Print American Airlines Boarding Pass

Print American Airlines Boarding Pass

Explore the skies by keeping your American Airlines boarding pass print ready. It is your ticket to endless possibilities. Step onboard and let this air carrier whisk you away to your dream destinations. With American Airlines, your journey begins the moment you enter the gate. From the friendly staff to top-notch amenities, they are committed to making your flight extraordinary. 

Ways To Obtain American Airlines Boarding Pass

American Airlines provides different ways by which you can get the most essential document – a boarding pass for your travel. Details about these methods are mentioned below. 

Mobile Boarding Pass

You can complete this process on your smartphone easily. It can be done by visiting the official website on the browser or by downloading its mobile application. With this process, you will also be able to protect the environment as it eliminates the use of paper. Follow these steps to get an boarding pass on your mobile:

  • Firstly check in at or on the mobile app.
  • Choose the “Email with Mobile” option.
  • Check your email from your mobile device and follow the link to get your mobile boarding pass.
  • Save the boarding pass to your device for easy access at security and when your board the aircraft.

Note: Make sure the entire barcode is visible on your mobile screen when you show it at security. 

Airports Where You Can Use Your Mobile Boarding Pass

American Airlines boarding pass print online is accepted at most airports. But, before you leave, it is important to check if your departure or connecting airport accepts a mobile pass. You can find out whether your airport allows you to board with a mobile pass or not at the official website of American Airlines.

In this process, find your airport and then look under “Airport Details” to see if mobile boarding passes are available. If not, you can print a boarding pass from any self-service kiosk once you arrive at the airport. 

Boarding Pass At The Airport Kiosk Machine

Check out this procedure in order to print a boarding pass after arriving at the airport. Then, please reach the airport at least 90 minutes before your flight’s departure. And then stick to these points:

  • Click on the touch screen at the kiosk machine.
  • Put your passport or ID under the kiosk screen.
  • Enter your confirmation code and last name in the specified fields. 
  • Select the “Print Boarding Pass” option displayed on the screen.
  • Take your boarding pass from the kiosk dispensing slot. 
  • Lastly, proceed to the boarding gate of your flight. 

American Airlines Boarding Process

Mostly, American Airlines starts boarding its flights 30 to 50 minutes before scheduled departure. But, the exact time depends on your destination and aircraft. Boarding ends usually 15 minutes prior to the departure. If you are not on board, American Airlines will reassign your seat to some other passengers. And you cannot board once the doors close of the aircraft.

If you need special assistance or are traveling with children under 2 years old. You can ask for priority boarding at the gate. Contact American Airlines at (800) 237-7976 to make the arrangements beforehand for your early boarding. 

Boarding Order

This air carrier boards its passengers on the aircraft in around 9 groups. The ConciergeKey members are excluded from the groups and are the first ones to board as they have a ConciergeKey boarding pass. 

Group 1: This group includes passengers in the First class,

  • Active duty US military personnel with military ID. 
  • AAdvantage Executive Platinum.
  • Business on a 2-class international plane.

Group 2: The second boarding group of American Airlines involves,

  • AAdvantage Platinum Pro members.
  • Members of Oneworld Emerald.
  • Business on 3-class aircraft.

Group 3: Passengers included in the third group are,

  • AAdvantage Platinum.
  • Oneworld Sapphire.

Group 4: Many types of passengers board in this group. They are,

  • AAdvantage Gold.
  • Oneworld Ruby.
  • AirPass.
  • Premium Economy.
  • Citi / AAdvantage Executive card members.
  • Travelers who bought priority boarding.
  • Eligible corporate travelers.

Group 5: This group is mainly for preferred boarding. It includes

  • Main Cabin Extra.
  • AAdvantage members who have 15,000 loyalty points.
  • Eligible AAdvantage credit card members.

Group 6: In this, all the AAdvantage members are allowed to board the airplane.

Group 7: It is a general boarding group for the passengers.

Group 8: In it, Basic Economy to/from Europe and South America is allowed along with general boarding.

Group 9: This group includes Basic Economy passengers within the US, Canada, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

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