Singapore Airlines Have First Class

Singapore Airlines Have First Class

Step into a world of opulent elegance by knowing does Singapore Airlines have first class. Luxuriate in a plush atmosphere onboard that redefines in-flight comfort. Elevate your journey, arriving not just at your destination, but at a new echelon of travel with this air carrier. Make every moment a symphony of sophistication and style. 

Features Of First Class On Singapore Airlines

The first-class cabin is exclusively available on Boeing 777 aircraft of the airline. You can enjoy a number of amenities when you purchase a ticket in this class for your journey.

Personalized Space

The seats in this class provide you with extra space and are made with luxurious leather. There are curved partitions that give you more privacy while traveling. From the headrest to the footrest, the seats are fully cushioned for more comfort. 

Mood Lighting

You can adjust the lights on your seat with just a touch of a button. There are intense to cool lighting variants that you can set according to your preference. It also has an ambient light feature that illuminates your seat and serves as a night light. 

Book The Cook

This facility of the carrier lets you reserve your main course up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure of your flight. The meals are created by famous chefs from the International Culinary Panel of the airline. 

You can get a preview of the inflight food, beverages, snacks, etc. from the digital menu at its official website. Or you can simply scan the QR code from your seat and choose your favorite dish. 

You can also select from the wide range of Special Meals for your dietary requirements. The cabin crew also serves critically acclaimed wines and champagnes throughout your flight in the first class. 

KrisWorld Inflight Entertainment

Your first-class seat is equipped with a video touchscreen handset and a 24-inch HD screen. You also get Bang & Olufsen noise-canceling headphones to enhance your journey. 

Take a pick from the selection of 1,900 entertainment options, play games, etc. You can also do some online shopping by connecting your device to the free Wi-Fi.


Does Singapore Airlines have first class on domestic flights?

Unfortunately, no. As Singapore is a small island country, it does not operate first class on domestic routes. But, you can fly to some top countries in the world with this carrier in its first class comfortably. You can have a look at the official website of the carrier to gain more knowledge on this feature. 

Is Wifi available in every first class of Singapore Airlines?

Mostly, all the aircraft of this carrier come with free internet connectivity on your first-class ticket purchase. But there is an exception for Boeing 737-800NG. There is no Wifi available on this airplane. Although the carrier is on its way to introduce internet in this model also. 

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