Air France Have First Class

Does Air France have First Class

Indulgence takes flight with Air France’s unparalleled commitment to luxury and sophistication in its premium travel offerings. As jet-setters embark on a journey that goes beyond the ordinary, one question stands paramount: Does Air France have First Class? So the answer is yes, it surely provides a first-class cabin to its passengers.   

In an era where air travel has become synonymous with efficiency, this airline steadfastly upholds the timeless essence of elegance and class. As the world evolves, this airline’s commitment to providing an experience that is nothing short of extraordinary remains resolute, elevating each flight into an exploration of sophistication that soars above and beyond.

In the below-mentioned context, we will explore the details of the services offered by the renowned airline. 

First Class Amenities at Various Levels

The airline provides top-notch services to its first-class passengers (La Première guests) during different segments. Let’s check out the context below to know the details; 

At the Airport 

If you purchased a first-class ticket then you will experience the personalized service before you board the flight. Details are elaborated on below; 

A Customized Pick and Drop Service

If you are going to board your flight from Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, or Toulouse, then a personal Hertz DriveU driver in a premium vehicle will pick you up from your location and drop you at the airport. The airline offers Hertz DriveU as complementary to its La Première guests. To get access to this service, you will have to book the driver at least 6 hours before your airport arrival time. Just make one call on the exclusive La Première number and you are ready to go.  

Greeting at the Airport

After the driver drops you off at the airport, you will be directed to head straight to the front gate of Terminal 2E, opposite Gate 14. This place is the meeting place for all the La Première passengers. 

Once you reach there, the crew will greet you and a staff of the airline will take your baggage to the baggage drop-off area. Then the crew member will lead your way to the private check-in lounge to complete the check-in proceedings. After completion of the formalities, you will be able to enjoy the luxurious La Première lounge and explore the services till you board your flight.

Simple Yet Unprecedented Flight Boarding 

The airline will privately drive its La Première passengers to the designated aircraft in 29 Cayenne E-Hybrid Porsche vehicles. The airline also ensures the safety, hygiene, and comfort of its passengers. After every trip, the airline disinfects the seats, armrests, handles, and trunks. 

Air France Team at Your Service

At the airport, a crew member of the airline will be available for you all the time from arrival at the airport till you board the flight. They will guide you to complete all the proceedings. For instance, drop off your baggage, or claim your baggage from the airport after the flight journey completion. 

Exceptional Lounge

If you are a La Première passenger and going to depart from the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, then you will be able to enjoy and explore an extravagant premium lounge known as La Première lounge. 

The services that you will get at the lounge are; 

Drooling Cuisines 

If you are a foodie and like to explore various cuisines, cocktails, and snacks, then La Première Lounge will not disappoint you at all. You can explore the appetizing dishes made by some renowned chefs in the lounge. The table will be disinfected before the airline begins its service. You can also make customized changes to it. 

Get King/ Queen Treatment

The airline will be honored to pamper you with a complete range of signature beauty treatments exclusively created by Air France. You can find beauty cosmetics in the Sisley La Première area. The airline will provide you with 30 minutes of Botanical treatment. This treatment will refresh your mind and will help you to enjoy your flight journey peacefully. 

To keep your body relaxed, you can also choose facials and body treatments. The duration of these treatments is between 30 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes. The facial treatment is available for both men and women, but the body treatment is only allowed for women. 

A Place Devoted to Work and Play

To kill your time till you board your flight, the lounge has a special section designed to work and play. Here you can read a book, get a relaxed nap, hold your digital conference meeting, complete your pending office work, play games, watch the news in HD, and many more stuff. 

Explore the Digital Press Collection

You can use the Air France Play app to download newspapers and magazines at your convenience. Additionally, you will not have to pay for it. You can use this facility from within 30 hours before your flight takes off and till your flight departs. 

Service on Board

Once you board the flight and reach the La Première cabin, a staff member of the airline will greet you, and provide you with tailored personalized service throughout your in-flight journey. No matter what is your need, the staff will provide you with all. 

The staff will then introduce you to the facilities and features that you will experience throughout the flight. Let’s discuss the service in detail;

Personalized Suite

If you are a La Première passenger, then you will be assigned a suite on the flight. During your journey, you will be able to orchestrate your trip at your convenience. Throughout the flight, you are the only owner of the La Première cabin. You can roam around, and enjoy your own space. 

The airline will make sure to make you feel at home. In your cabin, you will get a wide range of services such as a cloakroom, storage space, and a bedside lamp.

Amazing Food and Beverages

Enjoy some delicious mouth-watering food and cuisines. No matter what your taste is, the airline will provide you with the best version of that food. All the food will be prepared by renowned international chefs. 

Convert Your Seat into Your Bed

If you do not get to sleep in new places, then no worries the airline has got your back. The airline will provide you with coziness in your suite. 

You can get a comfortable and relaxed sleep by simply converting your seat into a flat cushioning bed. After you turn your bed, the length of it will be 2 m / 6.5 ft and the width will be 77 cm / 30. 

For a comfortable and sound sleep, the airline will provide you with a memory foam mattress, a pillow, and a large fluffy duvet. 

Explore the Entertainment at Your Fingertips 

Avoid getting bored during your flight journey and watch your favourite TV shows, or blockbuster movies in 12 languages. The airline offers 650 hours of on-demand entertainment to enjoy. It does not matter what your preference is, whether you like movies, TV shows, documentaries, music, or relaxation videos, the airline allows you can watch everything from the time you board the flight to the time you land.

Additionals Services Offered By Air France

To make your journey relaxing, tranquil, and smooth, the airline offers a travel kit and accessories. These kits are also rated as the “Best comfort accessories in first-class”. Let’s go through the details; 

Air France Travel Kit

To take good care of your skin, the airline provides a travel kit. The kit is both elegant and functional. In the kit, you will find everything that you need during a flight journey to look refreshed and restored. 

The things that you can find inside this travel kit are a range of Sisley facial and body care products. Apart from that, you will also get a hair comb, an eye sheet mask, ear plugs, earphone protectors, and a pen engraved with a winged seahorse (a mark of the airline).

Sisley Beauty Products

A prestigious brand of beauty products known as Sisley Beauty Institute Paris will accompany you throughout your journey. In the kit, you will get 4 professional beauty products. Along with that, you will get Hydrating facial cleansers as well. 

Air France Comfort Kit

To make you feel at home and give you a comfortable experience, the airline will provide you with a comfort kit. In this kit, you will get a high-quality cotton bathrobe, slippers, and socks. 


Does Air France have first class on domestic flights? 

No, Air France does not offer first class on domestic flights. The airline’s first-class cabin, known as La Première, is only available on intercontinental flights. La Première features lie-flat seats, gourmet meals, and personalized service.

Will I get wifi during my La Première journey with Air France?

Yes, you will get WiFi during your La Première journey with Air France. This airline’s inflight WiFi service, called Air France Connect, is available on most of its long-haul flights, including La Première flights.
La Première passengers can access Air France Connect for free. There are no data limits or speed caps, so you can browse the internet, send emails, and use social media platforms without restriction.

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