Cancel A Pegasus Airlines Flight

Pegasus Airlines Cancellation Policy

Your travel, your rules! Pegasus Airlines’ cancellation policy gives you the benefit to take charge of your journey. Enjoy quick and hassle-free cancelation on eligible bookings and ensure your money stays safe. Open your doors to endless adventures with this air carrier. 

Highlights Of Pegasus Airlines Cancellation Policy

Before you dive into the process of canceling your flight with the airline. It is important that you know what terms and conditions affect your cancellation. You can read them below as we have provided a thorough description of them. 

  • The fare of your flight includes base fare, fuel surcharge, airport taxes, check-in fee, and service fee. 
  • Cancellation of your flight totally depends on the time left for your flight’s scheduled departure and the time you bought your initial ticket. 
  • If you cancel your ticket within two hours before or after the departure of your flight. Then, the airline will consider you as a no-show passenger. And you will only get a refund of airport tax. The rest of your money will be forfeited. 
  • There are no cancellation fees in case of the loss of an immediate family member due to which you are unable to travel. However, you have to provide relevant documents to the carrier. 

Procedure Regarding Your Pegasus Airlines Flight Cancellation

This airline allows you to cancel your flight via different methods. Below are the details about various procedures. 

Web-Based Cancellation

You can take advantage of canceling your flight ticket online only if you purchased it directly with the carrier. The steps you need to follow are:

  • To land on the official website of the airline, type your preferred search engine. 
  • Select the “Manage My Booking” tab appearing on the homepage of the carrier. 
  • Now, enter your PNR number and surname in the given fields and click on the “next” button. 
  • Your flight information details will be shown on the screen. 
  • Select the “Flight Details” option and select the related flight you wish to cancel.
  • Next, follow the link to a page where you can complete Pegasus Airlines’ cancel flight procedure. 
  • Pay the penalty fee based on your fare and soon the airline will send you a flight cancellation confirmation email. 

Flight Cancellation Through Phone

You can take assistance in order to cancel your flight by connecting with the official of the airline. Dial the number 0090 850 250 6777 on your mobile device. Follow the IVR prompts and press the number to talk with a live person. 

Give your travel details to them and explain the reason to cancel your flight. They will verify your flight information and proceed with the process of canceling your concerned flight ticket. 

Shortly after your payment, the representative will send the details of your flight cancellation to your phone number. 

Cancellation Of Flight At The Airport

In case you want to cancel your ticket at the airport, then follow these steps.

  • Search for the Pegasus Airlines check-in or ticket counter at your departure airport. 
  • Share your flight information with the available agent at the counter. 
  • Express your wish regarding canceling your flight ticket. 
  • Pay the service fee to move forward with the cancellation process.
  • The representative will inform you whether you are eligible for a refund or not. And also confirm your cancellation. 

Charges For Canceling Your Flight

You will be charged a fee under Pegasus Airlines cancellation policy depending on the original purchase of your fare class.

Scheduled International Flights

Canceling your Promotion Fare Class ticket will be charged fully. 

If you cancel your Standard Fare class ticket more than 72 hours before the departure. Then, you have to pay $76.78 as a transaction fee. 

And canceling your Standard fare between 72 to 12 hours prior to the flight’s departure. You will be charged $98.71 for the transaction. 

International – Domestic Connecting Flights

Each fare class is subject to a cancellation fee for these flights. 30% of the price will be deducted in case you cancel your ticket when there are more than 72 hours left for your flight to depart. 

Around 50% of your ticket price will be charged for canceling your flight between 72 to 12 hours. 

International – International Connecting Flights

You need to pay $120 as transaction charges in order to cancel your Standard fare flight ticket around 72 hours before the departure. 

Ticket cancellation between 72 to 12 hours prior to departure of a flight is chargeable for approx $140 in Standard Fare class. 

Note: If there are less than 12 hours left for the scheduled flight departure. Then, no money will be credited back to your account after canceling your flight.


Can I cancel one leg of a round-trip flight with Pegasus Airlines?

This air carrier allows you to either cancel only the outbound or inbound flight. Though, you must check the charges applicable for your concerned flight cancellation. You can get additional information on the website of the carrier and also by contacting the customer care department.

How to cancel my Pegasus Airlines flight bought via a travel agency?

It is always a good idea to connect with the travel agency directly from which you purchased your flight ticket for cancellation. You can also cancel your ticket with the call center of the airline but you might need to pay extra fees as service charges if you cancel your flight. You can read the terms and conditions related to this purchase on the official website of Pegasus Airlines.

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