How To Select My WestJet Airlines Seat?

WestJet Airlines Seat Selection

Give way to a personalized flying experience with WestJet Airlines seat selection. From the moment you step on board, make your mark on your travel by picking the ideal seat that suits your preferences. Enjoy unparalleled comfort and make your journey truly unforgettable.

WestJet Airlines Seat Selection Guide

Below is all guide for seat selection for WestJet Airlines: 

Important Points For WestJet Seat Selection

This air carrier offers the feature of advanced seat selection. You can select your seats when you book your flight, or at any time up to 24 hours before your flight’s departure. The seat types of WestJet include Business, Premium, Exit-row, Extra Legroom, and Standard seats. Know about the fares for which you can make a seat selection. 

Basic: This can provide you with an emergency exit seat on prior selection. You must follow a standard process to select these seats. And usually, this fare includes a fee for seat selection.

Econo: These seats offer the same service as Basic fare. However, you can select them in advance without paying any charges.

EconoFlex: It is a bundle of standard seat selections and offers preferred seats free of cost.

Family Seating: Families booked on the same reservation can be seated together. You need to provide the date of birth of all guests and select your economy seats for no additional charge.

Seat Selection Process

You can easily select seats on WestJet Airlines through its official website or the mobile app. The steps to follow in this process are:

  • Visit the official website of WestJet Airlines i.e. Or, install its mobile application on your smartphone.
  • Choose the “Manage Trips” tab and a drop-down menu will appear.
  • From there, select the “Manage Flights” option. 
  • Now, you have to enter your reservation code along with your last name and then click on “Search.”
  • Your flight details will appear and you can choose the “Seat Selection” option. 
  • Select your preferred seat and pay the charges (if any) for the same.

Exit Row Seating Restrictions

Many of you enjoy the extra legroom offered in emergency exit row seats. Before requesting these seats, do keep in mind that they have additional restrictions. To select them on the WestJet Airlines seat map, you must:

  • Be at least 16 years old.
  • Have sufficient mobility and strength to operate the emergency exit.
  • Be able to speak English or French for an emergency exit briefing.
  • Not require the use of an oxygen concentrator or cylinder.
  • Be able to visually determine if the exit is safe to open.
  • Not be traveling with an animal in the cabin.
  • Do not require a seatbelt extender as this presents a tripping hazard.

Service Fee For Seat Selection

Choosing a seat at any time with WestJet Airlines is chargeable based on your fare. If you skip seat selection, your seat will be automatically assigned for no fee.

The choices for seat selection are Standard, Preferred, and Exit Row seats. 

  • In the Basic and Econo Fare, you will be charged around 4 – 188 USD in all three seat selection types.
  • For EconoFlex, standard seats are free of cost. Preferred seats are available for a fee of 4 – 178 USD. Exit Row Seats’ price is around 4 – 188 USD. 

There is no WestJet Airlines seat selection fee for Premium and Business Class fares. You can select any seat that suits you best without paying any amount. But, try to make the seat selection as early as possible to get your favorite seat.


Are seat fees refundable on WestJet Airlines?

Westjet Airlines’ fee regarding selected seats is non-refundable within 24 hours of scheduled flight departure. But with the exception of full itinerary cancellations made more than two hours before the originally scheduled time of departure.

What does “Mixed Cabin” mean on WestJet Airlines?

Your itinerary will be marked as “Mixed Cabin” when a seat in Business class is not available on one or more of your flight segments. In this case, you will be seated in the Premium cabin.

Will I be seated in a designated area if I have a special need?

Depending on your special need, fare type, and seats available, WestJet will attempt to seat you in the best location possible. Other WestJet Airlines seat selection accommodations may be available based on a case-by-case assessment of your needs. Make sure to mention your special needs while booking your flight ticket.

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