How To Choose An Air New Zealand Seat?

Air New Zealand Seat Selection

Whether it’s a business trip or a family trip this airline can be your ideal travel partner. From finding a quiet and spacious place to having all group members seated alongside each other with this airline, you can get the perfect seating you desire for. By using the Air New Zealand seat selection process you can be the captain of your seat. The seat selection process of this airline sets it apart from all the other airlines in the aviation industry. 

Terms and Conditions of Air New Zealand Seat Selection 

Along with the seat selection process, the airline has released some key pointers: the terms and conditions that passengers need to follow. Having looked at these terms and conditions can be helpful for the passenger to proceed with seat selection without having any last-moment surprises.

  • The airline allows you seat selection at the time of booking or even before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • While selecting seats before the departure of the flight ensure the timelines. You can select a seat 3 hours prior to the departure of the international flight and for domestic flights 30 minutes before the departure.
  • If you choose Airpoints dollars as the mode of payment for seat selection then you have to select a seat at the time of booking.
  • Passengers holding Business class and works deluxe
  • Bookings are entitled to a complimentary seat selection.
  • For the flights operating from/to Perth or Tahiti, the airline doesn’t permit the options like seat and seat+bag fares. 
  • The flights operating from/to Honolulu or Bali previously booked include all the options from the seats to suits. 
  • Interestingly some economy value fares come with complimentary seat selection.
  • All the seat selection on Air New Zealand is subject to the availability of seats.

Steps to select selection on Air New Zealand

From the time of booking till the departure of the scheduled flight, the airline permits a seat selection to the passengers. There are several channels provided by the airline to select seats. You can choose any of the below-mentioned channels and adhere to the steps mentioned along with them.

Seat Selection During Booking 

To select a seat at the time of booking follow these steps:

  1. Start by making a reservation with the airline.
  2. Once you complete filling in all your traveling and personal details, continue the panel.
  3. Search for the “Select Seat” option on the page.
  4. Choose the flight with your seat preference. In case you are not able to find the preferred seat you can also use the Air New Zealand seat upgrade process to enjoy your favourable spot. 

Seat Selection After Booking 

  1. Get access to the official website of the airline.
  2. Click on the “Manage Trips” option.
  3. Retrieve your booking by filling in all the credentials.
  4. Select the flight you want to select a seat for and then click on “Select Seat.”
  5. Look at the Air New Zealand seat map and choose your preferred seat.
  6. Make the payment for seat selection to confirm the booking of the seat.

Seat Selection on a Phone Call

  1. Make a phone call to the airline’s reservation number or customer care department 0800 737 000.
  2. Get connected with the agent of the airline and enquire about the availability of seats.
  3. Share your seat preference with the agent and ask about the charges.
  4. If the agent confirms the availability, make the payment to hold the seat.
  5. Once the payment is done the seat will be assigned to you for your journey.

Note: The airline will apply service charges if you opt to select a seat by getting in touch with the agent of the airline.

Types of seats offered by the airline 

Below is a brief about the types of seats offered by the airline. You can choose the one that suits you the best.

Standard Seats 

  • The standard seat is included in the fare of members flying on the works or works deluxe fare and having Elite, Gold, Elite Partner, or Koru. Additionally Standard seats are added to the fare for the Tasman or Islands, or a New Zealand domestic flexichange  or flexifund fare.
  • All long-haul international flights operated by the airline include a standard seat. However, the airline even allows the passenger to purchase a standard seat in advance using the paid seat selection.
  • To access standard seats on long-haul journeys you don’t have to pay any charges. But the seats can be only assigned if available. 

Preferred Seat 

Passengers can have a preferred seat in the preferred location on the flight. These seats may also have the availability of extra legroom.

Exit Row Seat 

  • Are you willing to have the extra space that is enough to stretch out? Go for the Exit Row seats in the aircraft!
  • Passengers choosing exit row seats should be active enough to take actions like activating the emergency exit door in emergency cases. Per the Civil Aviation Authority exit row seats can be booked by passengers who are
  1. Older than 15 years of age 
  2. Proficient in English Language
  3. Able and willing to assist 

Bassinet Row Seats 

  • Bassinet Row Seats are paid bassinet seating options for parents who are traveling with their infant.
  • The weight limit for infants in this type of seat is 26lb.
  • The design of this seating type is friendly for 8 months old or below than that.
  • The bassinet row seats are subject to availability. So to increase the probability of securing a seat it is advisable to book it at the time of booking.
  • The seats in the bassine have dimensions of 29 inches (73.66 cm) long x 13.5 inches (34.29 cm) wide

Charges for Seat Selection 

You can refer to the table below for the Air New Zealand seat selection fees 

Flight typeClassStandardfrom pricePreferredfrom priceExit Rowfrom priceBassinet Rowfrom price
New Zealand domesticseat and seat+bag$5$10$10Not available
Tasman & Pacific Islands (except Perth & Tahiti)economyComplimentary$10$20$10
Perth & TahitieconomyComplimentary$20$30$20
Long haul internationaleconomy Sweet Deals and Value Fares$20$50$105$25
Long haul internationaleconomy – Flexible FaresComplimentary$50$105$25
Long haul internationalpremiumeconomyComplimentary$50Not available$25

Additional Information for the Air New Zealand Seat Selection 

  • The airline provides free standard seating depending on the type of fare or to the passenger eligible for  Airpoints™ status.
  • Premium Seating can be used by members who have Elite, Gold, Elite Partner, or Koru Members.
  • Airpoints™ members and other passengers have the choice of either purchasing Preferred Seats or accessing them for free within 48 hours of their flight. However, it depends on the availability of the passenger.


Can I submit a OneUp™ offer after purchasing an Air New Zealand seat selection?

If your OneUp™ offer is successful, your seat select charges won’t be refunded, but they will be included in the value of your upgrade. Additionally, you’ll enjoy seat selection in your new cabin area.

Can I change my seat booking to a new seat in Space+ with Air New Zealand?

Yes, you can change your seat booking to Space+. However, this change is subject to the availability of seats. If there are no seats, then you won’t be able to change your seat booking.

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