How To Select A Frontier Airlines Seat?

Frontier Airlines Seat Selection 

As a low-cost carrier, Frontier Airlines can be your ideal travel partner for your next vacation. Moreover, the Frontier Airlines seat selection process makes it the most preferred airline for passengers. Nothing can be better than taking off for a journey on your favourite seat.  However, if you are new to this airline, you must scroll and read to explore more about the seat selection process and the types of seats offered by this airline.

An Overview of Frontier Airlines Seat Selection Process 

The airline has a limited seat choice, making it the best. Standard and Stretch Seating are the two major seats offered by the airline. The legroom difference between them is different. On one side, seats in Standard Economy come with less legroom, whereas the Stretch seating has more legroom.

While discussing the charges for both types of seating, Standard can be a much more budget-friendly option than stretch seating.

Steps to Select Seats on Frontier Airlines 

The seat selection process can be done during booking with the airline or at check-in time. This depends on the choice of the flyer and what suits them the best. However, the charges for the time duration may differ.

Below is a brief about the steps that you can take to select a seat with a low-cost air carrier.

Seat Selection Before the Flight

  1. The airline allows passengers to select a seat while booking or even before the flight’s scheduled departure.
  2. To do this, you can visit the official website of the airline.
  3. Look out for the option “Manage Trips.” 
  4. Now start by filling in all the required credentials to access the bookings made by you.
  5. From all the bookings, choose the one you want to do a seat selection for.
  6. Search for the “Select Seat” option and click on it.
  7. The Frontier Airlines seat map will appear on the screen. The airline will showcase all the sold and available seats with their prices.
  8. You can select from the available seat option based on your budget and comfort.
  9. Don’t forget to pay for the seat you selected to hold for your journey.

Seat Selection at the time of Check-in 

  1. Besides the seat selection at the time of booking before the flight, you can also make it before the departure while checking in or at the airport.
  2. You can choose your preferred seat while web check-in with the airline or by contacting the agent at the airport.
  3. While selecting seats during web check-in, you can refer to the airlines’ seat map, but in case of seat selection at the airport, enquire with the agent about the available seats and the associated charges.

Charges to Select Seat with Frontier Airlines 

The charges to select a seat depends on the type of seat you are choosing and the mode of the channel you are using to make the selection. Refer to the below points to get an idea about the charges applied by the airline to select the seat.

  1. Selecting the preferred at the time of booking or 24 hours before the flight’s departure through online mode can give the best value. If you use the online website, the airline will charge $5 for standard seating and $16 for stretch seating.
  2. If you choose a seat during the web check-in process, the charge for standard seating is $7, whereas, for stretch seating, it is $16.
  3. You can also connect with the airline customer care department. But it will cost you $16 to choose standard seating and $56 for stretch seating.
  4. To choose a seat from the ticket counter or kiosk, Frontier Airlines seat selection fee will be $16 for standard seating and $56 for stretch seating.

Steps to make Free Seat Selection with Frontier Airlines

Using some of the quick and easy steps mentioned below, you can grab your preferred seat without paying a single penny.

  • Get Frontier Elite 20K status, and enjoy the flexibility of free seat selection at the time of check-in.  
  • If you hold Elite 50K or Eliter 100K status, you can select stretch seating free of cost. This feature of free seat selection adds up when you make bookings for your family, i.e. up to 8 members on the same reservation.
  • You can also select a stretching seat for free if you have the credit cards provided explicitly by the airline.

Seat Selection for Passengers Travelling with Children

The airline guarantees adjacent seats for passengers travelling with one or more passengers aged 13 or younger. The airline won’t charge any additional cost for providing the adjoining seat. However, this policy comes with certain rules-

  1. Both the child and the adult should be on the same reservation.
  2. You can check the availability of adjacent seats when booking the selected class of service. In this case, the seats can be selected only after checking availability.
  3. The guardian passenger can choose the seats for the whole reservation or skip the process at the time of reservation. Moreover, they won’t change seats the airline assigned to them for the journey.


Which card can be used for free seat selection with Frontier Airlines?

The cards making you eligible for free selection include The Platinum Card from American Express, The Business Platinum Card from American Express and the Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card. The annual credit for all these cards is $200.

Why did Frontier assign me a seat?

If you don’t proceed with the Frontier Seat Selection process at the time of booking or during the check-in period, then the airline will assign a seat to you, depending on availability. So if you prefer to travel on your preferred seat, then select a seat according to your choice before the departure of the flight.

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