Get A Refund From Pacific Coastal Airlines

Pacific Coastal Airlines refund policy

Pacific Coastal Airlines’ refund policy is your key to tranquility. It sets a course for worry-free travel adjustments. When the unexpected emerges, rest easy knowing that this efficient process is here for you. Count on this air carrier to put you in charge of your journey, ensuring your satisfaction remains the destination. 

How To Get A Refund On Pacific Coastal Airlines?

Mostly, you can cancel your flight ticket online but you might not be allowed for a refund there. The refund process of this airline depends on how you made the original reservation.  

You should keep in mind that only Encore Fares are eligible for a refund on this air carrier. All other Fares like Classic, Bravo, and Basic are refunded as travel credit for future flights. 

The QuickPass fares of this airline will be refunded to the QuickPass account. And only the remaining balance is transferred back after the fee for cancellation is deducted. 

Refund For A Flight Booked With Credit Card

If you have paid for your flight with a credit card and want to receive a refund. Then, you can contact the carrier directly at 1-800-663-2872. Dial this number on your smartphone and wait patiently to connect. 

Give your reservation number and name to the personnel. They will retrieve your flight information and check the amount that will be refunded. Soon, the personnel will confirm your Pacific Coastal Airlines refund request and process the amount to your credit card. 

Debit/Cash Purchased Flight Ticket Refund

A refund can be processed for a flight ticket bought with cash or debit card in an easy way. You just need to send an email to You will receive your refund in the form of a cheque. 

Construct your email with all the necessary details like reservation number, name, and mailing address. So it is easy to issue and mail the cheque appropriately. 

Note: It is necessary that you make a flight cancellation at least 2 hours before the departure to receive a refund. 

Refund Processing Time

Once your flight is canceled the carrier starts the procedure of refund. It takes time based on your ticket purchase. 

  • It can take up to 7-10 business days for a refund to your credit card. The processing time can also depend on your bank.
  • A cheque refund will be sent to you in around 21 days to your mailing address. 


Can I get a refund for a third-party booked Pacific Coastal Airlines ticket?

You can surely receive a refund if you bought your flight ticket from a travel agent or an online travel agency. But you need to contact them directly in order to process your refund. Because the carrier is unable to process refunds for such kinds of flight ticket purchases. 

What time can I call Pacific Coastal Airlines for a refund?

The call center of this carrier is not available 24/7. The operating hours are from 6:45 am to 6 pm, Sunday to Friday. And on Saturdays, you can call them between 8 am to 5 pm, Pacific Time Zone. Based on these timelines, you can connect with the representative of the carrier and go through the procedure of refund for your flight ticket. 

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