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Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection

A comfortable seat can uplift your mood and enhance your in-flight journey. So, without wasting any other second, you must customize your seat with Hawaiian Airlines seat selection policy. This airline not only offers affordable charges but ensures your comfort throughout the journey. 

What are the Various Seats Offered By Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiian offers various seat options to its valuable passengers. In the below-given points, you can explore the details of the seating class. After a firm understanding of the seats, you can proceed further. 

  • Main Cabin Basic: Main Cabin Basic fare of this airline is the lowest-priced seat on transpacific flights. It offers the essentials of a Main Cabin seat with standard legroom, plus complimentary meal(s), snack, and beverage service, as well as free in-flight entertainment. 
  • Main Cabin: The Main Cabin seats are 17.3 inches wide and have a pitch of 31 inches. This means that there are 31 inches of space between the back of one seat and the front of the seat in front of it. The seats also have a recline function, so you can adjust them to get more comfortable.
  • Business Class: The business class seats are the second most comfortable seat of Hawaiian. The seats are 20 inches wide and have a pitch of 76 inches. These are very comfortable, with padded seats and plenty of legroom. 
  • First Class: The first class seat is the most premium seat of this airline. It provides more legroom and wider seats compared to the economy or business class, ensuring a comfortable journey. The seats are designed to provide maximum comfort with additional cushioning, adjustable headrests, and lumbar support.

Method to Proceed With Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection 

Hawaiian Airlines offer 2 ways for selecting a seat. Either you can choose your seat during the booking process or after booking. The steps to move forward with both situations are given below; 

During Booking Process

For an easy and convenient seat selection procedure, it is advisable to choose your preferred seat during the flight booking procedure. The steps to do so are given below; 

  • Go to the official website of Hawaiian Airlines.
  • On the homepage, enter your departure city, destination, travel dates, and the number of passengers traveling.
  • After entering the travel details, click on the “Search Flights” or “Find Flights” button to view available flight options.
  • Review the list of flights and choose the one that best fits your schedule and preferences.
  • During the booking process, you will have the option to select seats. Depending on your fare type or membership status, seat selection may be complimentary or may require an additional fee.
  • When prompted to select seats, you will see the Hawaiian Airlines seat map displaying the layout of the aircraft for your chosen flight. Seats that are available for selection will be marked as open or available.
  • Choose the seat you like. After that, follow the instructions to complete the booking process. Provide the required passenger information, payment details, and any other necessary information to finalize your reservation.
  • Make the necessary payment and you are done. 

After Booking

If you did not select your seat during booking then you are required to follow the below-given steps. These steps will help you to choose a seat after booking. 

  • Go to the official website and look for the option that allows you to manage your existing booking. This option is usually available on the homepage or in the main menu of the website.
  • Provide the required details to access your booking. This typically includes your last name and either your confirmation code (also known as the PNR or booking reference) or your HawaiianMiles number if you are a loyalty program member.
  • After entering the necessary information, your booking details should be displayed on the screen.
  • Look for the section that allows you to select or change your seats. This may be labeled as “Choose Seats,” “Select seats on Hawaiian Airlines”, or something similar.
  • After tapping on that, you will see the seat map of Hawaiian Airlines. You just have to select the seat(s) that suits your needs. 
  • Once you have selected your Hawaiian seat, make the payment (if any), and just be sure to save your changes and review your updated itinerary.

Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection Fee

The cost of seat selection on Hawaiian Airlines varies depending on the fare class, the route, and the date of travel. However, you may take a look at the below-given points to know the approximate fares of each class; 

  • Main Cabin Basic: If you have a Main Cabin Basic fare, then you cannot select a seat in advance. You will be assigned a seat at check-in, or at the gate if you check in at the airport.
  • Main Cabin: With the Main Cabin fare, you can select a seat in advance for a fee. The cost of seat selection starts at $12 for domestic flights and $24 for international flights.
  • Main Cabin Preferred: In case, you have Main Cabin Preferred fare, you can select a seat in advance for free. 
  • Extra Comfort: The cost of Extra Comfort seats starts at $48 for domestic flights and $72 for international flights.
  • First Class: No additional fee for seat selection, you can select your preferred seat during the booking procedure. 

Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection Policy 

There are some terms and conditions applied to the Hawaiian seating classes. You may take a look at them for a better understanding; 

  • If you have a main cabin preferred seat then under any circumstance, you will not be able to transfer your seat to someone. You may also not ask for a refund unless it is connected with the main cabin refundable ticket. 
  • In some cases, the airline can cancel the preferred seat selection. 
  • Similarly to preferred seats, extra comfort seats are also non-transferable and non-refundable. However, the refund can be claimed only if the seat is associated with the main cabin refundable ticket.
  • The airline has all the rights to cancel your extra comfort seat if it is unpaid.


Am I Eligible for Hawaiian Airlines Emergency Exit Seats?

You can get an emergency exit seat only if you are 15 years of age or older, willing and able to assist other passengers during an emergency evacuation, not responsible for children under the age of 15 traveling with you, fluent in English, and are able to comprehend instructions regarding, and able to operate, the emergency exit.

Where can I sit with my pet on Hawaiian Airlines?

If you are traveling with your pet in the cabin of a Hawaiian Airlines flight, you can sit in any seat that has adequate under-seat stowage for your pet’s carrier. This means that you cannot sit in an exit row, bulkhead seat, or any seat that does not have a storage space under the seat in front of you. For safety reasons, you are also not permitted to sit with your pet in the First Class cabin on any flight between Hawaii and the US Mainland.

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