Qatar Airways Have First Class

Qatar Airways Have First Class

Does Qatar Airways have first-class? This is the first thing that may strike your head if you fly with this airline for the first time. Well, the answer to this question is yes. You can enjoy unparalleled comfort and in-flight privacy with this airline. The services of the first class will make you feel refreshed throughout your journey. 

Qatar Airways First-Class Services

Book your Qatar A380 first-class seat and enjoy the realm of joy, comfort, space, and privacy. The A380 is also known as the world’s largest passenger jet/air carrier. The airline claims to provide you with the best/ award-winning service throughout the journey. From a warm welcome when you board the flight to various entertaining arrangements for an unforgettable experience, this airline will never cease to surprise. 

If you are curious to know about the services, then you must check out the points mentioned below;

Enjoy the Convertible Seats

The most important and lavish amenity that you will get from this airline’s first-class is ultra-wide seats. All the seats will be covered with smooth and soft fabrics. You will get central aisle dividers connected to your seat. You can lower or raise these dividers to get more space and comfort. Not only this, but you will also convert your seats into a spacious fully flat bed. In addition, to convert the seats you will not have to do anything because all the seats have the automatically reclining option. 

Amenities Provided on First Class Cabin Seat

Check out the below-given facilities that you will get along with your first-class seat. 

  • Seat Configuration: For all seats you will get 1-2-1 with direct aisle access.
  • Windows: You can control the electrical window shades from your seat. 
  • Seat width: The width of your seat will be 23 inches between armrests.
  • Bed length: The length of the fully flat bed will be 81 inches. 
  • Bed width: The width of your bed will be 33 inches, which simply means extra comfort and space. 
  • Capacity: The cabin can allow up to 8 passengers (upper deck).
  • Monitor: To keep you entertained throughout the flight journey, the airline offers seat monitors with 26-inch screens and touch-screen remote controls.
  • Audio-visual on demand: This facility will be provided to all the first-class cabin seats. 
  • Audio jack: To use the jack you will get a 3-pin. This will be integrated into the control console.
  • USB port: The ports will be integrated into the side console.

Make Yourself Relaxed in the OnBoard Lounge

To make your journey more delightful the airline offers sanctuary in the sky. You can get a dedicated onboard premium lounge facility on your first-class flight. If you are a first-class passenger then you will enjoy your favourite magazine in your preferred language. Apart from that, you can also explore fresh food, delicious snacks, or some samples of the airline’s unique beverages. 

Relax at the Al Safwa First Lounge

The main and first priority of this lounge is you. Each and every inch, facet, and feature has been designed and created only to make your lounge experience unimaginably good and luxurious. The focus of the lounge is to fill your experience with perfection. The meticulous details will surely make your journey and stay flawless. 

The interior of this lounge is a perfect blend of refinement and elegance and is inspired by the architectural beauty of Doha’s Museum of Islamic Art. Here you can enjoy various delicious water-drooling international delicacies and Arabic-infused cuisine at many restaurants. Apart from that, you will get comfortable, private spaces to sit and relax before boarding the flight. 

Enjoy Mouth-Watering Foods

If you are traveling with Qatar as a first-class passenger, then you will get to choose from the airline’s à la carte menu of customized dishes. All the provided dishes will be made by internationally renowned chefs. You will also get to explore the caviar service. In addition to this, you will also get to select delectable desserts.

Wifi Facility

If you are a businessman/woman then you will be happy to know that the airline respects your work and supports you throughout your journey. You can easily hold your meeting during the flight journey because the airline provides you with the finest internet facility. Internet accessibility is also available to surf social media and other entertainment platforms. 

Stay Entertained During Your Flight With the Entertainment System 

To help you escape from boredom, the airline provides you with an extensive in-flight entertainment (IFE) system, with a wide variety of options to choose from. The IFE system features a 26-inch HD touchscreen display, with access to over 6,000 entertainment options. 

The options include; the latest blockbuster movies, as well as classic films and cult favorites, a wide selection of TV shows, from popular dramas to comedies and documentaries, a massive library of music, from all genres and eras, numerous games to keep you entertained, including action, puzzles, and strategy games, and a massive collection of audiobooks to listen to.

Additional Facilities for First-Class Passengers

There are some other services that you will get from the airline if you fly as a first-class passenger. The list is given below; 

  • As a first-class passenger, you can travel with additional checked baggage, as compared to other class passengers. 
  • You will get to complete your check-in and board the flight before other passengers. 
  • To sleep comfortably at night, the airline will provide you with sleepwear according to your body type. 
  • A toiletries bag will be given to you. In that bag, you will get all the branded products, which include; cosmetics, toothpaste, toothbrushes, earplugs, tissues, and a grooming kit. 
  • Along with these, you may also get a pillow and blanket as per your choice. 


Does Qatar Airways have first class on domestic flights?

No, Qatar Airways does not offer first class on domestic flights. First class is only available on select international flights, such as those to Bangkok, London, Paris, Perth, and Sydney. On domestic flights, Qatar Airways offers business class and economy class. However, this airline does offer a “regional first class” product on some short-haul flights.

Does Qatar Airways offer welcome drinks to its First-Class passengers?

Yes, Qatar Airways offers welcome drinks to its first-class passengers. The welcome drink is usually a non-alcoholic Qatar Airways signature cocktail which is known as Lemon Mint. However, you can also request alcoholic beverages if you prefer.

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