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Delta Airlines Refund Policy

Elevate your travel trust with Delta Airlines’ refund policy. You can roam all around the world with peace of mind as this airline has always got your back. Consider this policy as your safety net because you will be offered seamless and reliable refunds on eligible bookings. So, just embrace flexibility and worry-free journeys with Delta and don’t let unexpected changes hold you from traveling.

Delta Airlines Refund Policy Details

Below is the guide to getting a refund with this air carrier:

Process Of Refund With Delta Airlines

You are entitled to receive a refund when you bought a refundable flight ticket most of the time. In some very rare cases, there is a possibility of a refund for non-refundable tickets. 

Online Refund Procedure

Lets us tell you how you can get a refund from this airline.

  • Open your preferred browser and type to land on the official website of the carrier. 
  • Locate the “My Trips” tab on the homepage of the carrier. 
  • Next, you have to choose the way in which you want to retrieve your flight booking. You can either select a confirmation number, credit/debit card number, or ticket number to add to the given boxes. 
  • Fill in your last name in the next box and click on the arrow shown ahead. 
  • If you have multiple flights, select the one you want to cancel and receive a refund. 
  • Click on the “Start Flight Cancellation” option and add all the necessary details to complete the process. 
  • Now, you need to fill out the Delta Airlines refund form to start your request. 
  • The details you have to fill in the form would be contact, ticket, and flight information. 
  • After these details, select the reason for the request from flight delay, flight cancellation, and service downgrade options.  
  • Next, give a brief description of your request in the space, click on the terms and conditions box, and hit on the “Submit” button at last. 
  • The airline will verify the eligibility of your flight ticket and begin the refund process shortly. 

Refunds Through Phone Number

The air carrier allows you to request a refund by calling its Reservations Sales office. Dial the number +1 800-221-1212 on your mobile device. You might be eligible to make a request for your electronic ticket too. 

Once you have dialed this number, follow the IVR prompts and press the key that will connect you with the personnel. You must give your travel details to the representative so they can check whether your ticket is qualified for a refund or not. 

If it is, the personnel will carry out the procedure for a refund. They will also tell you when you are going to receive the refund amount.

Note: You can also submit a refund request at Delta ticketing location or to your travel agent.

Important Information Regarding Delta Airlines Refunds

There are many key points that you should keep in mind under the Delta Airlines refund policy. For your benefit, check out the detailed information about it below. 

Involuntary Refunds

Involuntary refunds are the ones that you get because of carriers’ operating failures. You will receive the whole amount you paid for the fare for unused tickets.

If you used a portion of your ticket and a disruption occurs afterward, then; 

  • An amount equal to your unused fare from the point of disruption to the next stopover or destination will be refunded. But, if you accept an alternate transit mode provided by the delta, then no refund will be given. 
  • The value of the refund can be equal to the percentage of unflown mileage to the fare component total mileage by dividing the fare paid. The carrier will calculate them and refund you the remaining value. 

Voluntary Refunds 

Delta Airlines’ refund request that you make yourself is known as a voluntary refund. They are categorized into two types. 

Non-refundable Tickets

The tickets issued by the airline are mostly non-refundable. So, it means you will not receive a refund for any non-refundable fare. And this carrier also does not refund taxes, fees, or charges that you paid for the non-refundable ticket. There is a possibility that you might receive an unused portion of your fare as future travel credits. 

A non-refundable fare will only be refunded in case of the death of a passenger to their assets. It will be granted upon request made to the airline. 

Fully Refundable Tickets

These are the tickets that you purchase initially as a fully refundable fare. You just need to submit a request and the carrier will issue a refund. If a request is not submitted, then there is no value of this ticket and you will not get a single penny back. 

  • For your unused flight ticket, you will receive a refund of the total fare, taxes, and fees that you paid. 
  • The partially used tickets will be refunded as per the total fare paid minus the used portion of your ticket. 

Form Of Refund

The airline provides refunds on eligible tickets in the same form as booked them. 

  • If you purchased your flight ticket with a credit card. Then, the carrier will process your request and refund the amount to your credit card. Within seven business days from your initial request, you will get your money back.  
  • The refund to your credit card timing can vary based on your bank’s country. So, it can take up to 2 billing cycles for the refund to reflect in your account. 
  • A ticket purchased via cash will be refunded to you in the form of a check. It will be sent to you within 20 business days including your name as per the ticket. 
  • In case a ticket is charged under a universal air travel plan. Then, it will be refunded to the subscriber’s account. 
  • A ticket that you bought with any other payment mode, will be refunded to you in the same form. 


Can I get a refund from Delta Airlines for extra-bought products?

Delta Airlines permits you to request a refund for some of the amenities that you bought in addition to your basic fare. They are:

1. A purchased seat 
2. Priority boarding
3. Mileage booster

You can receive a refund for these items by filling out the form at the official website of the carrier.

Is a refund of Delta Vacations possible?

Delta Vacations is the package deal that you purchase for your journey. You will receive a refund for only the amount that you paid in excess of the required deposit amount. Other than that, the air carrier will provide you with a Delta Vacation travel certificate. This is a voucher that you can use on future travel. You can check out the website or call the reservation department to gain more knowledge about this topic

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