SWISS Airlines Have First Class

SWISS Airlines have first-class

Does SWISS Airlines have first-class? If you too have this question on your mind then you would be glad to know that it does. Now, you can explore the world with your loved ones and enjoy the top-notch services of SWISS first class. 

Choose the first-class service of this airline and elevate your ordinary in-flight experience to an extraordinary, luxurious, and memorable one. The main motto of this class is to provide you with the best. Just make a wish related to SWISS in-flight services and it will come true. To know how? Let’s delve deep into this article without wasting a second. 

What Amenities Will You Get in SWISS Airlines First Class? 

If you fly as a SWISS first-class passenger, then you will undoubtedly enjoy the highest level of comfort and satisfaction. The first-class service of this airline will make you feel like a king or queen and treat you like a celebrity. 

After the flight journey, without any doubts, you will feel relaxed and refreshed and that’s a promise of this airline. Not only that, but this class also allows you to customize your compartments according to your wishes. After you board the flight, the crew member of this airline will personally assist you and will also offer you a newspaper to read and your favorite welcome drink. 

Let’s take a quick look at the below-written amenities for a better understanding;

Embrace Comfort During Your Travel

Let the airline spoil you with its extraordinary services. The airline offers 8 First Class armchairs on long-haul flights. You can turn these armchairs into a magnificent bed within a moment. 

The seats on the Boeing 777-300ER and the Airbus A340-300 of every SWISS First can be turned into private suites. These mini-suites over the cloud have adjustable side panels. Indeed these features make it a clever cabin layout. There you will get a personal wardrobe and extra space to store your belongings. Along with that, you can use electric-mechanical window blinds. These blinds can be used on all 3 windows in your zone. 

Enjoy the First-Class Dining

The airline lets you decide the time to have your gourmet meal. Whenever you want them to serve, they will serve you fresh and delicious food. The first-class offers you to enjoy a vast range of delicious dishes and drinks à la carte.

You can select your menu 24 hours before you board the flight. And if you are flying on a long-haul flight from Zurich, then you will be able to enjoy the SWISS Taste of Switzerland’s mouth-watering dishes along with fine wines. 

Get the Best Entertainment During Your Flight

SWISS will make sure that you do not get bored during your long-haul flight. No matter what your preference is, this airline offers a variety of entertainment genres. If you want to learn something or want to complete your work, the airline will make sure to provide you with the best. 

You can watch more than 200 films and 250 TV programs. Whether you like the latest blockbuster movies, award-winning documentaries, or popular TV series, you will find each and everything on the list. Not only that, but you will also get to enjoy and explore over 100 music playlists, podcasts, CDs, and audiobooks.

If you are traveling with kids, then you can also explore children’s films, cartoons, computer games, and the SWISS playlist especially customized according to kids’ tastes. 

Note: The airline updates the entertainment program on a monthly basis. 

Wait in Comfort

To use the SWISS First Services and benefits, you do not have to wait till you board your flight. You can experience the service and feel the privilege even before you start your journey. 

This airline has a separate check-in counter at the airport terminal only for its first-class passengers, which simply means that you will not have to wait in long queues to complete your boarding proceedings. Not just that, you can stay at the premium lounges till your flight departs. 

Enjoy the Priority Check-in and Boarding Facility

If you are a First Class passenger of SWISS Airlines, then you will get the priority check-in and boarding facility. Let’s discuss the points in detail. 

  • You can complete your online check-in on your computer, tablet, or smartphone through the official SWISS Airlines website or its mobile app. No matter where you are, or whether you have luggage or not, you can complete your check-in 23 hours before your flight departure time. 
  • You can also get access to the automatic check-in option. 
  • There are a lot of airports that allow self-check-in service. To know the names of the airports, check out SWISS Self Check-in
  • You can easily get tags for your luggage from the comfort of your home. You can do this by using the online check-in facility. Doing so will help you to save time and you will be able to go directly to the security checkpoint. 
  • You can also use electronic baggage tags. 
  • Apart from that, the airline will let you board the flight before the other class passengers. 

Get Excess Baggage

If you are a SWISS first-class passenger, then you will be able to carry two hand baggage and three checked baggage. The weight of each hand baggage should not be more than 8 kgs and the weight of each checked baggage should be under 32 kgs. 

After arriving at your destination, you do not have to wait for your luggage because just like you, your luggage is also on the priority list. The airline will quickly complete your luggage processes. As soon as you land at the airport, you can take your luggage and leave the airport in no minutes.

Get the Comfort of Your Home Throughout Your Flight Journey

SWISS airlines tries its best to make you feel at home during the flight journey which is why it takes care of your well-being by providing you with various items. The list includes the Swiss luxury brand Soeder, a cover and pillow, and pyjamas. The pyjamas will be provided by the Zimmerli of Switzerland.

Try All the Branded Toiletries 

The airline has teamed up with Bally (a luxury fashion brand) to prepare a special amenity kit for you that you can use during your in-flight journey. In the amenity kit, you will get Soeder cosmetics, toothpaste, toothbrushes, socks, earplugs, and tissues.

Along with that, all the female passengers will get a brush and a vanity kit. And all the male passengers will get a comb and shoehorn to complement the edition. 

Earn Miles While Flying

If you are flying as a SWISS first-class passenger and fly frequently then you will be able to earn Miles & More. This is known as the most extensive frequent flyer program in Europe.

If you become a member of this program then with these miles, you will get to enjoy luxurious in-flight services and comforts.  

SWISS First Lounges

As a SWISS first-class passenger, you will be able to use opulent lounges before, during the transfer, and after flight boarding. In the premium lounges, you will get to explore the airline’s hospitality, a pre-flight dinner, and meeting rooms. Along with these, you will get to use the shuttle service to the gate. 

You will get to use 9 SWISS lounges at Zurich Airport. In these lounges, you will get the highest comfort. In Geneva, you will get three small but beautiful and comfortable lounges that will spoil you with their immense extraordinary services. At the JFK Airport, you will get access to the Lufthansa Business Class Lounge. This lounge will provide you with comfort and peace. 


What is the SWISS First Welcome Service?

The SWISS First Welcome Service is an exclusive service for SWISS First guests that provides a seamless and convenient arrival experience at Zurich Airport.

After you arrive from your long-haul flight to Zurich Airport, a SWISS First representative will greet you at the aircraft door and escort you to a private vehicle. The vehicle will take you directly to the different security and passport control area, which is specifically for SWISS First guests. From that area, you can have direct entry to the SWISS First Lounge A.

Does SWISS First Welcome Service require registration in advance?

No, the SWISS First Welcome Service does not require registration in advance. This service is available for all tickets or upgrades that are booked before the flight with SWISS First.
When you check in for your flight, simply let a SWISS First representative know that you would like to take advantage of the SWISS First Welcome Service

Does SWISS first class offer free wifi during the flight? 

Yes, the airline offers its first-class passengers wireless broadband service throughout their in-flight journey. This facility is for every haul aircraft of its ling. You can enjoy 50MB of free internet access.

Does SWISS Airlines have first class on domestic flights?

No, the airline does not offer First Class on domestic flights. SWISS First is only available on SWISS’s long-haul flights. On domestic flights, the airline offers Business Class and Economy Class.

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