Seat Upgrade On WestJet Airlines

WestJet Airlines Seat Upgrade

Enhance your travel experience with the help of WestJet Airlines seat upgrade. Enjoy extra legroom, plush seats, and superior amenities that will make your flight truly memorable. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, the seat upgrade option of WestJet ensures a relaxing and rejuvenating journey. 

Ways To Upgrade Seat On WestJet Airlines

By upgrading your seats for your next journey, you discover an exceptional way to fly to your destination. 

Place An Offer To Upgrade Your Seat

WestJet has introduced a new way to upgrade your seat. With an accepted offer, you will be able to enjoy the exclusive amenities of the Premium or Business Cabin of WestJet. Following are the steps to place an offer regarding your seat upgrade. 

  • Enter your reservation code and last name and click “Place an Offer” to see if you are eligible.
  • Choose the flight segment for your offer. And move the slider to the amount you are willing to pay, including taxes and fees. 
  • Add your contact and payment details in the fields provided. 
  • Review and submit your details to proceed further with your offer.
  • Approximately 72 hours before your flight, WestJet will send you an email to inform you whether your offer has been accepted. 
  • Your credit card will be charged after the acceptance of your offer.

Note: you can modify or cancel your seat upgrade on WestJet offer if it has not been accepted up until 75 hours before the departure. 

Terms And Conditions Under Placing An Offer To Upgrade

Go through these terms if you wish to place an offer for a seat upgrade on WestJet.

  • Seat spaces vary by aircraft type of WestJet. Premium Seats on flights operated by WestJet Encore and WestJet Link do not have extra legroom or space. And seats in Premium onboard the 737 aircraft may be equipped with a middle seat blocker or feature 2 by 2 seating. 
  • Food and beverages vary depending on the type of aircraft, flight length, time of day, and availability. 
  • Consideration of the offer may include higher offers for the same cabin, original fare, etc. under the WestJet Airlines seat upgrade policy.
  • Accepted upgrade offers are non-refundable, non-transferable, and are only valid on the flight date shown. 

Upgrade Seat With WestJet Rewards

If you are a member (Platinum, Gold, Silver) of the frequent flyer program. Then, you can upgrade your seat in more ways with greater benefits than ever before. 

Apart from placing an offer to upgrade, you can also pay for an upgrade between 48 to 24 hours before your flight. This can be done by calling your respective priority support number.

WestJet Rewards upgrade is also available exclusively when you sign in to the WestJet App. regular upgrade fees do apply. Upgrades to Premium Cabin are not applicable on flights to/from Europe and Asia. 

Other WestJet Rewards Upgrades for Seats

Here are some common options for seat upgrades with WestJet Rewards:

Complimentary Upgrade Prior To Check-In

If you purchase an EconoFlex fare, you might be eligible for complimentary WestJet Airlines upgrade to Premium cabin on most of its flights. Your Platinum membership is also eligible for a free upgrade with the purchase of Econo Fares.  

These upgrades are assigned prior to the opening of the 24-hour check-in period and allocated in priority order by tier, starting with Platinum. 

Complimentary Upgrade At The Gate

In case you did not receive a seat upgrade before the check-in. Don’t worry because you may get a last-minute upgrade at the boarding gate when seats in the Premium cabin remain open. 

To be added to the priority list, you must have an eligible booking and check-in (either online or at the airport) a minimum of 75 minutes prior to the departure.

Upgrades from Premium to Business Cabin may also be available when you are flying on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner within Canada only. Eligible Fares include PremiumFlex and Premium.  

Upgrade Your Seat At Check-In Counter

Treat yourself by upgrading your seat when you check in at the airport. Reach the airport well in advance and keep these things ready:

  • Your reservation code or ticket number.
  • Your full name and date of birth as written on your government-issued ID. 

When the WestJet agent is checking you in for the flight, express your wish for the seat upgradation. They will inform you about the available seats for the upgrade. Choose one that suits you best and pat the fees for seat upgrades. 

Premium Cabin Upgrade Benefits

The benefits you can avail when you upgrade your seats from Economy to Premium Cabin on WestJet Airlines are:

  • Priority check-in and boarding.
  • More seat comfort with extra leg and elbow room.
  • Restaurant-style dining on most flights over one hour. 
  • Exclusive snacks and beverages.

Advantages Of Upgrading To Business Cabin

You can make a WestJet Airlines upgrade to Business Cabin with your Premium ticket and take advantage of:

  • Carrying 2 free checked bags.
  • Prime check-in, boarding, security, and baggage.
  • Lounge access before upgraded flights at available airports.
  • Contemporary Candian-inspired food menu.
  • Exceptional comfort in spacious pods with fully extendable privacy screens.


What is not included in my seat upgrade on WestJet Airlines?

The fare conditions of your original ticket remain unchanged on the WestJet flight. It means your seat upgrade does not include cancellation policies, flight changes, and same-day flight change fees. The baggage allowance of your original ticket also remains the same for an upgrade to Premium.

When is a seat upgrade not available on WestJet?

WestJet seat upgrade is not available:

1. If you are booked on a Basic Fare.
2. If an unaccompanied minor will be traveling.
3. If you are flying on a codeshare flight or another airline’s ticket.

Do I have to make an upgrade offer for each flight segment?

Flight segments are considered independent of one another. Within the upgrade offer process, you will have the option to make an offer on all flight segments if they are eligible. Or you can select a specific flight segment(s) you are interested in. If you do not want to upgrade a segment, simply move the offer slider to the far left to indicate “No Offer” for that segment.

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