Manual Guide to Connect With American Airlines Customer Support

American Airlines customer service

Are you gearing up for a journey with American Airlines and need to reach out for inquiries, reservations, or support? Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a first-time traveler, knowing how to contact an American Airlines customer service agent is vital for a stress-free travel experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve got you covered with all the essential details and tips on connecting with American Airlines, ensuring you get the assistance you need promptly and efficiently.

American Airlines offers several contact channels to cater to your specific needs. From booking your flights and managing existing reservations to addressing travel concerns or seeking assistance during your journey, the airline’s customer support team is just a call or click away.

Explore the convenience of their 24/7 customer service hotline, or utilize their user-friendly website and mobile app for self-service options to streamline your travel plans. This guide will walk you through each contact method, providing insights into when and how to use them effectively. Let’s make your American Airlines experience as smooth as possible by connecting you with the support you require.

How Can I Connect With the American Airlines Customer Care Department? 

Connecting with the airline is quite easy but confusing simultaneously. But no worries, just check out the information written below and obtain all the knowledge about the different modes and steps that you can use to talk to someone at American Airlines. 

Phone Call 

If you are in the United States and have any queries, then you must call 1 (800) 433 7300. This number can be used for all American Airlines flight related complaints, queries, or requests. Whether you have baggage queries, want to make a flight reservation, make changes to the flight, request special assistance, or request a refund for the cancelled flight. 

Phone Numbers for Different Places and languages 

If you live outside the United States then you can call on the below-given numbers based on your region and preferred languages; 

For Different Languages

  • English: 800 433 7300
  • Spanish: 800 633 3711
  • French: 800 756 8613
  • Portuguese: 866 824 8717
  • Japanese: 800 237 0027
  • Mandarin Chinese: 800 492 8095
  • Hearing & speech impaired: In this case, you should dial 711 to get connected with the National Relay Service 

Note: For all languages, you can call the airline anytime 24*7. However, for the French language, the customer care line will be available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and for Portuguese, the calling timing is between 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

For Different Places


  • Morocco: 0520 001 375
  • South Africa: 011 844 6067

Asia/ South Pacific

  • Australia: 02 9101 1948
  • China: 400 818 7333
  • Hong Kong: 3057 9197
  • India: 0124 601 4200 or 0124 417 6700
  • Indonesia: +65 634 98444


  • Austria: 01 360 277 3960
  • Belgium: 070 300 300 (0.15 EUR / minute from landlines)
  • France: 0821 980 999 (Service 0,12 EUR / min + call charge)
  • Germany: 069 5899 6485
  • Greece: 21 1181 3884
  • Italy: 02 3859 1485

Live Chat 

You can also use the live chat option offered by the airline to get an instant response/solution to your queries. To proceed with the live chat you will have to follow the steps mentioned below; 

  • Open the browser. 
  • Type American Airlines live chat. 
  • Then click on the search button. 
  • After that, on the above section of the page, you will be able to see a live chat option available. 
  • Click on that and your live chat session will be started. 
  • Then you can start asking your queries. 
  • Once you are satisfied with the answers, you can end up the session there. 
  • And you can do the multiple times. This facility is available for 24*7. 

Note: This option can be useful for asking queries only. You cannot put your complaints, compliments, or requests. 

Social Media Links 

You can get connected with the airline through the official social media links below; 

Email Id

To get answers to your queries, complaints, requests, or compliments, you can write a mail to the official mail ID of this airline. Simply, just go to the airline contact page and then follow the below-given steps for a successful completion; 

1. Go to the American Airlines Customer Relations contact page.

2. Under Contact Customer Relations, select Send us an email.

3. Fill in the required information:

  • Topic: Select the topic of your email from the dropdown menu. This will help American Airlines route your email to the appropriate department.
  • Subject: Enter a brief and descriptive subject line for your email. This will help American Airlines understand the content of your email quickly.
  • Message: Enter your query, complaint, request, or compliment in the message field. Be clear and concise, and provide all relevant information.
  • Your contact information: Enter your name, email address, and phone number so that American Airlines can contact you if needed.

4. Click on the send button and you are done.

Note: Do not forget to do follow-up, if the airline fails to revert back within the given timeframe. 

Send Your Letter 

You can also send your concerned mail to the airline on the address below;

American Airlines

Attention: Passenger Refunds

4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd.

Phoenix, AZ 85034

Fax Your Query 

Speak to the customer care department representative of this airline by sending your tax to; 

  • For the United States of America 800 892 3447 
  • For all the International Places 480 693 2759


Can I connect with the American Airlines live agent through its mobile app?

Yes, you can connect with an American live agent through its mobile app. Just open the American Airlines mobile app and log in to your account. Then tap the Menu icon in the top left corner of the screen. After that, tap Contact Us. Tap Live Chat. once the option is available, enter your name and AAdvantage number (optional). Then Tap Start Chat and ask your issue.

Who to contact for lost baggage during American Airlines boarding?

 If you lose your baggage at the airport during boarding for an American Airlines flight, you should contact the American Airlines Baggage Service Office at the airport where you lost your bag. To find the location of the Baggage Service Office, you can ask an American Airlines employee or check the airport’s website.

For American flight inquiries in Singapore, what’s the contact number?

The American customer service number in Singapore is 6349 8444. You can call this number to clear your queries regarding American flights. For instance, Flight reservations, ticket changes, flight status, baggage, and other customer service issues. The customer service line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, you can contact them anytime.

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