Seat Upgrade On Qantas Airways

Qantas Airways Seat Upgrade

Soar through the skies and indulge in unparalleled relaxation with Qantas Airways seat upgrade. Revel in the generous legroom and adjustable features that cater to your personal preferences. Let the attentive cabin crew of Qantas pamper you and provide impeccable service throughout your flight. With this facility enjoy a truly extraordinary voyage like never before. 

Details of Upgrade Seat on Qantas Airways

Below is the guide for seat upgrades

Policy Regarding Seat Upgrade

Before planning to sit in the next higher cabin , make sure you know the following points.

  • You are eligible to make an upgrade request from either of the three only with Qantas Points. 
  • If you want to upgrade with cash or a mix of cash and Qantas Points, then you can only upgrade with Bid Now Upgrades. 
  • You will be prioritized for the Classic Upgrade Rewards in case you have a Qantas Frequent Flyer membership. 
  • Classic Upgrades can be requested from the time of booking. And Bid Upgrades may or may not be eligible at the time of flight reservation. 
  • You can request a Domestic on Departure upgrade prior to three hours of your flight departure. This upgrade can be confirmed instantly under the Qantas Airways seat upgrade policy. 

Classic Upgrade Rewards

This is the best value seat upgrade when using your Qantas Points. You just need to make sure your e-ticket has been issued and you have enough points for the upgrade. 

Process Information

Log in at from your preferred search engine. You can also request an upgrade with the Qantas app. Go to “Bookings” and select “Upgrade” for your chosen reservation.

Upgrades can be requested up to 10 hours before the departure on international flights and up to 5 hours prior on domestic flights. For some international flights, you can opt-in to be eligible for an Upgrade Reward up to the gate. 

You can check the status of the request you have made for seat upgrades on Qantas at the website. Or in your flight details within its mobile application.

Bid Now Upgrades

This upgrade is available on selected Qantas flights. If your booking is eligible to receive a Bid Now Upgrade, you have the flexibility to make an upgrade offer.

Working Of Bid Now Upgrade

The process of the Bid Now Upgrade involves a few important points. They are mentioned below for your reference. 


After booking your flight, you can enter your travel details on the website of Qantas. And see if your booking is eligible to request a Bid Now Upgrade for your seat.

Alternatively, within 7 days before the scheduled departure of your flight, this air carrier might send you an email. They will notify you to place a Bid Now Upgrade request for your desired seats from the remaining options. 

Make An Offer

Choose the amount you would be happy to pay and place your bid. You can make an offer using cash, or Cash and Qantas points combined. A minimum offer amount is required in order to make a bid with this air carrier.

Upgrade Confirmation

You will be notified of a successful seat upgrade within 24 hours of your scheduled flight. The amount offered will be automatically debited from your nominated payment card once it is accepted as the Qantas Airways fees for seat upgrades. Any Qantas Points used will be deducted from your Qantas frequent flyer membership account. 

Domestic On Departure Upgrade Rewards

If you are a Platinum One, Platinum, Gold, Qantas Club, or Point Club Plus member. Then, you can enjoy the exclusive ability to request a last-minute upgrade within three hours of departure. A few simple steps in this procedure are:

  • Add your domestic flight to “Your Trips” in the Qantas App. You will need your booking reference and last name.
  • Next, check-in for your flight from opening time i.e. 24 hours before departure. 
  • If available, you will be given the option to “Request Upgrade” in the Qantas App three hours before the departure. 
  • The upgrade succession will be confirmed on the spot if it is accepted. 

Make The Most Of Your Journey

If your offer is accepted and you get an upgrade to Business class. You could enjoy a dedicated cabin, more space to relax, and the freshest seasonal ingredients in the sky. You can also get access to lounges at available airports and the cabin crew will be ready to welcome you on board.

Indulge in unsurpassed luxury with restaurant-quality menus and fine Australian wines. Also, benefit yourself with spa treatments, and the latest entertainment on your upgrade to First class. The onboard staff of will always be there to take care of you. 


Can I upgrade my Qantas Airways seat if I purchased a sale fare?

Your international economy sale fare (E, N, O, Q booking class) is not eligible to request a seat upgrade. No Classic Upgrade Reward or a Bid Now Upgrade offer can be made.

Will I be charged if I cancel my Qantas Airways Classic Upgrade Reward?

This Airways allows you to cancel your unconfirmed request for an upgrade without forfeiting your Qantas Points. This can be done at any time prior to the flight’s departure. But if you choose to cancel your confirmed upgrade more than 24 hours before the departure of your flight. Then, your Classic Upgrade Reward will be refunded, subject to a 5,000 points cancellation fee.

What happens to my upgrade offer if Qantas changes my flight?

Firstly, it is important that your Qantas seat upgrade offer has been accepted. Then, in case Qantas changes your flight, it will try its best to put you on the next flight with the same seat upgradation. But, if you cannot be accommodated on the new flight, you need to fill out a refund form on the website of Qantas Airways.

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