How To Choose A LOT Polish Airlines Seat?

LOT Polish Airlines Seat Selection

Unlock a world of comfort and customize your travel experience with LOT Polish Airlines seat selection. Enjoy spacious seating, adjustable headrests, and ample legroom aboard its modern fleet. Elevate your journey with this air carrier and embark on a luxurious expedition. 

LOT Polish Airlines Seat Selection Process

Below is all guide for seat selection for LOT Polish Airlines: 

Web-based Seat Selection

You can take advantage of a hassle-free process by selecting your seat on the website of LOT Polish Airlines. The steps to follow in this procedure are:

  • Head to the official website of this airline i.e.
  • Click on the “Manage Booking” tab displayed at the left corner of the homepage.
  • Enter your booking reference and surname, and then click on “Next.”
  • Your reservation details will appear on your screen. 
  • Now, choose your favorite one from the LOT Polish Airlines seat map. 
  • Pay the amount required to confirm your seat selection.
  • Once your payment is complete, The air carrier will soon send you an email to your registered ID.

Seat Selection Through Customer Service

In case you don’t find the web version for seat selection convenient. Then, you can talk to a LOT Polish customer service executive. Follow the below-given steps for this process:

  • Dial +1 212-789-0970 on your smartphone for 24/7 assistance.
  • Keep your reservation details ready and listen to the IVR instructions patiently.
  • After connecting with the representative, place your request for seat selection.
  • According to your preferences, they will let you know about the prices.
  • Pay the required amount and confirm your selected seat.

Seating Options On LOT Polish Airlines

This air carrier has three seating options in its Economy cabin. You can select seats on LOT Polish Airlines that suit you the best and fly efficiently. 

Extra Space Seat: These are the seats with maximum leg space available on board. You can stretch your legs and enjoy higher travel comfort during your flight.

Front Seat: These seats are in the front half of the cabin. Choose your preferred seat towards the front of the LOT Economy class. And be among the first to get off the plane after landing.

Standard Zone Seat: This seat is a good choice when you want to be sure to sit next to your family or friends. 

Seat Selection Terms And Conditions

There are some conditions that you should be aware of while making your seat selection on LOT Polish Airlines. 

  • The seat selection feature is available on every domestic and international flight of this air carrier.
  • Business Class and Premium Economy Class tickets make you eligible to select a free seat of your choice.
  • Miles & More members with HON Circle and Senator status may choose their seats free of charge.
  • Passengers in LOT Economy Class on intercontinental flights can select their seats at an additional charge. STANDARD tariff and FLEX tariff allow you to choose a free seat in this class.
  • If you want to choose any seat, order the service at least 36 hours before departure. After this time, you will be able to access only those seats that are not occupied without any charge. 

Charges For Seat Selection

The seat selection fee is charged for a single segment of the journey. Have a look at the tables below for domestic and international flight seat prices.

Domestic Flights Preferred Seat Prices

Seat LocationSaver FareStandard FareFlex Fare
Extra Space Seat$9$9$9
Front Seat$7$7Free
Standard Seat$5FreeFree

Note: 8% VAT must be added to the price for domestic travel.

International Short-haul Flight Seat Prices

On Board Seat LocationSaver FareStandard FareFlex Fare
Extra Space Seat$31$31$31
Front Seat$22$22Free
Standard Seat$15FreeFree

Flight To North America and Asia Seat Prices

Seat Location On BoardPrice
Extra Space Seat$75
Front Seat$45
Standard Seat$35

Please note that the amounts shown in the above tables are minimum prices and may vary due to the travel period.


Can I Select Seats for my entire group together on LOT Polish?

You can make the seat selection for your entire group without paying any extra charges. You can usually choose adjacent seats or seats in close proximity to each other, subject to availability.

Who is able to select an emergency exit seat on LOT Polish?

This airline allows passengers who are above 18 years old to select an emergency exit seat. The person should be generally fit, reasonably strong, and able to communicate in English or Polish with the cabin crew. Passengers should also be able to assist in a rapid evacuation of the aircraft in an emergency after an appropriate briefing by the crew.

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