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Air Transat Cancellation Policy

Setting out on a journey resembles glimpsing into the realm of the unfamiliar, where excitement and itineraries merge. Yet, even the most meticulously laid plans might confront unforeseen disturbances. At Air Transat, the airline comprehends that occasionally situations shift, necessitating a shift in direction. Air Transat Cancellation Policy is conceived, ensuring your travel aspirations remain adaptable. So, if the currents of change alter your plans, be assured that manoeuvring through cancellations with the airline is as effortless as a soft breeze.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Air Transat Cancellation Policy?

Before moving with the airline’s cancellation policy, passengers must look at certain terms and conditions to make the process more smooth and hassle-free.

  1. The airline’s cancellation policy only applies to the fares bought directly by the airline without any third-party interference.
  2. The airfare bought by third-party agents or websites can be cancelled only after contacting the third-party agent. 
  3. The airline’s cancellation policy may vary depending on the type of airfare the passenger has bought for their journey.
  4. The airline promises to inform customers ahead of time and use suitable methods if there are any changes to the flight schedule or cancellations by the airline.
  5. The air carrier will not be responsible if they or another airline refuse to let you travel or if they cancel your booked seat or remove you from a flight.
  6. If the ticket price is lower when you want to cancel it, the airline won’t refund you.
  7. The eco budget fares provided by the airline aren’t eligible to undergo the cancellation policy of the airline.
  8. All the Flex Fares provided by the airline can be cancelled without any cancellation charges.

Cancellation Fares and No-Shows

The cancellation charges and no-shows may vary depending on the type of airfare and the route it is flying on. You can refer to the points mentioned below to have a better understanding of all the cancellation charges and the no-shows. 

Flights between Canada to Europe 

  • Eco Budget: Cancellation is prohibited for passengers purchasing an Eco budget airfare.
  • Eco Standard: To change the eco standard fare, a cancellation Fee of €200 is applicable per ticket.
  • Eco-Flex: The airline allows the passenger with Eco Flex to cancel the flight without any charges 
  • Club Standard: To cancel the flight with Club Standard fare, the airline will charge a fee of €200. Meanwhile, there is no Air Transat Cancellation fee for passengers with Club Flex.

Flights Between Europe to Canada

  • Eco Budget: The airline doesn’t permit the cancellation of Eco Budget Fares.
  • Eco Standard: To cancel the Eco Standard fare of the airline, the passenger is expected to pay €150 as cancellation charges.
  • Eco-Flex: The cancellation charges for the Eco-Flex and Club Flex fares are waived off.
  • Club Standard: For the Cancellation of Club Standard fares, the airline charges a cancellation penalty of €150

Flights between Canada and Central America, Caribbean, United States

  • Eco Standard: The cancellation charge to cancel the flight on these routes is €200
  • Club Standard:Similarly like the Eco Standard fare, the Club standard fares are $200

Methods to Cancel Flight With Air Transat 

The most convenient way to cancel the flight is through the online website. In just a few simple steps, passengers can cancel the flight by accessing the airline’s main website. However, apart from the online portal, passengers can also cancel the flight by contacting the customer care executive or visiting the airport reservation counter.

Cancel flight through the website 

  • Go to the official Air Transat website.
  • Use your login credentials to access your account.
  • Once logged in, locate the “Manage Booking” tab on the homepage. Click on it. This will take you to a page dedicated to handling flight cancellations.
  • In the designated fields, provide your name and confirmation number. This information is necessary to identify your booking.
  • After entering your details, click the “Continue” button. This will proceed to the next step.
  • Take a moment to review all the information you’ve provided before moving forward with the cancellation process.
  • If you are eligible for a refund according to Air Transat’s policies, you can submit your cancellation and refund request at this point.
  • Once you complete the process, you should receive a notification. This can come as an email or SMS sent to the contact information registered on your account.

Cancel the flight via Phone Call

  • Dial the Air Transat Cancellation Phone number 1-877-872-6728.
  • Stay on the line patiently until a customer service representative answers your call.
  • When connected, express your desire to cancel your flight tickets.
  • Provide the customer service representative with essential details like your booking reference number and any additional information they might ask for.
  • Inquire about cancellation fees, the airline’s refund policies, or alternative choices such as rescheduling your flight.
  • Ask the airline’s agent to share the cancellation confirmation on your registered email address.

Cancel the Flight at the airport 

  • Make sure to get to the airport before your scheduled departure.
  • Once you’re at the airport, find the Air Transat counter or customer service desk.
  • Politely let them know that you want to cancel your Air Transat flight.
  • Be ready if you need to fill out a cancellation form or provide more information.
  • If you’re eligible for a refund or credit, ask the representative about your options.
  • Once you’ve completed the cancellation process, confirm with the representative that your flight has been successfully cancelled.

Note: Apart from the cancellation charges, the airline may charge service charges if the passenger changes the flight at the airport or by contacting the customer care executive.

Air Transat 24-hour Cancellation Policy

  • Passengers can cancel their flights within 24 hours or 1 day from the booking date.
  • Cancellation within 24 hours incurs no cancellation fee, regardless of fare type (from Lavish business class to budget-friendly options).
  • The flight operated by Air Transat is eligible for this policy.
  • Flight change requests can also be made within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Travel credit should not have been used for the booking.
  • Not applicable on discounted and promotional fares.
  • The scheduled departure date must be at least 168 hours away from the cancellation date.
  • Missing the cancellation window leads to a fee based on the destination, fare type, and time of cancellation.

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