How To Select A JetBlue Airways Seat?

JetBlue Seat Selection

Customize your journey in a delightful manner with JetBlue Airways seat selection. This carrier promises ultimate relaxation and convenience while you fly to your favorite destination. Embrace a world of comfort with its plush seats that are designed to make you feel right at home in the skies. 

Types Of Seats On JetBlue Airways

Before you dive into the process of selecting your preferred seat on the aircraft of the carrier. Let us tell you what type of seats are there to select on it. 

Blue Basic: This is the most economical option available on this airline. There are not any extra services included in it except for one personal item. But, no doubt, you can save much more money in comparison to other fare classes on short-haul flights. 

Blue & Blue Plus: These are just a bit higher fare than the above one and have some perks involved. For example, you can take one free checked bag on flights to/from Europe and UK. And take advantage of general boarding.

Blue Extra: You can board your plane in the early zone with the purchase of this fare with a free personal item and carry-on bag. Priority security is also available at selected airports. 

Mint: It is the most premium choice for seat selection on this carrier. Additional services included in this fare are 2 free checked bags, 1 carry-on, early boarding, etc. 

Seat Selection Procedure On JetBlue Airways

You have the privilege to select seats on JetBlue Airways in several ways. Below are the details about these methods.

During Flight Booking

You can easily select a seat while you are booking your ticket for the flight with this airline. It is also the best way to get the seat that you prefer the most while flying. Follow these steps to continue with this process.

  • Navigate to the official website at on your favorite search engine.
  • You will see a box under the “Flights” section on the homepage. 
  • Select your from and to locations along with the travel dates. You can also select the type of your trip and the number of people. Then, click on the “Search Flights” button. 
  • A list of available flights will appear on your screen. Choose your desired flight and the fare class on which you want to travel.
  • Next, add all the necessary information required like your name, email address, contact number, etc. 
  • A JetBlue Airways seat map will be displayed from where you can select the seat of your choice. 
  • After the selection, pay the amount (if any) by adding your payment details. 
  • The system will then process your payment and confirm your flight booking. 
  • You will soon receive an email from the airline including your reservation and selected seat details. 

Seat Selection At The Airport

If you are the one who is comfortable flying regardless of sitting on a desired seat. Then, you can just head to the airport and book a flight or also do a seat selection.

In case you already have a ticket but didn’t make any advance seat selection, then follow these prompts. 

  • Search for this airline’s check-in counter and reach out to the available agent. 
  • Provide them with your flight details and travel documents. 
  • Express you wish to choose a seat type for your flight. 
  • The official will give you the options of available seats from which you can select the one that suits you the most. 
  • You need to pay any extra charges to the representative first in order to confirm your seat selection. 
  • Then, they will complete your check-in process, and print out your boarding pass including the details of your chosen seat. 

Extra Seat Request

You have the benefit to purchase and select an extra seat if you want more space between you and another passenger. Follow the steps given below for this procedure. 

  • You have to do the booking in the same way as you do normally. But, you have to add one more person to your reservation. 
  • Add your name to the first seat selection. And your surname in the second seat that you selected. 
  • Pay the amount appearing on your screen for the selected seats and flight booking. 
  • Once you are done with the payment, the air carrier will send all your flight details to your email or the given phone number. 

Note: If you are already done with the booking but plan on getting an extra seat afterward. Then, you can select the adjoining seats by visiting the “Manage My Booking” section on the website. But, do keep in mind that both the seats should be the same fare. 

Policy Regarding JetBlue Airways Seat Selection

There are a few terms and conditions under the JetBlue Airways seat selection policy which you can go through below. 

  • The carrier will assign you any available seats before the flight if you do not make an advance seat selection.  
  • If you are traveling with infants or children, it is advised that you select your seats at the time of your initial flight reservation. 
  • You are also entitled to make a seat selection for a codeshare flight but only at the official website of this airline.
  • This air carrier can make changes to your selected seat in case of operational, security, or safety reasons.


What is the seat selection fee on JetBlue Airways?

Mostly, the advanced seat selection feature is free of cost on the fares of this air carrier. But, in the Blue Basic fare, you might have to pay a Jetblue Airways seat selection fee. Only, if you select it more than 24 hours prior to the departure. To get a free seat, choose one at the time of check-in from the remaining Core seats.

Which JetBlue Airways seat can I select if traveling with a pet?

This airline recommends you select a window or an aisle seat if you are traveling with your pet on board. And make this selection as early as possible to avoid any hassle. The seats which you will not be assigned while flying with your pet are:

1. Exit Row seats
2. Bulkhead seats
3. Seats without under-seat stowage.

Can I select seats through JetBlue Airways customer care?

Yes, you can surely make a seat selection by connecting with the customer care department of the airline. Dial the number +1 (800) 538-2583 on your smartphone and tell the agent to select your preferred seat. They will do the process on your behalf and confirm the seat selection. But, do note if you use this method, then you have to pay an extra $25 as a fee for your flight reservation.

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