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Air Canada refund policy

Empower your every mile with the Air Canada refund policy. Because, unexpected detours should not define your journey. Explore the reliability of this policy which provides solutions that adapt to your changing needs. From booking to boarding, this carrier is committed to ensuring your travel experience is as seamless as it is satisfying. 

Refund Procedures With Air Canada

The carrier advises you to request a refund with the point you bought your ticket. Because the airline is unable to access the booking system of every flight ticket provider. There are different ways to get a refund for your ticket booked directly with this carrier. 

Refund Via The Online Platform

You can get your refund by canceling your flight online if you:

  • Have an Aeroplan flight award booking.
  • Wish to cancel your entire booking.
  • Are canceling your flight at least two hours prior to the scheduled departure.  

Have a look at the steps below that you can go through in order to get a refund for your flight ticket. 

  • Open the official website of the carrier on your favorite browser by typing
  • On the homepage, select the “My Bookings” tab. Here you need to enter your booking reference/Ticket number along with your last name and click on the “Find” button. 
  • Your flight information will be retrieved on a new page. Select the “Cancel Flight” option and confirm it. 
  • The Air Canada refund form will appear on your screen. Fill in the necessary details, verify them, and click on the “Submit” button. 
  • Your refund process will be initiated by the system in a short interval. 
  • You will receive an email from the carrier regarding your canceled flight and the refund details. 

Refund Through The Reservation Center

The airline allows you to get a refund for one or more flight segments by canceling the ticket partially. This can be done by calling the Air Canada Reservations. The number you can dial on your smartphone to connect with one of the personnel is 1-888-247-2262. 

Follow the IVR prompts and press the number key that will get you in touch with the representative. Provide them with your flight details and ask them to cancel your flight. They will first verify your given information and cancel the flight on your behalf. The process of refund will begin and you will soon get its details. 

Rules And Regulations For Refund On Air Canada

The carrier abides by some rules that you should keep in mind if you wish to receive a refund for your flight ticket. 

  • The amount of refund you will receive will be based on the type of fare you purchased initially. 
  • If you bought a fully refundable ticket, then the refund process will commence automatically once you cancel your flight. 
  • The Air Canada refund request can take between 6 to 8 weeks to be processed. 
  • Canceling your flight online within 24 hours of its purchase will also provide you with a full refund. 
  • If you have bought a Basic Fare, then you will not get any refund or future travel credits. 
  • Standard and Flex Fares provide you with no refunds but you might get the value of your ticket as future travel credits.
  • The Comfort and Latitude Fares will guarantee you a refund for your canceled flight. 
  • While the Premium Economy and Business Class Flexible fares are refundable, the lowest fares in these do not provide you with a refund. 

Retaining The Future Travel Credits Refund

You can use the credit value of your unused ticket for a future flight by contacting the reservation department. Just keep your booking reference ready and call the carrier. There are a few points you should be aware of when you want to use this refund. 

  • In case there is any change fee related to your original ticket, then it will be waived. 
  • You can use this value and travel in the future on Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, or Air Canada Express flights. 
  • Seat selection, lounge access, and snack/meal vouchers are non-refundable. But if you haven’t used them and there is availability of these options, then you may be able to use them on future flights. 
  • You must commence your future travel within 12 months of the original ticket date. 
  • This refunded ticket value is non-transferable. So only you can use the amount to travel in future. 
  • Any amount will be forfeited which is left after you have booked a new flight with the credits.


Can I check the status of my refund on Air Canada?

Yes, you can surely check your requested refund status at any time. You can click on this link Refund Status and enter your claim ID along with the confirmation number. Confirm that you are not a robot by adding the given characters on your screen. When you click on the “Search” button, you will be able to see your refund status.  

Will I get a refund of taxes, fees, or extra charges on Air Canada?

The refund of some taxes, fees, and additional charges associated with your flight ticket depends on the following:
1. Your original purchased ticket type and whether it was used wholly or partially.
2. The country’s regulations where you purchased the ticket for your flight and the country you are departing from.  
To ensure whether you will receive a refund of these charges or not, you can visit the official website of the airline. 

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