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Air Tahiti Nui Refund Policy

Take off on a voyage with Air Tahiti Nui, where your journey takes centre stage. Life’s course can shift unexpectedly, prompting change. But don’t worry, Air Tahiti Nui Refund Policy embraces these shifts, offering a smooth process that mirrors the calm lapping of Tahitian waves. Whether plans alter or wanderlust points elsewhere, the airline can assist you. Explore the art of stress-free refunds, ensuring your travel desires remain unhindered.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Air Tahiti Nui Refund Policy?

The refund policy can undoubtedly be the most helpful when claiming a refund for a flight. But there are still certain things that the passenger are expected to take care of. So before moving ahead with the airline’s refund policy, look at the terms and conditions below.  

  1. Tickets are non-transferable. So, if someone other than the original ticket holder travels or receives a refund using the ticket:
    • The carrier is not liable to the entitled person.
    • The carrier is protected if it provides carriage or a refund in good faith.
  1. If the fare has been used or refunded by a person not entitled to it, then the air carrier doesn’t hold any responsibility to the entitled person.
  2. The airline will provide a refund if the elected seat of the passenger is downgraded. The airline initiated the refund for the difference in both fares.
  3.  Sometimes, due to unavoidable reasons, the airline isn’t able to operate. In this scenario, the airline provides a full refund for the airfare bought by the passenger for their journey.
  4. Similarly, in case of a delayed or cancelled flight by the airline, the airline provides an alternative flight booking. However, they can ask for a full refund if the alternate flight doesn’t suit the passenger.
  5. Another way to seek a full refund from the airline is by cancelling the airfare within 24 hours of booking. Irrespective of the fare type, the airline provides a full refund to the passenger for the flights cancelled within 24 hours of booking.

Types of Refund provided by Air Tahiti Nui 

There can be several reasons for the passenger to claim a refund from the airline. It can be flight cancellation by the airline or the passenger, compensation for a delayed flight or many others. You can look at the different types of refunds the airline provides to the passenger. 

Involuntary Refunds 

Considering the Air Tahiti Nui refund policy, passengers can expect a full refund for the airfare if they don’t complete their journey because of the airline’s fault.

In case the passenger has used some portion of the ticket, then:

  1. The airline provides a refund along with the taxes.
  2. A refund will be provided for the cost of a one-way ticket (excluding any discounts and fees) from where the flight was interrupted to your destination or the next stop on your journey
  3. The fare difference between the fare you paid and the fare for the parts of the trip you used will be provided.

Voluntary Refunds 

The voluntary refunds provided by the airline depending on the terms and conditions of the airfare bought by the passenger.

In case the passenger has not utilised any portion of the airfare, then:

  1. Refund equals fare, and charges will be paid. However, the airline will deduct any service charges or cancellation fees per Carrier’s rules.

Refunds refused by the Airline 

There are certain conditions when the airline can refuse to provide any refund to the airline. 

  1. The airline won’t initiate any refund if the passenger claim for it after the validity of the ticket expires. 
  2. In case of denied boarding, the airline won’t initiate any refund.
  3. A refund will not be initiated for any currency that differs from the currency passenger used to pay for the airfare.
  4. Refunds are not initiated for the non-refundable fares (except for cancellation within the risk-free window). 

Refunds for connecting flights 

If your original connecting airline ticket doesn’t meet these conditions, the airline can refuse a refund for date changes, cancellation fees, or new ticket purchases:

  1. It wasn’t bought and documented as part of a single “through fare” on one ticket with one fare.
  2. It’s not shown in the same Passenger name record (PNR) as the airline’s flight.
  3. It wasn’t booked as a continuous reservation.

Steps to Claim Refund from Air Tahiti Nui 

In case you are looking for the steps to claim a refund from the airline, then refer to the methods provided below for Air Tahiti Nui refund request:

Claim Refund Online 

  1. Start by visiting the online website of the airline. 
  2. You can fill out the Air Tahiti Nui Refund form on the airline’s website.
  3. Specify the nature of the request by selecting “Refund” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Fill in all the required details to proceed with the refund request.
  5. The airline will initiate the refund after checking all the related terms and conditions of the airfare.

Claim Refund Offline 

  1. If you feel the process to claim a refund from the online portal is time taking and confusing, you can call the airline’s customer care department.
  2. You can contact the airline at 1 (877) 824-4846.
  3. Once connected with the agent, clearly explain about the reason for claiming a refund for the bookings made.
  4. By checking your eligibility and the terms and conditions of the fare, the agent will confirm the refund.
  5. After getting confirmation, the refund may take several business days to get credited back to your account.


Can I get a refund from Air Tahiti Nui after the flight’s departure?

No, the airline won’t initiate any refund after the flight’s departure. Moreover, if you miss the flight, the whole ticket value will be forfeited, considering you a “no-show.”

Does Air Tahiti Nui offer compensation for a 2-hour flight delay?

Yes, the airline refunds delayed flights for 2 or more hours. You can contact the customer care executive to seek compensation from the airline.

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