How To Select A Fiji Airways Seat?

Fiji Airways Seat Selection

Unlock the comfort of your journey with Fiji Airways seat selection. Craft your ideal flying experience by choosing the perfect seat that aligns with your preferences. Take charge of your travel adventure, ensuring relaxation and enjoyment from take off to landing. With this air carrier, your dream seat is just a click away. Fly in style, embrace the skies, and create unforgettable memories on your way to your destination. 

Seat Selection On Fiji Airways

You can carry out the process of selecting your favorite spot via different methods. We have mentioned them in detail for your reference. 

Online Seat Selection

The carrier allows you to select a seat on its online platform once you have purchased your flight ticket. You are allowed to select your seat online until 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight. The steps you can follow in this procedure are given below. 

  • Select the “Manage Booking” option from the homepage.
  • In the specified boxes, enter your booking reference and last name, then click on the “Search” button. 
  • Your itinerary will be retrieved from where you can click on the option “Select Seats.”
  • On the Fiji Airways seat map, you will be able to see the prices of different seats too. 
  • Pick the seat that suits you the best and pay the required amount. 
  • You will soon receive the confirmation of your selected seat at your email address. 

Seat Selection Through the Reservation Call Center

The seat selection procedure can also be completed via the reservations center of the carrier. You can call on the number 1 800 227 4446 at least 10 hours before the departure. 

Once your call is connected with a live agent, give them your booking details and wait for the verification. Request them to select a seat on your behalf for the journey. 

They will tell you about the seating options available to select and their charges as well. Choose your favorite one and make payment for the same. 

Your flight itinerary will be updated once your payment is processed. The representative will send you the details to your given contact. 

Selecting A Seat Via The Sales Office

If you are traveling with this airline from Fiji, then you can go to the sales office located at Suva and Nadi. 

You can reach out to one of the agents of the carrier, provide them with your flight details, and tell them to select seats on Fiji Airways for your upcoming flight. 

The amount you need to pay for the seat selection will be given by the agent. You can give them your credit card details or pay via cash. 

As soon as your chosen seat is confirmed, the updated flight information will be provided to you. 

Seat Selection At The Airport

The seats on the aircraft of this carrier can be bought at the airport also on your departure date. Make sure to not check in via the website if you wish to select your seat with this method. 

Head to the counter of the airline once you arrive at the airport. The representative will happily assist you in the seat selection process. They will first verify your booking details and provide you with information regarding available seats.

Then, you just need to pay the amount and your seat will be selected by the staff member. They will also check you in for the flight and hand over your boarding pass

Types Of Seats On Fiji Airways

There are several types of seats to choose from in the Economy Class of this carrier so you can travel as you like. A brief description of them is as follows. 

Bulkhead Seats: This seat category is located at the very front of the cabin with plenty of legroom to stretch. You can be amongst the first to board, disembark, and enjoy the in-flight service by selecting this seat. 

Exit Seats: As the name suggests, these seats are placed near the emergency exit door of the aircraft. They can be either next to, adjacent to, or just behind the door. 

Forward Seats: This seat is an ideal choice to select if you are a transit passenger. They are situated in the first 2 to 4 rows on the airplane. 

Standard Seats: These seats cover up the remaining ones and are located after the forward seats. You can choose from the window, aisle, or middle seats beforehand to fly comfortably. 

Bassinet Seats: If you are traveling with an infant, then you can buy the bulkhead seat and book a bassinet facility via the reservation center. 

My Bubble Seat

The carrier has an extraordinary service called My Bubble Seat Blocker that lets you book a seat beside you in Economy Class. You can maintain social distance and enjoy personal space with extra comfort in this service. 

The window for My Bubble seat selection is open from 72 hours until 4 hours before the departure of your flight. 

You will be eligible to purchase these seats if your confirmed ticket document number starts with 260. You can also check your eligibility via the “Manage My Booking” tab on the website. The steps you can follow then are:

  • Select your seat and the ones you want to block from the seat map. 
  • Add your payment details in the given spaces and click on the “Confirm” button. 
  • An email will be sent to you for the successful purchase of these seats. It will include a confirmation message, flight information, seat assignment, blocked seat numbers, and the amount paid.

You can select up to two seats and have the entire row to yourself depending on the aircraft configuration.  

Terms And Conditions Related To Seat Selection

Go through some of the important terms and conditions that affect the process of seat selection on this airline. 

  • You can select the seats only on the flights that are operated by this airline for a single sector. 
  • The carrier might need to change your seat on the day of travel due to some unforeseen circumstances. 
  • You cannot transfer the selected seat to any other passenger. 
  • In the event of Canceling your flight less than 24 hours before the departure will result in the forfeiture of any amount paid for the seat selection. 
  • Requesting a seat for a ticket booked by third parties can only be done by paying the Fiji Airways seat selection fee within 6 hours of booking confirmation. 
  • You can call the carrier or go to the sales office directly to make arrangements for an appropriate seat to accommodate your special needs. 
  • When you select a seat, you agree that it is chosen solely as per your judgement, taste, and preferences. 
  • These terms can vary from time to time but do not worry as they will be updated on the website of the carrier. 

Exit Row Seat Conditions

The exit row seats are not available to every passenger on this carrier. You should qualify and meet the requirements of this seat if you want to sit on it while traveling. 

  • You should be at least 15 years old and must not be traveling with someone who requires assistance in an emergency on board. 
  • You have to listen carefully to the briefing, check outside conditions, and follow the instructions given by the cabin crew in English. 
  • You must be able to move quickly and assist the crew in an emergency situation. 
  • You should willingly and adequately provide the information in a verbal manner to other passengers. 
  • There should be no impairment of vision/hearing or a condition that might cause harm to you while performing the instructions. 
  • You must be able to locate and operate the emergency door and direct others expeditiously to the exit. 

In case, you are unable to fulfill these requirements after purchasing the exit seats, you must contact the sales office at least 24 hours prior to the departure time. If you notify them in this timeframe, you will be transferred to a regular seat in the economy class and the extra paid amount will be refunded.

Note: If you select these seats for travel, then you can check in for your flight at the airport counter or online. Self-service kiosk check-in is not available for these seats.


Who is not eligible to get a refund for seat selection on Fiji Airways?

The seat selection refund is based on your purchased fare conditions. You will be ineligible to get a refund of your selected seat in case:

1. You cancel a non-refundable booking or change your mind. 
2. You have bought the wrong seat by mistake. 
3. Your seat has been upgraded to the higher cabin. 
4. You breach the above-mentioned terms and conditions.

How can I select a seat on Fiji Airways if I have a disability?

If you have a disability, then the carrier will provide you with a seat that suits your needs for free. You are requested to submit your request more than 24 hours in advance for the scheduled flight. The airline will accommodate you with the best seat according to your condition and might also give you a safety assistant for travel.

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