How To Choose My Air France Seat?

Air France Seat Selection 

Choosing the right seat on an airplane can significantly impact your travel experience. Air France understands the importance of passenger comfort and offers a seamless seat selection process. Whether you prefer an aisle seat, a window seat, or extra legroom, Air France provides various options to cater to your preferences.

This article will guide you through the different classes available on Air France and the process of selecting seats in them. Along with that you also get to learn the associated fees and the relevant policies about Air France seat selection.

Air France Seat Selection Guide

Below is the guide for seat selection for Air France:

Classes Of Travel Available In Air France

Air France offers different classes to suit the diverse needs and preferences of its passengers. Here are the classes available on Air France-

Economy Class

Economy Class is the most affordable option for passengers looking for a comfortable journey at a reasonable price. The seats in Economy Class provide adequate legroom and are designed to ensure a pleasant flight experience. Passengers in this class enjoy complimentary meals and beverages, as well as access to in-flight entertainment.

Premium Economy Class

Premium Economy Class offers enhanced comfort and additional services compared to Economy Class. Passengers in this class enjoy more spacious seats with extra legroom, allowing for a more relaxed journey. Premium Economy Class passengers also receive priority boarding, a dedicated cabin crew, and an enhanced dining experience.

Business Class

Business Class provides a luxurious and premium travel experience. Passengers in this class enjoy fully flat seats or angled lie-flat seats that offer optimum comfort for long-haul flights. Business Class passengers have access to exclusive lounges, priority check-in, fine dining options, and a wide range of entertainment choices.

La Première

The ultimate class of travel on Air France, La Première allows you to enjoy the lavishness of the best services. With almost all the services personalized to your needs, this class of travel caters to high-end customers. With Chauffeur service on the ground, a premium lounge at the airport to the best services on board, this class will offer you everything at its best.

Process of Selecting Seats in Air France

The seat selection of Air France is a simple and easy process thanks to the improvements via the airlines over time. Now you have various methods via which you can select your desired seats in no time. 

During Booking

Selecting your seats during booking can leave you at peace afterward. Sometimes this can cost you much less than selecting them at a later time. Here are the steps that you should follow to select your seats during booking- 

  • Visit the official website of Air France or use the mobile app.
  • Enter your travel details, including the departure and destination airports, travel dates, and the number of passengers.
  • Select your preferred class of travel (Economy, Premium Economy, or Business Class).
  • During the booking process, you will have the option to select your seats. A seating plan will be displayed, allowing you to choose the seat that best suits your preferences. You can select seats with extra legroom, seats near the window or aisle, or seats closer to the front of the cabin, subject to availability.

After Booking

If you have already made your booking and wish to select or change your seat afterward, you can still make an Air France seat selection. Here are the steps that will help you do so easily-

  • Get to the “Manage My Booking” section on the Air France website or mobile app.
  • Enter your booking reference or e-ticket number and your last name to access your booking.
  • Once you access your booking, you will have the option to view and modify your seat selection. You can choose from the available seats and make changes according to your preferences.

Charges For Selecting Air France Seats

Air France offers seat selection options to enhance passenger comfort, and certain seats may involve additional fees. The fees for seat selection may vary depending on the seat type, class of travel, destination, and fare selection.

Usually, the Air France seat selection fees charged by the airline are €70 to €90 per flight. However, this is totally dependent on the flight duration and the length of the flight. You will be able to select your desired seats if you are eligible to make selections.  

Governing Policies of Air France Seat Selection

To maintain a smooth flow of seat selection, Air France has devised several policies. These policies govern all the activities related to seat selection and ensure an easy seat selection-

Complimentary Seat Selection

Air France offers complimentary seat selection for certain passengers. Flying Blue Silver, Gold, and Platinum members, with their travel companions, are eligible for complimentary seat selection. Also, passengers with reduced mobility and children traveling alone can enjoy the same. Passengers traveling on a Flex fare ticket can also get a complimentary seat selection.

Availability of Free Seat Selection

With a Standard fare ticket from France or the Netherlands to the US, Canada, Mexico, or between France and Papeete can make free seat selection. It is also available on routes from the Netherlands to the US, Canada, or Mexico, and from the US, Canada, or Mexico to Europe. Please note that availability is subject to specific conditions.

Seat Options for Extra Comfort

Air France offers additional seat options for passengers who want to enhance their comfort during the flight. These options include seats with extra legroom, Duo seats in a row of two for more privacy, and seats located near the exits for quicker disembarkation. Passengers can choose these seat options for an additional fee to enjoy an upgraded travel experience.


What if I do not buy an advanced seat selection on Air France?

A standard seat in the Economy cabin, a Premium seat in the Premium Economy cabin, and a Business seat in the Business cabin are always free during booking. So even if you decide not to buy an advanced seat selection, you will be assigned a seat at check-in.

What are the seat types I can upgrade myself to in Air France?

Air France offers various seat upgrade options like- Extra legroom seats, Duo Seats, and Front Section Seats. These seats are according to your preferences, else you can still stick to the standard seat as well.

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