American Airlines Have First Class

American Airlines have first class

Step into an exquisite world of air travel by knowing does American Airlines have first class. The scheduled passenger largest airline in the world offers an unrivaled journey of luxury and sophistication. Its attentive crew, known for their warmth and professionalism, anticipates and exceeds your expectations. So, buckle up and fly in its finest cabin with your first-class ticket. 

Flagship First 

This facility is available if you are traveling internationally on this air carrier. Their Boeing 777-300 aircraft are equipped with this cabin. You can go on a trip from the US to Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America. Know about the features of this first-class in detail below.

On The Ground 

A few of the benefits you can enjoy before boarding the plane for your journey are:

  • The Flagships Lounges of this airline provide you with personalized service, chef-inspired meals, a specialty cocktail bar, expansive seating, shower suites, etc. You can relax and unwind before heading to your destination on the flight. 
  • You can take advantage of private check-in with access to quick security lines at selected airports. 

If you are flying to London (LHR) from the US. Then, you get to recharge yourself once you land at the airport. The amenities in the Arrivals Lounge include valet ironing, an a la carte menu, coffee, and a champagne bar. And also, there is a buffet for breakfast and lunch along with a business center. It is on Level 2 of Terminal 3 Customs Hall at LHR. 

In The Air

There are loads of first-class services that you are going to enjoy remarkably on the airplane.

Lie-flat Seats: Your first-class ticket holds the feature of Flagship Suite. The seats convert into fully flat beds. So, you can have a sound sleep and arrive at your destined location refreshed. 

Chef-inspired Dining: You get to choose when you would like to indulge in a multi-course meal. And complete it with some of the premium wines on board. You can reserve your meals online starting 30 days and up to 24 hours before your flight’s departure. The carrier has also partnered with the James Beard Foundation to create top-notch dishes by elite chefs. 

Entertainment For Free: The airline has a well-stocked library of amazing movies, TV series, music, etc. The movie and TV show collection is updated every month across a variety of genres and languages. You can also explore your creativity and curiosity by surfing through the Lifestyle channels featured by Rosetta Stone and Skillshare. 

Amenity Kits: Pamper yourself with travel essentials on board with an exclusive Shinola and D.S. & Durga amenity kit. Your comfort is also fully covered with pajamas, slippers, mattress pads, pillows, and blankets. They are created by a sleeping technology company called Casper. 

First Class Cabin 

You read all about the first-class service when you are traveling internationally with this air carrier. But, does American Airlines have first class on domestic flights? The answer to this question is surely Yes. This ticket gives you the highest quality of service in almost 50 states around the US. 

Some additional features you can indulge in on your domestic journey are:

Seating: The whole fleet of the carrier has this cabin on board. The seats are wider and have ample legroom. Some of the planes also have seatback screens for entertainment purposes. 

Premium Dining: The food menu includes mixed nuts, charcuterie plates, and short ribs. You can also relish in grain bowls and entree salads for healthier options. 

Wifi And Connectivity: On some selected domestic flights, high-speed and upgraded Wifi is available. You can purchase it for as little as $10. So, stay connected, browse the internet, and watch video services like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc. faster than ever before. You can check your boarding pass also to see what’s on your flight.


Do American Airlines have power outlets in First Class cabins?

Most of the aircraft of American Airlines are equipped with AC and USB power outlets. You can charge your mobile, laptop, tablet, etc. throughout the journey and never be disconnected from the world below.

Can I earn loyalty points for flying in American Airlines first-class?

Your AAdvantage status provides you with mileage bonuses, extra baggage allowances, and more on your first-class ticket. And in case you are just an AAdvantage member. Then, you can earn more loyalty points to get the status faster with your Flagship First ticket. 

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