Contacting Boliviana de Aviación: Easy Steps for Assistance

Boliviana de Aviación Customer Care

Embarking on a quest to connect with Boliviana de Aviación, you find yourself at a crossroads of curiosity and determination. The journey ahead is a digital expedition, navigating the vast realm of online communication to pinpoint the elusive contact channels that will bridge the gap between you and this airline.

In an age where the virtual skies are crowded with information, the question lingers like a tantalizing mystery: How do I contact someone at Boliviana de Aviación Customer Care? As you delve into the intricacies of modern connectivity, pursuing a direct line to Boliviana Airlines leads you to an array of options that may appear as intricate as a complex flight plan.

With your destination set on contact, you may wonder if your inquiries will soar smoothly or encounter turbulence. Join us as we unravel the digital pathways, question the methods, and navigate the virtual currents in pursuit of the answer to this aviation enigma.

How can I Connect with the Live Agent at Boliviana de Aviación?

To connect with a live agent at Boliviana Airlines, you can use the customer care number of the airline, drop a mail to the airline regarding your concerns, or connect via social media engagement. Now, let’s explore how you can utilize these channels to build a better communication channel with the airline.

Connect with Boliviana de Aviación via Phone Call

At Boliviana de Aviación, transparency and accessibility are the airline’s top priorities. They are dedicated to providing comprehensive information regarding our policies and services to enhance your travel experience.

For more details, visit our website at . If you require further assistance or have inquiries, please feel free to contact us through Toll-Free in the USA at 1-800-584-4099 and in Bolivia at our Contact Center at 901-10-50-10. You can also obtain information at airports.

Passengers can expect the following assistance from the airline when it comes to their air travel 

  • Travel Itinerary: Your itinerary will be clearly presented, outlining your journey with BoA.
  • Fare Terms and Conditions: The airline provides detailed information about the terms and conditions associated with your fare, ensuring you clearly understand your ticket.
  • Cancellation Policies: The cancellation policies are readily available, giving you insights into the options and procedures in case of changes to your travel plans.
  • Frequent Flyer Rules: Information about the airline’s frequent flyer program, including its rules and benefits, can be accessed on our website and in enrollment materials.

Connect with Boliviana de Aviación via Email 

Apart from connecting with the airlines via phone, passengers can also drop an email at the email address of the airline. The airlines share different email addresses for various departments.

Email for Baggage   

  • Boliviana Airlines commits to timely baggage delivery and compensation for delays.
  • Efforts to deliver missing baggage within 24 hours of flight arrival.
  • Reimbursement for fees if baggage is considered lost.
  • Contacting Baggage Claim office for items left onboard the aircraft.
  • Contacting BoA personnel at the destination airport if baggage doesn’t arrive at the claim area. 

Email contacts for further assistance:

Email for Refund 

  • Passengers can submit their ticket refund request via email to or if they are in the USA.
  • Refunds will be processed based on the relevant fare conditions.
  • If you purchased the ticket through a travel agent, please direct refund requests to the agency for processing.

Boliviana de Aviación Headquarters 

In some cases, passengers must be required to share their unused tickets if they wish to claim a refund. The unused paper tickets can be mailed to the official address of the airline. If you are among the one looking to mail the paper ticket directly to the airline, then you can mail it to the address jotted down below:

8725 NW 18 Ter. Suite 100

Doral, FL. 33172

Boliviana de Aviación Social Media Handles 

Get a chance to stay updated with all the upcoming deals and discounts. If you keep yourself updated with the latest ongoing social media trends then connecting with the airline via social media handles can be your ideal gateway to connect with the airlines. 





Can I connect with Boliviana de Aviación via live chat?

No, there is no option for live chat with the airline on the official website. However the airline has provided several other channels for the passenger to connect with the airline.

What is Bolivian de Aviación lost and found phone number?

There is no specific number for the lost and found phone number of the airline. Passengers can call on 1-800-584-4099 in case of any missed or damaged luggage during the air travel with the airline. The agent will be happy to assist the passenger with the process in finding their luggage or reporting for any other luggage.

How much time does Boliviana de Aviación take to revert the email?

As per the official website of the airline, the airline reverts back to mail within 24 hours. So passengers dropping direct mail to the airline must wait up to 24 hours.

Is there any Boliviana de Aviación for connecting via Text Message?

On the official website of the airline there was no specific number for Text Message. However passengers can get in touch with the airline via the customer care phone number shared above.

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