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Porter Airlines Seat Selection

Dive into the power of choice with Porter Airlines seat selection. Customize your flight by selecting the perfect seat that aligns with your desires. With this feature, you are in charge of your flying experience. From window seats for captivating views to aisle seats for easy access, find your ideal spot on the aircraft.

Porter Airlines Seat Selection Approach

Below is the guide for seat selection for Porter:

Seating Options With Porter Airlines

This Airline offer three seating options for your convenience. You can choose a seat accordingly. And good news! There is no middle seat, just an aisle or window on board this air carrier. 

PorterClassic Seat: These seats are in the main cabin of the airplane. It is up to you to select a window or aisle seat and choose the view you want. 

PorterClassic Stretch Seat: Sit back, relax, and stretch out with the extra legroom on these seats. Be aware that these seats are only available on E195-E2 aircraft.

PorterReserve Seat: Experience the difference with ample leg space while you enjoy a free healthy meal, snacks, and premium beverages on these seats. 

Seat Selection Procedure

Selecting your seat at the time of ticket purchase is no doubt the best option. But, if you have not made a seat choice while booking initially. Then, do not worry as you can do this process anytime before check-in on the website of Porter Airlines.

Follow the steps mentioned below to select seats after your flight booking. 

  • Type on your favorite search engine and land on the official website of this airline.
  • Select the last option titled “My Bookings” on the homepage.
  • Enter your confirmation number along with your last name and click on the View Itinerary button.
  • Now, your booking details will appear on the screen with a seat selection tab.
  • Choose your favorite seat and also determine your budget. 
  • To finalize your seat selection, pay the required amount. 
  • You will soon receive an email from Porter Airlines with your new booking details. It will also include the selected seat information. 

Note: In case you face any problem while making a seat selection. Feel free to contact Porter Airlines customer service at +1 (888) 619-8622. 

Price For Seat Selection

Whether seat selection is free or comes with a fee depends on the type of fare you purchase and your VIPorter Status. 

The Porter Airlines seat selection fee is charged per passenger per flight segment and is inclusive of taxes. Flight segments are identified by a change in flight number; each flight number represents one flight segment. The fees applied to flights operated by Porter Airlines are non-refundable.  

Porter has four fare types to purchase from for its three-seat categories. These fares determine the amount you need to pay for your seat selection.

Seat TypeBasicStandardFlexibleFreedom
PorterClassic SeatFrom $12From $12FreeFree
PorterClassic Stretch SeatFrom $25From $25From $15Free

PorterReserve seats are included with Ultimate and Navigate Fares. They are located at the very front of the plane and do not cost a single penny for selection. 


You can save some money when you bundle two or more services together like seats and baggage. Bundles are offered at a discount and can be added at the time of booking or within 24 hours of your flight when checking in online at Bundle inclusions and prices may vary based on the fare type, bundle type, and the route they are purchased for. The fee if you purchase a bundle (Classic and Classic Stretch seat), is given in the table below. 

Starter PakFrom $39From $39From $39
Plus PakFrom $60From $65From $70

Note: PorterReserve fares are all-inclusive, thus eliminating the need for bundles. 

Assigned Seating

If you choose not to purchase a seat in advance. Then, you will be assigned a seat by the system at no cost when you check in for your flight, whether online or at the airport. 

When you check in online, you will be able to view your assigned seats on the Porter Airlines seat map if you want to. Seat assignments cannot be changed at the airport or once a boarding pass has been printed. 

If you are a VIPorter member, you can select your seat preference through your account. This Airline will attempt to accommodate your preferences when automatically assigning seats. 

Disability Assistance Accommodation

There is no charge for selecting your seat if you have a specific seating requirement because of a mental condition or physical disability. Make sure to reserve your seat at least 48 hours in advance of travel. You can select your seat by connecting with a representative of Porter Airlines at +1 (888) 619-8622. And also advise the nature of your disability and the assistance required. 

If you do not select your seats in advance, This Airline will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your request.


Can I select a seat if I am flying with a partner Airline of Porter?

Seat selection is currently unavailable on partner airlines of Porter. Hence, you cannot choose your favorite seat. It is suggested that you contact the partner airline directly and indicate your seating preferences or choose your seat.

Does Porter offer seats with power outlets and Wifi?

In-seat power outlets and onboard Wi-Fi is available on Porter Airlines’ Embraer E195-E2 aircraft. The Dash 8-400 aircraft of Porter are not equipped with these amenities.

How can I pay for my Online Seat Selection with Porter?

Once you are done with your Porter Airlines seat selection, you can pay via

1. Credit Card (Amex, Mastercard, VISA, or UATP).
2. Porter Travel credit
3. Porter Gift Certificate

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