How To Select My Volaris Airlines Seat?

Volaris Airlines Seat Selection

Discover next-level adventure with Volaris Airlines seat selection. Relax and unwind in spacious seats crafted for optimal comfort during your journey. Plan ahead and secure your preferred seat to ensure a seamless and enjoyable flight. With this air carrier, personalized seating choices redefine your travel, making each moment on board a memorable one. 

Volaris Airlines Seat Selection Guide

Below is all guide for seat selection for Volaris Airlines:

Methods Of Seat Selection On Volaris

You are permitted to select your seat of choice during booking, logging into “My Trips”, and also by calling customer service. Let us know about these methods in detail.

Online Method

If you have already booked your flight, you can still select your seat by visiting the official website of Volaris Airlines i.e. Further steps to follow are:

  • Click on the “My Trips” tab on the homepage of the website.
  • Enter your reservation code and last name in the given spaces.
  • Hit on the “Go to My Trips” button and your flight details will be retrieved. 
  • Click on the link required to select/change your seat.
  • Find your favorite seat from the Volaris Airlines seat map. The price of each seat will also be mentioned.
  • Pay the amount for your selected seat. Soon your confirmed seat details will be sent to your email ID or phone number.

Offline Method

Seats can also be selected through the customer service department of Volaris Airlines. Contact +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747). Listen to the IVR instructions and dial the required key to initiate the seat selection procedure.

Seek assistance from an executive to select your desired seat. Give the information required to know your eligibility. Choose from the options and pay to confirm your seat selection.

Seat Categories Offered By Volaris Airlines

This Airline gives you four seat options to choose from. Know the benefits of choosing a seat in each section of the aircraft.

Premium: These seats are in the first row and have extra space. Upon arrival at your destination, you can exit the aircraft quite fastly.

More Space: As per the name of these seats, they have plenty of legroom to stretch.

First-off: These are the seats on rows two to five. You get the advantage of being the first to disembark from the plane at your destination airport.

Standard: You can select an aisle or window seat in this section and thus, avoid sitting in the middle seat. 

Emergency Exit Seat Restrictions

For safety reasons, this air carrier does not allow everyone to select seats on Volaris Airlines in the emergency exit row. Passengers who are prohibited to choose a seat in this row are:

  • Minors under 15 years of age.
  • A domestic or International person traveling with pets.
  • Women who are pregnant.
  • Passengers traveling with babies.
  • Flyers with any illness or medical conditions.
  • Travelers with cognitive, visual, auditory, speech, etc. disability.

Note: Be aware that if you choose a seat near the emergency exit. Then, you must be able to assist the cabin crew in case of an emergency. 

Cost To Select A Seat On Volaris Airlines

The price for each seat is per passenger for a single journey with this airline. 

You can choose a standard seat with no extra fee in its cabin. However, these seats come with no extra legroom and can be assigned randomly by the team. 

The Volaris Airlines seat selection fee may vary depending on the route and seat type: Premium, More Space, First-off, or Standard.


What happens if I don’t select a seat on Volaris Airlines?

If you have booked flight tickets in Economy class and do not select your seat beforehand. Then, the airline will allocate you a seat on board at the time of check-in. The seats are assigned on the travel date only. For Basic Economy passengers, the seat change facility is also not provided.

Can I change seats on Volaris Airlines?

You can surely change your seat without any hassle. By using the “Manage Trips” feature, you are allowed to change your seat as per the availability. This process can be done before or during online check-in.

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