Cancel An Edelweiss Air Flight

Edelweiss Air cancellation policy

Adjust or cancel your flight with the help of Edelweiss Air cancellation policy. Even if you are new to this airline and do not know about the cancellation fee, and terms and conditions, then no worries. You can find all the details about its cancellation policy briefly in the below-given article. 

Terms and Conditions About Edelweiss Air Cancellation Policy

Here are some terms and conditions about this airline given below. It is advisable to check out the points before you proceed ahead with the Edelweiss flight cancellation procedure; 

  • If you have an Edelweiss refundable fare ticket, then you can cancel your flight anytime. 
  • In case, you bought a non refundable ticket, then you cannot cancel your flight. 
  • The airline does not allow its passengers to cancel their Economy Saver tickets before or after the commencement of travel. 
  • If you have an Economy or Business class ticket then you cannot cancel your flight after the flight takes off. 
  • However, if you have an Economy Flex or Business Flex ticket, then you can cancel your flight before the flight departure time without any cancellation charges. But you are not allowed to cancel your flight after the flight departure. 
  • You can cancel your flight only if you have booked your flight at least 7 to 10 days before the flight departure time. 
  • In case the airline cancels your flight, then they will rearrange your flight in a different schedule. 

Various Ways to Cancel Your Edelweiss Flight 

Check out the three ways and their detailed steps to cancel your flight without any hassle; 

Cancel Flight Through Edelweiss Website 

Connect your computer or mobile phone to the internet and then open your web browser and go to the official Edelweiss Air website: Then continue with the below-given steps; 

  • After you get connected with the airline’s website, you are required to look for the “Manage Booking” or “My Trips” section on the website. 
  • Once you tap on the given option, you will see some blank boxes, You will have to enter the required information to the given option to retrieve your booking. The information that are required to fill out includes your booking reference (PNR) and last name. You can find these details easily in your booking confirmation email. 
  • Once you enter the required information, you will be able to access your booking details. The website will display the flight details. 
  • You will have to look for the option to cancel your flight. You may find this option labeled as “Cancel Flight” or something similar. Click on the option to initiate the cancellation process. 
  • Follow the prompt instructions provided on the screen to complete the cancellation process. 
  • You might need to confirm your decision and provide a reason for the cancellation. But before that, just make sure to review any terms and conditions associated with the cancellation. This might include information about refund eligibility, cancellation fees, and other relevant details. 
  • After completing the cancellation process, you should receive a confirmation email or notification indicating that your flight has been canceled.

Call the Edelweiss Customer Care Department

To cancel your flight by calling the Edelweiss customer care number, you will have to go to the official website, there you can look for the customer care or reservation support number. You may even find the number on the booking confirmation number. 

Dial the customer care number and follow the prompts to reach the appropriate department for flight cancellations. When you are connected to a customer service representative, provide them with your booking details, including your booking reference and flight information. Then inform the representative that you want to cancel your flight. They might ask for a reason for the cancellation, so be prepared to provide them with that information.

After that, the airline agent will provide you with the additional information tagged along with the cancellation policy such as fee charges and other restrictions. Once you understand the policy and rules clearly, you will have to follow the instructions provided by the representative to complete the cancellation process. They might ask you to confirm your decision verbally or through email.

After the successful completion, you will receive the flight cancellation mail on your registered e-mail id. 

Visit the Airport to Proceed With Flight Cancellation

Go to the airport and look for the Edelweiss ticket counter. Then provide your flight details and booking information to the airline representative. Inform them about your intention to cancel the flight. Follow the airline’s cancellation policy and guidelines. 

You may be asked to fill out a cancellation form or provide the necessary documentation. After that, you may have to pay for the cancellation (if applicable). Once you complete the process, the airline representative will confirm your cancellation.


What is the Edelweiss Flight Cancellation Fee?

If you have bought an Economy or a Business fare ticket then you will have to pay $90.70 USD for cancelling your short haul Edelweiss flight before departure. However, the amount of the cancellation fee can differ based on your flight and destination type. For long haul Economy Class, you will have to pay $294.64 USD, and for Business Class $351.30 USD.

Does Edelweiss Air offer a 24 hours flight cancellation policy?

No, this airline does not offer any 24 hours flight cancellation policy to its passengers. You will be entitled to cancel your flight based on your fare ticket. To get more details it is advisable to visit the official site of this airline.

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