How To Select A Breeze Airways Seat?

Breeze Airways Seat Selection 

Discover a new level of flying satisfaction with Breeze Airways seat selection. Whether you desire a window seat for panoramic views or a seat near the front for quick disembarkation, the choice is yours. Opt for spacious seating with extra legroom or choose a standard seat for a cozy experience. Customize your flight and relax knowing that your comfort is in your hands.

Breeze Airways Seat Selection Method

Below is the guide for seat selection for Breeze Airways: 

Procedure For Seat Selection 

The easiest process for seat selection is when you are booking your flight ticket. But, you can also add a seat to your existing reservation with Breeze Airways. A few steps to follow in selecting your seat after the booking are:

  • Log into the Guest account that you used to create the reservation on the Breeze app or
  • Navigate to the “My Trips” page to find your upcoming flight. 
  • Click the arrow on the right of your upcoming itinerary, then “View Flight Options.”
  • Under the Guest Actions on the right side of the screen, click Edit Guest Seats.
  • The Breeze Airways seat map will appear where you can select the seat you would like to purchase for the outbound flight. 
  • A text box will populate with any price difference. Pay the amount and confirm your seat selection with this air carrier. 

Types Of Seats On Breeze Airways

No matter where you sit, you will feel refreshed when you get to your destination with Breeze Airways. Mainly, there are three types of seats offered by this airline to select.

Breeze Ascent: Fly upfront in the spacious recliner-style seat with 39 inches of pitch. You get a generous recline, leg rest, and all the power outlets you need for our electronic devices. These seats are available on A220 flights only.

Extra Legroom: Score more space to spread out with 33 inches of legroom. And, watch your favorite TV series hands-free. 

Standard: Get to where you want to go with the most affordable seat of Breeze Airways. Keep your devices charged with USB-C power outlets equipped at every seat.

Seat Assignments

Let us know about how Breeze Airways assigns seats on its aircraft and what fare options it offers. 

Nice Fare: Reserved seating, including seats in Extra Legroom and Breeze Ascent sections, is available for purchase with Nice. If you choose not to buy a seat in advance, you will be randomly assigned one at check-in.

Nicer Bundle: A seat in the Extra Legroom section is included when you purchase this bundle.

Nicest Bundle: This premium bundle of Breeze Airways allows you to select a Breeze Ascent seat free of charge.

Group Reservations: If you are traveling with a group, the best way to guarantee that you will sit together. You should purchase and select seats on Breeze Airways in advance. 

Family Seating

Traveling with children is hard enough. But, Breeze makes it easier by offering Family seating for free. Some important points in this seat selection are:

  • In case you have booked a Nice fare and are traveling with small children ages 2-12. Then, you can choose free seats in the standard seat section designated for Family seating.
  • The seating includes free seats for two adults traveling with one child seat. When more than one child travels, family seating includes one adult per traveling child. 
  • Regular seat assignment options apply when booking with only a lap infant.
  • You can purchase Nicer or Nicest bundle options or an upgraded seat if you would prefer those over the standard seats that are included in Family seating.

Note: Family seating is subject to availability and is not guaranteed. So, it is suggested that you make a Breeze Airways seat selection at the time of booking. 

Charges For Seat Selection

The exact amount to be paid to Breeze Airways depends on the kind of seat you have chosen. It also varies on your route, fare, etc. The extra legroom seats cost much more than the standard seats of this air carrier. At the time you are selecting your seat, the amount you have to pay will appear in the payment section. 

Unfortunately, Breeze Airways does not provide support over the phone. To know more about the Breeze Airways seat selection fee. You can chat with the personnel and get detailed information by messaging at 501-273-3931. You can also connect through Facebook Messenger with Breeze Airways.


Can I purchase an extra seat on Breeze Airways?

Yes, you can purchase an extra seat during the initial booking of your flight. If you have already made a reservation and want to add an extra seat. Then, you have to cancel it and rebook with the extra seat. Standard cancellation policies apply to extra seat purchases. And the fare for unused extra seats is non-refundable.

Where can my pet sit on Breeze Airways?

If you are traveling with your pet on Breeze Airways, they can easily fit under seats in the Extra Legroom and Standard section. Pet carriers don’t fit under the Breeze Ascent seats, even if you purchase an additional seat.

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