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China Airlines cancellation policy

Passengers booking a flight with China Airlines can take off on a journey where flexibility meets the sky! The air carrier understands that plans can change in the blink of an eye. However, the air carrier makes themselves available to assist passengers at any point. China Airlines cancellation policy is designed in such a way that ensures to provide a seamless blend of convenience and peace of mind. Whether it’s a sudden change or the need for a quick rescheduling, the airline’s cancellation policy covers you. This write-up below will unveil the wings of freedom and explore the art of hassle-free travel with the air carrier and its cancellation policy. 

A Guide to Use the China Airlines Cancellation Policy 

The airline’s cancellation policy can be used to cancel the booked flight and regain the price used for booking the flight. However, there are a few criteria that decide the eligibility of the passenger to claim a refund or indicate their eligibility to cancel the flight.

  1. It is important to note that the airline’s cancellation policy may differ depending on the airfare the passenger bought for their journey.
  2. Another factor that is important to consider is the time frame. Following the China Airlines Cancel flight process, all the tickets from/to the USA will be eligible for a full refund if the cancellation and refund request is submitted within 48 hours of ticket purchase. The ticket must be completely unused and booked 7 days or more before the flight’s departure.
  3. The tickets must be directly bought from the reservation channels of the airline. In case of bookings made with a third-party agency, the passenger must contact the agent to cancel the flight. 
  4. A full refund for the cancelled flight is available for tickets purchased from Korea without any handling charges.
  5. To qualify for a full refund, the refund request must be submitted within 7 days after the ticket purchase.
  6. The refund request should also be made at least 10 days before the scheduled flight departure.
  7. It’s important to note that this refund policy applies exclusively to tickets purchased through the CAL website.
  8. The value of the fare will be forfeited if the passenger misses the flight instead of canceling it. 

Steps to Cancel Flight with China Airlines 

If your travel plan has witnessed any changes and you want to cancel the flight, then you can use any of the methods jotted down below. The airline provides several online and offline channels to cancel flights with the airline.

Cancel Flight Online

Cancelling flights online can be easier and more convenient. With a few simple clicks, passengers can cancel the flight even while sitting at home or at work.

  1. Visit the official website of the airline at
  2. On the website’s homepage, look for the option of “Manage Booking” and click on it.
  3. A portal arrives on your screen asking for certain information like last name, first name and the booking reservation number.
  4. You can retrieve your booking with the air carrier by filling in all the details. 
  5. Once you retrieve your booking, click on the flight you want to cancel.
  6. Search for the “Cancel Flight” option.
  7. Before submitting the final cancellation request, re-check all the information, like the applicable cancellation charges and refundable amount.
  8. Once you have checked all the details, click on the “Cancel Flight” button, and the airline will share the cancellation confirmation on your registered email address.  

Cancel Flight Offline via Call Centre 

Passengers can also cancel the flight by getting in touch with the customer care department of the airline. Follow the steps mentioned below to cancel the flight on a phone call. 

  1. Call the China Airlines Cancellation Phone Number +81-3-6378-8855 to connect with the live agent of the department.
  2. Follow the IVR menu on the call and wait until you are connected with the customer care executive.
  3. Share all the booking and flight details with the agent of the airline.
  4. Mention your intention to cancel the flight.
  5. Enquire about the cancellation charges and the refundable amount for the cancelled flight.
  6. Once satisfied with all the details, ask the agent to confirm the cancellation. Once the agent confirms your booking, you will receive an update on your shared contact details. 

Cancel the Flight at the Airport 

Passengers can also adhere to the traditional cancellation method and cancel the airport flight.

  1. Locate and visit the nearby airport. Navigate the reservation/support desk of the airline at the airport.
  2. Once you contact the airline’s representative, ask them to cancel your flight.
  3. The agent will ask you to share all the booking and travelling details.
  4. To proceed with the cancellation process, you can share the booking details or fill out the flight cancellation form provided by the airline’s agent.
  5. The agent of the airline will inform you of the applicable cancellation charges. 
  6. The confirmation of cancellation will be shared on your registered email address once the airline confirms to cancel the flight. 

Additional Information About the Cancellation of the Flight 

The air carrier is committed to ensuring that passengers, particularly those young and unable to travel alone or senior passengers, are not denied boarding. To fulfil this commitment, China Airlines will make the following arrangements for these passengers in case of cancellations:

  • The air carrier will reschedule a flight to the passengers intended destination promptly.
  • The airline will arrange a later flight if it is more convenient for the passengers.
  • Passengers can receive a full refund for their sector without incurring any fines or handling charges.
  • The airline will provide communication services, such as telephone, telegram, or fax, to assist passengers in reaching their destination.
    • During the waiting period, the airlines will ensure that passengers receive necessary refreshments, meals, and hotel accommodations in accordance with the airline’s established procedures.

Charges to Cancel Flight with China Airlines 

The China Airlines cancellation fees may vary from fare to fare. The charges depend on several factors like the fare type, the time of cancellation, and the route the flight was scheduled on. So it’s always best to get in touch with the customer care executive of the airline to check for the cancellation charges. 

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