Book your Delta Airlines Group Ticket Through Various Methods

Delta Airlines group booking

Enjoy a plethora of benefits with the help of Delta Airlines group booking. This airline excels in providing top-quality services while you travel with your group to different destinations. A group travel specialist will always be readily available to clear all your doubts. You can create memories of a lifetime when you commence your group journey with this carrier. So, let’s dive into the details that you must know about the airlines’ group travel.

What is Delta Airlines Group Reservation?

If you have 10 or more passengers to travel together on one segment of Delta Airlines then you can book your group reservation easily. However, there are some essential details that you must know before you take any further steps. 

  • If your group does not have a minimum of 10 passengers to travel under the group travel policy, then the airline has the authority to cancel the booking. And, in that case, no deposit amount will be refunded. 
  • If you make SkyMiles upgrades then you won’t be able to make any group reservation booking for the same flight. 
  • If you want to make any changes to your itinerary, then you will have to pay some charges for individual changes. And the changes can be done by the booking leader only. No other booking member can request any change to the itinerary. 
  • In case, the airline accepts your booking request but you fail to ticket your flight, then you will have to pay a penalty. 
  • The amount of your group reservation ticket may vary depending on the travel date and destination. 
  • In group reservations, no senior citizen or children travel discounts will be applicable.

Book Your Delta Group Reservation in Advance

If you want to sit together during the flight and want to board the flight without any misery, then book your flight well in advance; 

  • If you are traveling within the United States and Canada, then you must book your flight 240 days before the flight departure day. 
  • If you are traveling to the Caribbean, Central America, or Asia-Pacific, then also you will have to book your reservation 240 days prior to the scheduled flight departure day. 
  • In case, you are flying to Europe, North Africa, Southern and West Africa, or the Middle East, then you must book your group reservation at least 331 days before the flight departure day. 

Benefits of Delta Group Booking

If you book a Delta group reservation, then you can get competitive fares, flexible ticketing options, and other benefits, such as:

  • Priority check-in and boarding
  • Dedicated group seating
  • Baggage priority
  • Special meal requests
  • Group discounts on hotels, rental cars, and other travel services

Procedure to Book Group Reservations

In the below-given context, you will explore the details and steps of 3 major ways to book the Delta Airlines group travel. 

Online Booking Process

The most convenient way to book your flight tickets is the online mode. You can complete the procedure from anywhere. Be it your home or some other place. Just make sure to have a good internet connection. Once you have that, you can proceed further by following the below-given steps; 

  • Visit the Delta Airlines Website: Go to Delta Airlines’ official website at
  • Click on “Plan & Book”: On the Delta Airlines homepage, you will find a menu at the top of the page. Click on “Plan & Book” to start the booking process.
  • Select “Group Travel”: Under the “Plan & Book” section, you will see various options. Look for “Group Travel” or “Group Booking” and click on it. This will take you to the group booking section.
  • Enter Your Group Details: You will be prompted to enter details about your group, such as the number of passengers, departure and destination airports, travel dates, and any other required information.
  • Search for Flights: After entering your group details, click on the “Search” or “Find Flights” button. Delta’s system will then generate a list of available flights that match your criteria.
  • Select Your Flights: Review the list of available flights and choose the ones that best fit your group’s schedule and preferences.
  • Provide Passenger Information: For each passenger in your group, you will need to enter their personal information, including names, contact details, and any special requests or preferences.
  • Review and Confirm: Double-check all the information you’ve entered to ensure it’s accurate. Then, follow the prompts to confirm your group reservation.
  • Payment: You will be asked to provide payment information to complete the booking. Delta Airlines accepts various forms of payment, including credit/debit cards.
  • Receive Confirmation: Once your group reservation is confirmed and payment is processed, you should receive a confirmation email or booking reference number. Make sure to keep this information handy for future reference.
  • Additional Assistance: If you encounter any issues during the booking process or have specific requirements for your group, you can contact Delta Airlines’ customer service for assistance. They can provide guidance and help with any special requests.

Call the Airline Representative 

You can also opt for the calling mode. This method would be very convenient for those who require assistance and additional help. Let’s discuss the steps in detail below; 

  • Find the Delta Airlines group travel phone number. 
  • After that, dial the customer service number and wait for a representative to answer your call. Be prepared to wait on hold, as hold times can vary depending on call volume.
  • When you reach a Delta representative, inform them that you want to make group reservations. Provide them with all the group information. 
  • You will need to provide the names of all passengers in your group, as well as their passport or identification information if required for international travel.
  • After this, you will have to discuss flight options with the representative. They will help you find available flights that match your group’s preferences.
  • Importantly, be prepared to provide payment information to secure the reservations. Delta may require a deposit or full payment depending on their group booking policy.
  • Then, carefully review the booking details provided by the representative to ensure accuracy. Make sure all passenger information, flight details, and any special requests are correct.
  • After confirming the details and making the payment, the airline representative will issue a booking confirmation. You just have to make sure to save this confirmation for your records.
  • Ensure that all payment details are processed and that you receive the necessary ticketing information for your group.

Note: If your group needs any additional services, such as special meals or assistance for passengers with disabilities, make sure to discuss these with the representative during the booking process.

Ask the Third-Party Agency for Group Booking 

You can also book your flight through a third-party agency. You can visit Airspolicy and get the customer desk number from the official site. Then, tell the airline representative about your group, needs, destination, travel date, and many other details required to proceed a step ahead. 

Kindly make sure to understand all the terms and conditions properly. Once you do that, you may proceed to make the payment and receive your ticket confirmation mail.


Can I get a discount from Delta Airlines on Group reservations?

Yes, you can get a Delta Airlines group fare discount on your group reservations. The discount would be from 20% to 50%. However, the amount and percentage of the discount solely depends on the airline’s group booking policy and on the number of passengers traveling together to the same destination.

After flight booking, can I add additional passengers to my Delta itinerary?

No, you cannot add additional passengers to your itinerary. Not only that, but you cannot even combine the itineraries. The reason behind these restrictions is that all the tickets that have been purchased together have the same flights and fare codes.

Can my group do an online Delta check-in?

Yes, your group can complete the Delta check-in online. However, to do this, you will need to have the following information for each group member:

1. Confirmation number
2. SkyMiles number (optional)
3. Credit card number (optional)

Can I book a Delta meeting room for Corporate Group Travel?

If you are traveling with a group of people for work, then the airline will provide you with the Delta Meeting Network. The airline offers a network of around 300 destinations to hold a meeting. However, this facility is only applicable if your group consists of 15 or more people, and if you are traveling from two or more cities.

What are the eligibility criteria for Delta Group Booking?

The list of eligible passengers for Delta group booking is given below; 

1. Corporate groups who are traveling for meetings, conferences, or events. For instance, big or small business firms and organizations. 
2. Leisure groups who are traveling for family reunions, weddings, and other social gatherings.
3. Educational groups. Passengers who are students and traveling for school trips, university excursions, and educational tours.
4. Athletic groups traveling for competitions or tournaments.

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