  • An empty seat in the middle when sitting in a row of 3 seats

Intercontinental flights

Experience a rejuvenating journey, whether for a leisurely vacation or a crucial business venture, with the airline’s World Business Class seats that include:

  • Passengers can enjoy a full-flat seat that allows you to transform it into a comfortable bed whenever desired.
  • You can stay connected and maintain privacy with accessible in-seat power and a privacy screen.
  • Delight in a personal entertainment system with a generous 16-18-inch display for an engaging flight experience.
  • It is always good to secure a window or an aisle seat for the best views or easy access.
  • Benefit from extra storage space to keep your belongings organised and easily accessible during your journey.

Charges to Select a Seat with KLM Dutch Airlines 

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offers various seat selection options for Economy Class passengers, allowing them to tailor their in-flight experience. Below is a summary of KLM seat selection fees:

  1. Standard seat: Complimentary selection at check-in.
  2. Preferred seat: Costs range from EUR 10 to EUR 70, based on the specific flight route.
  3. Extra legroom seat: Available for EUR 20 to EUR 250, depending on the flight route.
  4. Exit row seat: Prices range from EUR 50 to EUR 300, varying with the flight route.

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