How To Select My Air Dolomiti Seat?

Air Dolomiti Seat Selection

Regardless of whether it is a window, aisle, or seat with more legroom: the Air Dolomiti seat selection feature offers you the opportunity of reserving seats for yourself and your traveling companions in advance or of selecting them for free at check-in. Make the most of your journey by sitting in your favorite spot and enjoying the impeccable in-flight services of Air Dolomiti. 

Air Dolomiti Seat Selection Method

Below is all guide for seat selection for Air Dolomiti: 

Basic Seat Selection Procedure

You can select your preferred seats by paying a small surcharge. The time period to reserve seats in advance is up to 52 hours before the departure of your flight. But, it can only be done if your flight booking is confirmed. 

Also, note that the advanced seat selection does not give you a legal right to a particular seat on board the aircraft (eg. seat 3A) but only to the selected category.

Adding A Seat After Booking Your Flight 

You can select a seat by contacting the Air Dolomiti sales office at +390452886140. The representatives are available Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 8 pm, and Saturday – Sunday, 9 am to 5 pm. 

You can also visit the “Manage Your Booking” tab at the official website of Air Dolomiti – If you want to make a change in your seat selection. Then, it is only possible on seats with the same or lower price and already paid charges will not be refunded.

Seat Selection During Check-in

All the seats which are still available can be selected free of charge as soon as check-in for the relevant flight opens. It usually begins 23 hours before the flight’s departure. However, by this time, you can select seats on Air Dolomiti with limited choices. 

Seat Types To Select On Air Dolomiti

Air Dolomiti offers Standard and Emergency Exit Row seats along with seats in the Preferred seating zone. Some details about these seat types in Economy Cabin are:

Standard Seats

These seats are already included in the Classic and Flex fares of Air Dolomiti. With the Light Fare, you can select a seat for a price of EUR 12 for each leg.

Preferred Seats

This zone is located in front of the Economy Class and directly behind the Business Class. These seats enable you to leave the aircraft quickly after landing. It makes your journey easier and more flexible. The seat in the preferred zone is already included in the Flex fare. With Light and Classic fares, you can reserve a seat by paying an Air Dolomiti seat selection fee of EUR 17.

Emergency Exit Seats

As the name suggests, these seats are near the emergency exit door. If you wish to select this seat type. Then, you should satisfy the following conditions:

  • You are at least 16 years old.
  • You speak good Italian or English.
  • You are willing to help in the unlikely case of an emergency.
  • You are in a position to perform the required duties without anyone’s assistance. 
  • You are not traveling with a pet in the cabin. 

Moreover, pregnant women are not eligible for seats in emergency exit rows. 

Cabin Conditions On Air Dolomiti

There are a few terms in different classes on the aircraft of this airline. 

Business Class passengers are permitted to select a free seat from the Air Dolomiti seat map. The charges are included in the ticket price. 
Flying in Economy Class allows you to select a seat in advance on all flights operated by Air Dolomiti. Some price conditions in this class are:

Seat TypeECO LightECO ClassicECO Flex
Standard SeatsEUR 14FreeFree
Preferred SeatsEUR 20EUR 20Free
Emergency Exit SeatsEUR 29EUR 29EUR 29

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