United Airlines Have First Class

United Airlines have first class

Indulge in opulence and elegance with a premium flying experience. Let your senses soar with unrivaled comfort, exquisite dining, and bespoke service. Every detail and service of this carrier will provide you with an unmatchable luxurious experience. Enjoy exclusive lounges, priority boarding, and a haven of tranquility in the skies. 

You would be thinking how is this all possible? Does United Airlines have first class? And the answer to this question is that it surely has an amazing first-class cabin on its aircraft. Let us dive into all the amenities you can experience in this class. 

United First

The first class of this carrier is famously known as United First. When you purchase a ticket for this class, you are bound to receive a number of benefits. 

At The Airport

Your first-class trip begins as soon as you arrive at the airport. You get a service called Premier Access included in your ticket with which you can enjoy priority boarding, check-in, and security.  

This class ticket allows you to take up to two free checked bags on your journey. Your bags are also handled on a priority basis, so you can claim them at your destination without any waiting. 

In The Air

Once you board the aircraft, get ready to enjoy the premium perks of this class. But, does United Airlines have first class on domestic flights? Yes, this class is exclusively offered for travel within the US and Canada by the carrier. 

Premium Seats

The seats in the first class of the airline come with an abundance of space. They are designed exceptionally and feature two-toned leather and a six-way adjustable headrest. There is also a lot of storage space for your personal items. There is an in-arm laptop slot, water bottle console, and double seatback pockets. 

The carrier has included a new tray table design in the seats of this cabin. It comes with a mobile device holder and a universal AC power plug. You can also relax with an outstanding amenity kit that is full of clean and vegan products. However, the kits are only provided by the carrier on the continental US and Hawaii routes. 

Entertainment And Connectivity

You can keep yourself entertained with the United Private Screening facility. As per the aircraft’s design, it is available on the main screen, seatbacks on-demand, and personal devices. While flying in this class, you have access to an extensive library of movies and TV shows with DIRECTV. 

With the help of complimentary headsets, relish in the music with pop stations, relaxation mixes, etc. options. You can also buy United Wifi to stay connected with the world below when you are traveling. 

Apart from all these facilities, the airline also provides an inflight magazine known as Hemispheres. It includes a vast variety of topics such as food and drink, sports, culture, and style with monthly features on travel. 

Dine And Drink

The inflight dining and beverages service is marvelously crafted by the carrier. You can indulge in soft drinks, tea, coffee, juice, and a selection of wine, beer, and spirits throughout your flight. 

The food choices are dependent on the duration of your flight. You can receive premium snacks, refreshments, fresh fruit, etc. The meal service comes with two entree options. 

Note: The United First class is only available if you are traveling domestically. For international travel, the carrier has a cabin called United Polaris, which is actually business class. But this cabin holds the same position as First class with extraordinary services. 


Can I buy a first-class ticket on United Airlines with miles?

Your United MileagePlus membership gives you the benefit of purchasing a first-class ticket by using miles. The value of the miles you need to pay will be shown on your flight booking page. You can easily book your flight and pay the required miles to travel comfortably to your destination.

Do I get lounge access with a first-class ticket on United Airlines?

Unfortunately, no. You can access the airport lounges of this airline when you are traveling internationally in a premium cabin. And if you have a frequent flyer membership card with this carrier. But, if you are flying in first class on a Star Alliance member airline. Then, lounge access is available at the airports with just your boarding pass. 

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