Seat Upgrade On Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines Seat Upgrade

Treat yourself to Copa Airlines seat upgrade and celebrate a world-class travel experience. It will surely leave you rejuvenated and inspired throughout your flight. Relax and unwind with personalized service, exquisite meals, and a selection of premium beverages. The cabin crew of this Airline will cater to your whim, ensuring a seamless and indulgent journey. 

Process of Seat Upgrade on Copa Airlines

Below is the guide for seat upgrade:

Types Of Upgrade On Copa Airlines

The air carrier has a FlyUp program that gives you the benefit to enjoy amazing travel by upgrading from Economy Class to Business Class. Currently, there are three types of upgrades available on this program. 

Instant Upgrades

This Business Class Upgrade is done by paying the fixed fare and is confirmed within 24 hours. By purchasing an Instant Upgrade, your offer will not compete against other bids. 

Airport Upgrade

If your flight is available for upgrade, you may opt for it directly at the airport on the date of your flight. You just need to show up at the airport 2 hours prior to the departure time of your flight and request it. The representative will verify the availability and the amount to be paid for the given upgrade.  

Note: The airport upgrade feature is only available at the airport in Panama. 

Bid Upgrades

In this upgrade, you can make a bid stating the amount you are willing to pay. Once the trip data is completed, enter the desired amount to be paid for each leg of the trip. You can participate in the Business Class Upgrade. And your amount will be compared to the other received bids. 

Process Of Bid Upgrade On Copa Airlines

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to apply for the upgrade to business class. 

  • Firstly, go to the official website of Copa Airlines i.e. on your electronic device.
  • In the “Compliment Your Trip” section on the homepage, click on “Request an Upgrade.”
  • Enter your reservation number and last name in the given spaces.
  • Add the amount you are willing to pay and complete your credit card details. Only payments in USD are allowed, using VISA and Mastercard.
  • Review the information you have entered and submit the offer.
  • You will soon get an email confirming that the airline has received your offer.
  • After receiving the email, you will be able to modify or cancel your upgrade.

Business Class Benefits

When traveling in Business Class, you will enjoy greater comfort for a relaxed flight with exclusive benefits.

  • Take advantage of the preferential check-in line at the airport and boarding gate.
  • Receive personalized attention when using any of the services.
  • Get access to the Copa Club and VIP Lounges.
  • This premium cabin offers luxurious seating, enhanced privacy, exquisite cuisine, exclusive amenities, and personalized service.

Class Upgrades

This Copa seat upgrade facility is available if you are a member of their frequent flyer program. The name of the program is ConnectMiles. A few perks you can enjoy as a PreferMember are: 

Complimentary Upgrades: They are granted to the PreferMembers when there is availability on flights.

Upgrades with Miles: ConnectMiles allows you to use your miles to request upgrades to Business Class on flights operated by Copa Airlines.

Upgrade Certificates: These are an exclusive benefit of Platinum and Presidential members. The Connect Regional and Connect Global certificate can be used to request an upgrade after the ticket has been purchased. 

Max 9 Upgrades: Copa Airlines rewards your loyalty by flying exclusively to and from their dedicated MAX 9 routes which are mostly long-distance routes. 

Upgrade Terms And Conditions

You must adhere to the following terms and conditions under the Copa Airlines seat upgrade policy. 

  • It will apply to the purchase made by you to upgrade from the Economy class service that was originally purchased for travel to Business class. 
  • The seat upgrade facility is not available on code-share flights or flights operated by other airlines. 
  • Before your flight, this Airline will determine the space available in Business Class. And will evaluate your bid between 50 and 20 hours prior to the departure of your flight. 
  • The total price that you pay for the upgrade is inclusive of taxes and fees.
  • Each upgrade is individual and you cannot transfer it to another passenger. 
  • Instant upgrades cannot be modified since they are confirmed immediately after the purchase.
  • Your seat upgrade bid will apply only to the flight segment specified in the e-mail inviting you to choose an upgrade.
  • Upgrades for passengers who are minors may be purchased by their parents or the adult responsible for them. 
  • If you make voluntary changes to the itinerary or the flight is canceled due to weather conditions and there is no space available on the new flight. Then, the amount paid for the upgrade is non-refundable.


How does seat assignment work on Copa Airlines?

The air carrier allows you to select or make changes to your seating assignment. You can do this by accessing the My Trips tab on its website or during Web Check-in. You will be able to assign or change your seat according to availability and seat type.

What is the preferred access on Copa Airlines?

When you become a Prefered Member, depending on the purchased rate, you will be able to enjoy and access many benefits with this airline. Perks like a greater amount of hold baggage allowed, upgrades for you and your companions, preferential baggage handling, etc. on your flight journey come under preferred access.

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