How To Select Etihad Airways Seat?

Etihad Airways Seat Selection

Embrace the ultimate in-flight comfort with Etihad Airways seat selection. Discover the luxury of choice as you pick the perfect spot for your journey. And immerse yourself in this carrier’s top-tier service, modern amenities, and the finest culinary delights on board. The extraordinary flight journey is personalized just for you with this airline as your partner in the skies. 

Seat Options On Etihad Airways

There are various options available on the aircraft of this carrier. If you are flying in First or Business class, you get much more flexibility in choosing your favorite seat. 

Mainly, the Economy cabin of this airline has different seat types to choose from. Below is a description of them. 

Standard: These are the basic seats with a low fare. You can either pay to select and guarantee your seat on board. Or you can choose a free seat at the time when check-in for your flight opens. 

Space: As the name suggests, the seats in this section have extra space to stretch out your legs and relax. The seat can be reserved while you are booking your flight or during check-in. They can also be booked at the airport up to one before your flight’s departure. 

Neighbor-Free: This option of the air carrier gives you the benefit of selecting up to three adjacent seats. It can be your best choice if you like to fly with loads of space near you. You can purchase these seats from 72 hours to 4 hours before your flight departs. It is not available for group bookings and you should be at least 18 years old to sit neighbor-free. 

Reserve Your Seat On Etihad Airways

You can select seats on Etihad Airways whenever you wish to except for Neighbor-free seats as they have a specific time period for selection. Below are the details about the different ways.

Seat Selection When You Book Your Flight

Selecting your seat while booking your flight could be the best option. Because there are plenty of options available at that time. Follow these steps if you would like to go ahead with the procedure.

  • Land on the official website of the airline by typing on your search engine. 
  • On the homepage, you will see a box under the “Book” section. 
  • Select your trip type, number of guests, and cabin class from the drop-down menus of each. 
  • Enter your flying from and to locations in the given fields. 
  • Add your dates of travel and also apply a promo code if you have any. You can also tick the box if you wish to pay with miles. 
  • Lastly, click on the “Search Flights” button to see the available flights. 
  • Select your most suited flight from the list on the next page. 
  • Fill in all the necessary information required for your journey. 
  • From the interactive Etihad Airways seat map, choose your window, aisle, or middle seat. 
  • Click on the “Continue” option and then add your payment details.
  • Pay for your flight ticket and the seat selection to confirm your booking.
  • You will receive your ticket and seat details at your registered email address or phone number in no time. 

After Booking Seat Selection

You can easily select your seat by managing your booking on the online portal of the airline. Stick to the steps mentioned underneath to go through this process. 

  • Open the official website and click on the “Manage” tab. 
  • Enter your booking reference or ticket number along with your last name. 
  • Then, click on the “Find My Booking” button. 
  • The information regarding your flight will be retrieved and the available seat options will also be shown on the chart. 
  • Choose the seat from the options and make the payment if it is chargeable. 
  • Your seat will be confirmed by the airline and it will send you the seat details to your given contact information. 

Seat Selection Via Call

This air carrier has the option where you can get in touch with its Global Contact Center and select your seat. 

The number at which you can contact them is +1 (877) 690-0767. Dial this number on your smartphone and connect with one of the representatives. Provide them with your flight details and ask about the seating options available. 

Choose the one which suits you the most and pay any additional charges. In some time, the official will confirm your seat and send you the details about it. 

Price For Seat Selection

The Etihad Airways seat selection fee is based on the type of fare you have booked and the route of your flight. 

The Economy Standard seat price is between $10 to $30. But you can also select them for free during check-in around 30 hours before your flight. 

Charges for Economy Space seats start from $30 to $180. Apart from the route, the price in this section also depends on the aircraft type. 

You can bid for neighbor-free seats in the allotted time period. 

Policy Regarding Seat Selection

A few terms and conditions for seat selection are important to be understood so you can enjoy your journey to the fullest. 

  • All seats in Economy Standard and Space are subject to availability. And your options to select will reduce as the day of departure approaches.
  • In case the airline gives you a different seat from the one you selected, you might get a full refund for it.  
  • Buying an exit row seat in Economy Space has to be met with safety requirements. So, make sure you follow them and select them as early as possible. Because they are provided on a first-come first-serve basis as per the Etihad seat selection policy.  
  • The carrier charges for the seats per person, per flight sector. In case there is a change in aircraft, you will be re-accommodated in similar seats. 
  • You will get an Economy Space only when you have paid fully for the selected seat and ticket fare. 
  • The offer made by you to the airline is applicable when you wish to enjoy the neighbor-free seating experience.


Can I select a seat for my child on Etihad Airways?

Yes, you surely can select a seat for your child any time after the booking up to one hour before the flight’s departure. The unaccompanied minor service for children between 5-11 years is free as long as they have an adult fare ticket. And 12-17 years old children can either fly alone or get this service by paying $100 one way for direct flights and $150 for connecting flights.

Is Etihad Airways seat selection available on codeshare flights?

Unfortunately no, you can make a seat selection for Economy Space and Neighbor-free only on the flights that are operated by Etihad. However, you might be able to select a seat in the Economy Standard section. You can get detailed information about this on the website of the airline easily.

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