How To Select A China Airlines Seat?

China Airlines Seat Selection

Curate your flight impressively with China Airlines seat selection. Find your travel sanctuary in the sky by reserving the ideal seat that suits your style. Whether it’s savoring scenic views from a window perch or having the freedom to move with an aisle seat, the decision is in your hands. Make every mile your own canvas of personal comfort and exploration. 

Guide For China Airlines Seat Selection

Below is all guide for seat selection for China Airlines:

Types Of Seats to Select On China Airlines

The Economy Cabin of this carrier gives you three seating options to choose from for your trip. A brief description of them is mentioned below.

Preferred Seat: They are usually placed in the first few rows of the cabin. Selecting this seat gives you the advantage of disembarking from the plane faster than other passengers. 

Extra Comfort Seat: These seats are mainly in the emergency exit rows. They come with more legroom so you can travel on a more comfortable flight. But, you should always make sure that you meet the exit seat requirements. You can read the information related to these seats on the official website of the airline. 

Standard Seat: All the leftover seats in different rows fall in this seating category. They are located in the back portion of the aircraft. You can choose from middle, aisle, or window seats in this section. 

Web-based Seat Selection Procedure On China Airlines

The seat selection procedure can be done in a very straightforward manner with this carrier. You can carry out any of the detailed processes and select your seat accordingly. 

At The Time Of Booking

The time when you are making your initial reservation is actually the best for a seat selection. Because there are plenty of options available to choose from. The steps to follow in this procedure are:

  • On the homepage, you will be able to see a box under the “Flights” section. 
  • Select the type of your trip and enter the origin and destination places. 
  • Then a drop-down menu will open up where you can select your travel dates from the calendar, add the number of passengers, and choose your cabin. 
  • Review your flight information and click on the “Search Fligths” button. 
  • The system will direct you to a new page which will include a list of flights available on your chosen dates. 
  • Select the flight according to your preferences and add your personal details. 
  • The page will also show a China Airlines seat map for easy selection. 
  • Pick one seat and the total amount of your flight + seat will be calculated. 
  • Lastly, you just have to enter your payment details and pay the desired fee. 
  • Soon, the airline will send you a confirmation email regarding your selected flight and seat.  

After The Reservation

You can make a seat selection on this carrier even if you have booked your flight. Have a look at the steps below if you wish to buy a seat at a later stage. 

  • Open the official website of the airline on your browser and place your cursor on the “Manage” tab. 
  • Under the “Manage Booking” section, click on the Seat/Special assistance option. 
  • On the new page, enter your last and first name along with the reservation or e-ticket number. 
  • Read the keynotes after entering the details and click on the box to certify that you have read the points. 
  • Add the verification code displayed on your screen in the given box and then, click on the “Next” button. 
  • Now, you can select seats on China Airlines on the retrieved information page of your flight. 
  • After the selection, pay the charges with your already-added payment method. 
  • You will receive an email that will include your selected seat details in a short interval from the carrier. 

Seat Selection Via Call

This air carrier permits you to select a seat of your choice by calling its customer service center. If you are the one who does not prefer to select a seat online. Then, you can dial the number +1-800-227-5118 on your smartphone. Your call will be received by one of the representatives of the carrier after you press the right number. 

Tell the agent that you wish to make a seat selection and they will provide you with the available seat options. Choose a seat according to your preference and pay the amount asked by the agent. Your seat will be confirmed once your payment is processed and its details will be sent to you within some time. 

Seat Selection At The Ticket Counter

All the airports where this airline operates give you the advantage of selecting a seat at the ticketing counter. 

Give your flight details and ask the agent present at the counter about the seats that are still available to select. You can make a choice at the last minute and confirm your seat by paying the required amount. 

But, please be aware that at this time, your options for seat selection will be quite less. Because the majority of passengers prefer to select their favorite seat beforehand. 

In-flight Seat Selection

This airline offers an amazing service in which you can select a seat on board. But the seats you can select and buy after boarding are only Extra Comfort seats. And you should comply with the emergency exit row terms and conditions. 

The purchase is limited to these seats only and is given on a segment basis. So, if you have a connecting flight, then you can buy a seat only for the first segment. 

Once you have chosen your extra comfort seat, you can pay for it with your credit card. The cabin crew will assist you with the purchase of this selected seat. 

Charges For Seat Selection

You need to pay the China Airlines seat selection fee when you go through the process. It is non-refundable most of the time, except for cases that include involuntary reasons. The prices are also based on your purchased fare, duration of your flight, membership card, and choice of seat. 

There is no fee related to the seat selection if you choose them at the time of online check-in. Standard seats can be selected within 48 hours prior to the departure. And free preferred seat selection is possible 12 hours before your flight departs. But, this feature provides you with only the seats that are already not selected and it might affect your whole journey. 

Standard Seats

These seats are free of cost to select if you have bought a flight ticket in Standard or Flex fare. Seat selection in Discount and Basic fare will be charged between $15 to $40. Gold, Elite, and Elite Plus members can select these seats without paying any price. 

Preferred Seats

The price to select a preferred seat can range from $25 to $60 in different fares. And the Flex fare purchase gives you the benefit of making a free seat selection. 

Extra Comfort Seats

This category of seats is generally the most expensive one. Depending on your fight’s duration, they can cost you around $55 to $160 for a single seat. This price is applicable for any kind of fare you have bought for the journey. 

Note: The different price ranges mentioned above can change at any time. The actual amount you are required to pay will be displayed on your seat selection screen. It also might differ due to local currency fluctuations. 


Can I change my seat on China Airlines if I have paid for the selection?

The airline allows you to select another seat if you don’t want to travel on the already purchased one. But, first, you need to pay for the new seat. The fee for the initial seat will be refunded to you without any deductions. If you select a free seat, then the paid fees will be non-refundable.

Is free seat selection available for all bookings on China Airlines?

The Extra Comfort seats on this carrier are not free to select at all times. And if you are traveling on a group booking, then free seat selection is also not permitted by the airline. You can contact the reservation department of the carrier to get detailed information about this feature.

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