Japan Airlines Have First Class

Does Japan Airlines Have First Class

Does Japan Airlines Have First Class? Yes, it surely has. In the realm of premium air travel, where opulence and comfort intertwine, this airline emerges as a beacon of excellence with its exceptional first-class offerings. 

For those discerning travelers who seek the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication, this airline’s first-class services will surely boost their experience and provide them with some unforgettable memories. 

Overview About Japan Airlines First Class Services

Fly with this airline and enjoy the unmatchable hospitality during your flight journey through the skies and clouds of Japan. This airline claims to provide you with the best services. In the below-given context, we will discuss all the services and amenities in detail.

Enjoy the Airport Services

If you book your flight with this airline’s first class, then the airline staff and crew will provide you with special treatment even before boarding the flight. 

After arriving at the airport on the day of flight boarding, the airline staff will greet you and then they will take you straight to the Special check-in counter. This counter is specially reserved for the passengers who bought the first class ticket. The airline staff will proceed further and complete the process. Along with that, you will also get priority baggage service. Before the other class passengers, the airline will deliver your baggage first. You and your baggage will be given the first priority. 

After completing the airport formalities, the staff will let you board the flight before the other class passengers to give you some additional time to settle down. 

Lounges at the Airport 

At the airport, you can relax and wait at premium lounges till you board your flight. If you are a first-class passenger on domestic flights then you will get access to JAL’s Sakura Lounges at select airports in Japan.

If you are flying as a first-class passenger on international flights, then you can get access to JAL’s First Class Lounges at select airports around the world. These lounges offer a more luxurious and comfortable experience than Sakura Lounges.

Enjoy Your Flight Journey While Sitting on Your Seat

Explore and enjoy the lavishing seat in your first-class cabin. The seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, which provides each passenger with direct aisle access. These seats are extremely spacious, with a width of 58 centimeters and a length of up to 199 centimeters when fully extended into a bed.

With these seats, you will get a variety of amenities, including a personal minibar, a power outlet, and a large entertainment screen with a width of 15.6 inches. 

Explore Various Meals and Beverages

As a first-class passenger, you will get a variety of meals and beverages offered by the airline. The meals are renowned for their high quality and exquisite presentation. The airline collaborates with renowned chefs and restaurants to create menus that showcase the best of Japanese and international cuisine.

For breakfast, you may get a traditional Japanese breakfast with miso soup, rice, grilled fish, and pickled vegetables. Or, a Western breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes. For lunch, you may get a light meal with a salad, soup, and sandwich. Or, a more substantial meal with grilled fish or chicken, rice, and vegetables. And for dinner, the airline may provide a multi-course meal with an appetizer, soup, salad, main course, and dessert. The main course may be Japanese, Western, or fusion cuisine.

Apart from that, you will also get top-notch beverages. The airline offers a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks which include champagne, wine, beer, sake (Japanese rice wine), spirits, juices, tea, and coffee.

Kill Your Boredom and Enjoy Inflight Entertainment 

If you are on a long flight journey, then you will definitely feel bored during the whole journey. But no worries. The airline has got you back. In your first-class cabin, you can enjoy and watch unlimited blockbuster movies and videos. You can also explore a wide range of audio genres, no matter what your taste is, be it the latest pop music or rakugo (comic storytelling) performances, you can enjoy whatever you to listen to. You can play video games, or read your favourite newspapers and magazines. 

Inflight Entertainment Equipment

To enjoy entertainment shows, games, and more, Japan Airline offers various equipment. The details can be checked below; 

MAGIC, JAL inflight entertainment system: It offers a wide range of programs from movies, videos, music, games, ebooks, and more. MAGIC is available on all JAL international flights and on select domestic flights. Some features of Magic are; 

  • Personal screens
  • Wide selection of content
  • Multilingual support
  • Connectivity

Inflight entertainment controller with LCD touch panel: This is a small device that is mounted on the armrest of each seat. It has a touch-screen display that you can use to control the inflight entertainment system. 

Noise-canceling headphones: These headphones are of high quality and provide effective noise cancellation. These headphones can be a wonderful way to relax and enjoy your flight and the entertaining show without any disturbance. If you are flying in First Class, you will be given a pair of Panasonic noise-cancelling headphones. 

These headphones not only provide excellent noise cancellation but also have a comfortable design that you can wear for too long without hurting your ears. The headphones are also equipped with a built-in microphone which means you can use them to make phone calls as well.

Other Amenities for First Class Passengers

The airline will also provide you with some additional services and amenities, The list includes; 

  • Power Supply: To keep your laptop and smartphone fully charged during the journey, the airline offers a laptop power socket and a USB for phones and tablets.
  • Slippers: To walk around your cabin freely and relax, you can wear the super comfy slippers provided by the airline.  
  • Cushion: You will get a fluffy cushion, to get relaxed during the journey. This cushion will also enhance the quality of your precious sleep. The cushion will be given by Tempu. This organization is very well recognized for its quality and comfort. 
  • Cloak service: To prevent your outerwear from wrinkles, the airline will provide you with cloak service. 
  • Relaxing wear: To sleep with comfort during the night, the airline offers a 100% organic cotton fabric as a sleep/relaxing wear. 

Other products: Apart from these things, some amenity kits will be also given to you to keep you hygienic and fresh throughout the journey. All the kits will be from the ZERO HALLIBURTON company. The kits will include toiletries items such as cleanser/makeup remover, serum, moisturizer, eye cream or gel, sunscreen, shaving cream or gel, toothpaste, and toothbrush.


Does Japan Airlines have first class on domestic flights?

Yes, Japan Airlines offers first class on domestic flights. First class is available on all of JAL’s domestic flights that are operated by wide-body aircraft, such as the Boeing 777 and the Airbus A350. First-class passengers on domestic flights enjoy a variety of benefits which include luxurious seats, excellent service, delectable food and beverages, and other amenities.

Will I get a Wi-Fi connection throughout my Japan first-class flight journey?

Yes, you will get a Wi-Fi connection throughout your Japan first-class flight journey on Japan Airlines (JAL). JAL offers complimentary Wi-Fi to all First Class passengers on international and domestic flights. The Wi-Fi is available for both web browsing and streaming content.

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