Seat Upgrade On Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines Seat Upgrade

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost carrier that provides a no-frills flying experience. You can easily make a seat upgrade on Spirit Airlines from standard economy class to the Big Front Seat or exit row seats. You can surely have a relaxing journey with these upgrades.

What Is Spirit Airlines Big Front Seats?

Big Front Seats are comfy and spacious seats in front of an aircraft. If you are going on a long journey and wish to have more leg area. Then, these seats are perfect for you. You will get 36 inches in pitch and 18.5 inches in width of this airline seat size. It adds up to 6 inches of additional legroom on Big front seats than the standard Deluxe leather seats. The seat cushions include extra memory foam to enhance your comfort while traveling. 

Spirit’s Upgrade To Big Front Seats

As Spirit Airlines is a budget carrier, it charges for almost everything on its flight. You can upgrade to a Front Row Seat for a charge on the official website of Spirit Airlines. The upgrade can be done while booking or even after the booking. But do keep in mind that these seats are only based on availability. You can also check the availability at

Steps To Upgrade A Seat Online

Given below are the steps that you can follow in the process of upgrading your seat. 

  • On your electronic device, open the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Click on the “My Trips” option on the left corner of the page.
  • Then, add your credentials like your last name and confirmation code in the given box, and select Continue. You can find the code in your confirmation email.
  • Once your reservation opens, click on the booking management section. 
  • You can scroll through the “Add and Modify Seats.” 
  • By selecting the Modify option, choose a seat of your choice other than your original seat.
  • Upgrade your seat by completing further formalities. Also, beware to agree to the terms and conditions of seats.
  • Choose your preferred method of payment and pay the applicable charges.
  • After the transaction is done, you will get an email with seat upgrade confirmation on your registered email ID.

Note: If you face any hindrance while upgrading your seat. Then, you can contact the Spirit Guest Service and seek any kind of help. The phone number of Spirit Airlines guest service is (855) 728-3555.

Big Front Seats Upgrade Fee

According to its website, the Spirit seating prices are mentioned on a seat map while booking your fare. The upgrade fee for Front Row Seat could be between $12 to $250. The exact amount that will be charged can only be seen during the booking process. Only your seat will be upgraded. This fee does not include any free drinks or free checked bags. 

Unfortunately, you also cannot upgrade to the Front Big Seats by using Free Spirit Points. And as per Spirit general rule, the seat assignment or upgrade fee is nonrefundable. So, before upgrading your seat, make sure that you are going to travel on that particular date. 

Benefits Of Upgrading To Big Front Seats

There are not any amenities provided in Big Front Seats. But, it definitely has some benefits if you are traveling for a longer period of time. 

  • You get more legroom and elbow space.
  • It likely costs far less than other airlines’ business class.
  • You can fly in style without draining your savings.
  • The Spirit Airlines seat selection of Big Front Seats provides extra comfort and convenience.
  • You can save time and disembark easily from the aircraft.

Upgrade to Spacious Exit Row Seats

Exit Row seats are most likely similar to the Big Front seats. They just have less legroom in comparison. The price range also differs between the two.

You can upgrade to exit-row seats. Just pay an amount between $25 to $35 and select your preferred exit row seat. You can also purchase one of Spirits’ bundles while booking your ticket. This Airline offer two bundles: “Just For You” and “Bundle It.” 

As Spirit assign seats randomly. But with these bundles, you get the ability to select a seat as per your choice, even an exit row seat. Do remember that Big Front Seats are not included in these bundles. 


Does Spirit Airlines have First Class seats?

There are no first-class seats on this Airlines. It is a budget-friendly air carrier. So, it mostly includes only standard economy class seats.

Are seat upgrades transferable to another passenger on Spirit?

Generally, Spirit does not allow you to transfer your seat to some other passenger. Only, you are eligible to use the purchased seat upgrade.

Do all Spirit Airlines flights have seat upgrades?

Most flights of this Airline include the Big Front Seat upgrades. However, some of its smaller aircraft might not have the seat upgrade option. The availability of seat upgrades can also vary based on demand and other factors.

Can I upgrade my Spirit seat if I have a disability?

No doubt, you can upgrade your seat in any case of disability. This air carrier has 12 seats reserved for guests with disabilities. If you did not purchase the specific seat at the time of booking. Then, you can contact the airline’s staff and tell them about your preferred upgrade and needs.

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