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Finnair refund policy

Embark on worry-free travel adventures with Finnair’s refund policy. Your plans may change, but the carrier’s commitment to your satisfaction remains unwavering. Seamlessly request refunds and navigate unexpected twists with ease, as it prioritizes transparency and efficiency. Travel confidently, knowing that this carrier is your partner in exploring the world. 

Terms And Conditions Of Finnair Refund Policy

There are a few key points that you should keep in mind if you wish to carry out the process of refund with this airline. 

  • The value of the refund totally depends on the type of ticket purchased. You can see the information about the ticket type in your flight reservation confirmation email. 
  • The Flex fares in any cabin class are refundable. The other fares like Superlight, Light, and Classic are non-refundable.
  • The carrier will refund you the full amount of your ticket if there is a flight delay of 5 or more hours. 
  • Canceling a flight ticket within 24 hours of its purchase and there are at least 7 days for your flight to depart, you are bound to get a refund without paying any charges for it. 
  • Be aware that your personal data is processed for the purpose of handling your Finnair refund request. So, only share the information that is mandatory. 

Procedure Regarding Refund With Finnair

You can easily request a refund by canceling your flight ticket with this carrier. You can complete this process either online or via the offline method. Below are the details about the different refund procedures. 

Refund Via Online Platform

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to obtain a refund for your flight from the online platform. 

  • Visit the official website of the airline by typing on your favorite search engine. 
  • Select the “Manage” tab displayed at the header of the homepage. 
  • Enter your booking reference along with your late in the specified fields. 
  • Once your flight information is retrieved, follow the prompts to cancel your flight ticket. 
  • After the flight cancellation, the Finnair refund form will appear which you can fill out accordingly.  
  • Your refund amount will be calculated and it will be processed shortly. 
  • The carrier will also send you an email regarding your flight cancellation and refund. 

Note: In case you have multiple bookings and want to get a refund for them. Then, you need to submit a separate form for each booking. 

Offline Refund Process

You can contact the customer service of the carrier and get a refund for your flight. Dial the numbers +1 929 474 6049 and +1 323 694 7646 to connect with one of the representatives. 

Once your call is connected, provide them with your booking details. They will review your information and cancel your flight first. 

Your refund process will begin and the amount will be sent back to your payment method. In case you want to get a refund for your partially used ticket, then the Finnair refund fee of $75 will be charged. 

Refund Of Cancellation Cover

The cancellation cover product offers you a full refund based on your medical reasons. You can apply for a refund if you have bought this feature by following the given steps.

  • Firstly, cancel your flight before its scheduled departure via the “Manage Booking” tab on the website. 
  • After adding the details in the specified fields, attach a copy of the medical certificate. 
  • If you are canceling the flight because of the death of your family member, then you need to attach the official certificate or some other relevant document. 
  • Your medical information will be handled with utmost care by the airline. 
  • The refund for your flight ticket will be processed by the airline within a short interval. 
  • Each and every piece of information will be destroyed once the refund process has ended. 

Note: You can request a refund for sickness or accidental cases within 3 months from the original departure date. And within 6 months from the date of departure in case of death.  


How much time does Finnair take to process the refund?

The average time that this carrier generally takes to process your refund request is around 7 business days. You will receive an email once your request is received as well as after your refund request is handled. The carrier advises you to send the request only once because your refund might be delayed due to duplicate requests. You can also contact your bank or credit card company in case the refund amount is not reflected in your account even after the handling of your request.

Can I check the status of my refund request on Finnair?

You can surely check your refund request status once you have submitted the form to the carrier. You can simply add your booking reference and your family name on this page Refund Status and click on the “Check Refund Status” button. You can access the status of your refund request for a month.  

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