Cancel An Air New Zealand Flight

Unforeseen changes can turn travel plans into a puzzle of uncertainty. But fear not, for amidst these shifting winds, we unveil the Air New Zealand Cancellation Policy, your compass through the storm. What if plans crumble? Navigate with us as we unravel the enigma of cancellations. From turbulence to tranquillity, let’s decode the journey ahead.

Details About the Air New Zealand Cancellation Policy

If you have decided to cancel the flight, you must abide by the terms and conditions of the airline before moving ahead with the cancellation policy.

  1. All the passengers and types of fares are eligible to undergo the cancellation policy if directly bought from the booking channels of the airline.
  2. The cancellation terms and conditions are not rigid, they may vary depending on the type and class of fare.
  3. To be eligible for a complete refund from the airline, passengers must cancel their flight within 24 hours of booking. 
  4. If a flight is cancelled due to a situation beyond anyone’s control, the airline will offer passengers a travel credit instead of a full refund.
  5. The travel credit issued by the airline is valid for 12 months starting from the day of issue.

Cancellation Policy for different fares 

As mentioned earlier, the Air New Zealand Cancel flight policy may differ depending on the terms and conditions of the airfare. So let’s look at all the policies following the fare types provided by the air carrier.

Value Fare 

  • Adult and child fares remain non-refundable under all circumstances. However, infant fares can be fully refunded.
  • You can apply the fare as credit towards another Air New Zealand ticket, given that the cancellation occurs before the original departure date.
  • If you don’t show up for the flight, the ticket value is lost, and you can’t use it for future travel or reschedule.
  • An exception to this is that tickets can be completely refunded if the cancellation is made within 24 hours of making the reservation and the reservation was made at least 7 days (168 hours) before the first flight’s departure.

Flexible Fare 

  • Economy: If you must cancel your flight before the original departure date, the air carrier offers a refundable option with a cancellation fee per adult or child passenger. For infants, fares are fully refundable. In the event of cancellation, you can use the fare as credit for another Air New Zealand booking. This credit can be applied even if the new fare is priced lower, although any remaining amount after booking will be non-refundable. 
  • Premium Economy: Similarly to the Economy Fare, Premium Economy fares are also eligible for refund, but only if the cancellation is made before the flight’s departure. The airline may deduct some cancellation charges before refunding the cancelled flight. 

Steps to Cancel the Flight with Air New Zealand 

With Air New Zealand, that cancellation is much easier than the passenger can even imagine. From online to offline, passengers have every channel to cancel their flight on.

Cancel Flight via Online Mode 

  1. Visit the official website of the airline at
  2. Start by clicking the “Manage Booking” tab at the top of the booking widget page.
  3. Enter your booking credentials, including the PNR (Passenger Name Record) and the passenger’s last name. This will help retrieve your Air New Zealand reservation.
  4. Click the “Continue” button to proceed.
  5. From the available options, select the flight itinerary that you want to cancel. Remember that you can only cancel the unused portion of the ticket.
  6. The Air New Zealand cancellation policy will be displayed based on the fare rules associated with your booking. If your fare is refundable, you’ll see the amount you can receive as an “Air New Zealand cancel flight refund.”
  7. If you agree with the refund amount stated, click on the ‘Confirm cancellation’ button.
  8. Shortly after confirming the cancellation, you will receive a confirmation on your registered email address.

Cancel Flight via Phone Call

  1. Call on the Air New Zealand Flight Cancellation phone number 1-800-262-1234.
  2. Follow the IVR menu, and in the meantime, keep all your booking details handy so you can share them with the customer care executive.
  3. Mentions your intentions to cancel the flight and the reason for cancellation.
  4. Depending on the terms and conditions of your fare and the flight cancellation, the agent will inform you of the refund you may receive.
  5. In the meantime, you can inquire about the applicable cancellation charges. 
  6. Once done with the cancellation, the confirmation mail will be shared with you at your email address. 

Cancel the Flight at the Airport 

  1. If you have already arrived at the airport and want to cancel your flight, then you can proceed with the cancellation process.
  2. Locate and visit the reservation or support desk of the airline at the airport. 
  3. Share all the flight and booking details with the airline’s agent and ask to cancel the flight.
  4. The agent may share the cancellation form, or they may complete the cancellation on your behalf. 

Charges to Cancel Flight with Air New Zealand

The airline allows the passengers to cancel the flight, but it does deduct the cancellation charges from the refundable amount. To waive the cancellation charges, passengers can cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking. 

Irrespective of the fare type, the airline initiates a full refund if the passenger cancels the flight within 24 hours of booking.

  1. The airline charges USD $300 per passenger to cancel the economy fare.
  2. Conversely, to cancel the Premium Economy fare, the passenger must pay $400 per passenger.
  3. The Air New Zealand Cancellation fee is $500 for the Business class fares.
  4. Apart from the cancellation charges, the airline may charge some service charges depending on the cancellation mode. 


What should I do if Air New Zealand cancels my flight?

Cancellations may occur from the end of the airline as well. In such scenarios, passengers can either claim a refund or ask the agent to book a similar flight for their journey.

How late can I cancel international flights with Air New Zealand?

The airline only allows the cancellation for international flights up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure. Cancellations made after this window will be considered as a non-refundable case. 

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