How To Select My Emirates Airlines Seat?

Emirates Seat Selection

Settle into a seat that is right for you on board with Emirates seat selection. Choose your perfect spot from a wide range of options that are exclusively tailored to meet your needs. Whether you desire extra legroom, a window view to marvel at breathtaking landscapes, or a cozy corner for uninterrupted relaxation, Emirates has you covered.

Overview of Emirates Airlines Seat Selection 

Below is all guide for seat selection for Emirates: 

Methods of Seat Selection In Emirates

You can select your favorite seat at the time you book your flight or later through the “Manage Booking” option. You can also do the seat selection when you check in online or on the Emirates mobile application.

Seat Selection During Initial Booking

If you want to fly with the choice of seat with this air carrier. Then, stick to the steps mentioned below:

  • Through your search engine, visit the official website of Emirates i.e.
  • Enter the departure and arrival airports in the given spaces on the homepage.
  • Fill in all the essential information required for your travel including travel dates, fare class, and number of passengers, and click on Continue. 
  • Select the flight that suits you best and proceed further. 
  • Once you have added the traveling details, view the Emirates seat map and select the seat according to your preferences.
  • Choose your payment mode and pay for the desired flight.

You will soon get a confirmation email from the air carrier. It will have all the info from the booking reference to the selected seat. 

After Booking Seat Selection

You can log in to your account at the website of Emirates Airlines with your last name and booking reference.  Edit and select your seats in the retrieved reservation of your flight. Pay for any extra charges when you select seats, verify your details, and confirm your reservation. 

Economy Class Seat Selection

Emirates has a few different seating options in Economy Class. Take a look before making the right seat selection. 

Regular Seat: Relax in the regular seats designed for your ultimate comfort. Choose from window, middle, or aisle seats.

Preferred Seat: These seats are usually at the front of the aircraft or on the upper deck of some of its aircraft. You will be one of the first to disembark from the airplane.

Twin Seat: Sit in a row of two with just a window and aisle seat. These are located at the back of Boeing 777 flights and on the upper deck of A380 aircraft.

Extra Legroom Seat: Enjoy more space to stretch out with this seat by the exit row.

First, Business, And Premium Economy Class Seat Selection

You are eligible to select seats on Emirates without any charges if you fly in:

  • First Class
  • Business Class Saver
  • Flex or Flex Plus fare, and
  • Premium Economy Class

If you are traveling on a Business Special fare, then you can select a complimentary seat when check-in opens 48 hours before you fly.

You can select your seat anytime with a Skywards Platinum membership. 

Price For Seat Selection on Emirates

You might need to pay seat a selection fee in Economy Class depending on your fare type. It also varies according to the season, route, and destination. 

The indicative price ranges for this class are:

Seat TypeFees
RegularBetween $15 and $40
PreferredBetween $25 and $100
Twin$35 to $135
Extra LegroomBetween $55 and $250

Note: 2 to 12 years of age children traveling with adults are entitled to a 50% discount on regular and preferred seats. 

Emirates will automatically allocate you a free seat selection in case you have special needs. For example, if you are traveling with an infant or have medical requirements. 

Emirates Terms & Conditions For Seat Selection

You need to follow some terms and conditions which come under the Emirates seat selection policy.

  • Seat selection is subject to availability at the time of request. It is non-endorsable and non-transferable.
  • It is possible that selecting a seat can be restricted due to operational and safety reasons.
  • Emirates reserves the right to amend, limit, or revoke this offer at any time prior to purchase. 
  • This air carrier also accepts no responsibility for any technical issues resulting in the payment failure.
  • Charges for seat selection may vary across sales channels, includes any applicable tax, is subject to changes, and is only valid for this transaction. 


How long do Emirates hold seat selection?

Emirates allows you to hold your fare and seat selection. Choose “Hold My Fare” at checkout and reserve your chosen flight for 72 hours. You will secure a seat on the flight and won’t have to pay any extra if the fare increases before you book. Only your last name and booking reference is required at the time of payment.

Can I change my seat after I have paid for it on Emirates?

If you selected and paid for your seat, you can change to another seat of equal value for free. Or you can choose a high-value seat by paying the difference. Changes made to your flight number or flight date but traveling on the original sector allows you to make changes in seat selection of the same value free of charge.

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